6 Best MagSafe Cases for iPhone 14

One standout feature of the latest iPhones right from the iPhone 12 is MagSafe. It makes its way to the iPhone 14 as well, giving you a complete ecosystem of cool accessories that you can use along with your phone. If you wish to use these accessories while also protecting your new iPhone, it’s a good idea to pick up an iPhone 14 MagSafe case.

iPhone 14 MagSafe case

If you think that you’ll have to compromise on the protection with a MagSafe case, it’s not true. Most case makers have updated their best cases with support for MagSafe; so you’re getting the same great quality with extra functionality. If we’ve convinced you, here are some of the best iPhone 14 MagSafe cases that you can buy.

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Let’s get to the cases now.

1. ESR Classic Kickstand Case with HaloLock

You will see a lot of cases on this list of different kinds but this one from ESR stands out from all the others with a design that’s both functional and unique. You get a clear polycarbonate back with the MagSafe ring and a built-in kickstand discretely integrated within the camera module. This is one of the most utilitarian clear cases you will come across.

If you’re looking for an iPhone 14 clear case with MagSafe, this is it. It may not be the most pleasing clear case to look at, but it has some nice elements that add to the functionality while showing off the color of your phone. The sides are made of TPU to absorb shock while the back is polycarbonate. The back has the MagSafe ring for accessories.

You might be thinking that lots of iPhone cases have these features. So, what’s special? It’s the in-built kickstand. ESR has cleverly tucked it onto the camera frame instead of making it stick out on the back. This adds a stealthy look to what would otherwise be an eyesore. The kickstand — apart from letting you place the phone on a table — also protects the camera module from scratches and cracks.

There’s one downside to this case, though — the sides will turn yellow with time. Other than that, this is the best clear MagSafe case for the iPhone 14 if you prefer functionality over form. That’s exactly what the reviews say too.

2. Case-Mate 3-in-1 Protection Pack

Having spent top dollar on a phone, you might want to protect it from any sort of external damage. This protection pack from Case-Mate has you covered in every aspect you can think of. It’s got a nice clear case with MagSafe, a screen protector, and a camera lens protector to round everything off. This is the only pack you need!

This package from Case-Mate protects your iPhone 14 across all aspects — the display, the back, and the cameras. What’s more, is that the included case has MagSafe support which is what you’re here for. You also get a glass screen protector for the screen and a camera lens protector for the rear camera island.

The case is of good quality and has TPU sides with a polycarbonate back. It also costs as much as a standard case but you’re also getting the bonus of a screen and camera protector. If you want to protect your phone but are confused as to which accessories to get, just pick up this combo pack and it will serve you well.

The clear MagSafe case has a hardback that won’t turn yellow but since the sides are made of TPU, you will start seeing some yellowing in a few weeks or months. There are ridges throughout the perimeter of the cases that help you grip it better which is something worth mentioning. You also get a 1-year limited warranty that you can take advantage of in case something goes wrong.

3. Torras Slim MagSafe Case

Are you looking for a case that’s both slim and gives you MagSafe functionality? Well, looks like Torras has got just the perfect case for you. It’s a slim, translucent case with a matte finish that provides a good deal of protection for your iPhone 14. It also has the MagSafe rings on the back so that you can snap on any accessories you want.

This case from Torras looks super stealthy and gives your iPhone 14 a whole new look. It adds a smoky look to your iPhone 14 which further enhances the look of the phone. It’s a slim case so you’re not adding a lot of bulk to your phone. However, it’s still protective, thanks to a solid bumper along the edges and raised lips on both sides.

Both the back and the sides have a matte finish which feels good to hold in the hand albeit slightly slippery. Not to forget, you get the MagSafe ring on the back for when you want to use it. This is easily one of the best slim MagSafe cases for the iPhone 14. As a bonus, you get interchangeable buttons of different colors in the package to customize the case’s look.

While there aren’t a whole lot of user reviews yet, the few that are there praise the slim nature of this case along with the way it looks on the iPhone 14. Besides, there’s a 6-month warranty too if something goes wrong with the case.

4. Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

Apple’s first-party accessories are generally top-notch and the same can be said about this iPhone 14 silicone case with MagSafe. It has a soft and smooth exterior that is also surprisingly grippy to hold. The case is available in a plethora of eye-catchy colors which makes it attractive and functional at the same time thanks to MagSafe.

Just like most things Apple, the silicone case with MagSafe is slightly on the expensive side for a case that’s pretty simple. However, if you want a first-party accessory for your iPhone 14, this is one of the best options. Apart from the looks and how the case feels, this is one of the best MagSafe cases out there due to one main reason.

The silicone provides a good amount of friction when you attach an accessory to the back. This prevents the accessory from sliding off when you’re using it. If you’re using a MagSafe wallet or battery pack, you should opt for this case. It’s not extremely protective, though. Moreover, some reviews have pointed out that the silicone layer peels off with usage. Not the best in terms of value, but works well with accessories.

5. Otterbox Symmetry Series With MagSafe

Otterbox is known for its rugged and protective cases which is exactly what this is — plus the addition of MagSafe on the back. If you’re looking to protect your iPhone 14 in the best possible way, this is a good case to get. It also looks simple and classy.

The Otterbox iPhone 14 symmetry series case with MagSafe is protective, simple to look at, and quite functional. The protection — as expected from Otterbox — is great. But it also makes your iPhone 14 quite chunky, thanks to its thick and rugged sides. Solid protection like this comes at the cost of added thickness and weight, which you cannot avoid.

One of the reasons to get this case (apart from the protection) is that there are only a few options for rugged MagSafe cases for the iPhone 14. If you’re looking for this specific use case, this is a cover that you must consider. Otterbox has made this case available in a variety of colors and designs that also make it look attractive, something you can’t say about every rugged case.

As per the reviews, one of the downsides of this case is that it’s slightly hard to take off. So, if you switch cases repeatedly, take note of this. You also get a lifetime warranty for the case which is excellent if it starts wearing out.

6. Apple Leather Case with MagSafe

If you’re looking for an iPhone 14 leather case with MagSafe, your search ends here. Apple’s first-party leather case is slightly more expensive than the silicone case, but it also looks and feels better. The case is made of genuine leather and is available in several colors just like the silicone version. If a premium case is what you want, Apple doesn’t disappoint.

The iPhone 14 MagSafe leather case from Apple is one of the most classy cases you can get. The leather case has a felt lining on the inside that protects the iPhone from scratches. The MagSafe magnets are placed behind this lining. Since it’s Apple’s first-party case, you get native support for MagSafe including an animation when you put on the case.

Unlike the silicone case, the leather case is slightly slippery and doesn’t provide as much friction for MagSafe accessories to stick. However, the feel of genuine leather is exquisite. It makes your already premium iPhone even more premium. The only drawback is that it’s quite pricey; but if you’re willing to splurge, it’s a great case.

FAQs About iPhone MagSafe Cases

1. What is so special about MagSafe cases?

MagSafe cases have magnets on the rear that align with the magnets on the back of your iPhone to let you attach accessories like wallets and battery packs.

2. What is the purpose of MagSafe?

MagSafe allows you to interface external accessories with your iPhone using a set of magnets on the back. These accessories can be car mounts, wireless chargers, etc.

3. Why do MagSafe cases have a circle?

The circle on the back of the MagSafe case highlights where the magnets reside. This helps align your phone properly when charging it wirelessly.

4. Is wireless charging the same as MagSafe

No, wireless charging isn’t the same as MagSafe. However, MagSafe charging takes place via the Qi standard which is the same as wireless charging.

5. What is the difference between a MagSafe case and a regular case?

The only difference between the two would be that you can attach MagSafe accessories to the back of a MagSafe case, whereas you can’t do it with a regular case.

Protect with MagSafe

It’s always great to have additional functionality with a case, right? Just get one of these iPhone 14 MagSafe cases and protect your phone while taking advantage of the magnets to use a wallet or battery pack.

Last updated on 20 October, 2022

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