6 Best iPhone 13 Pro Protective Cases and Covers For You

Apple iPhone 13 Pro is here, and the smartphone brings home a new camera design, updated hardware, and a Apple A15 Bionic chip. Naturally, all these upgrades come at a cost, and this year, the iPhone 13 Pro starts at around $999. Hence, it’s all but natural that you’d want to protect it from the elements of nature and everyday wear and tear.

N Best i Phone 13 Pro Protective Cases and Covers For You

Protective cases and covers let you do just that. These covers gently wrap around your iPhone 13 Pro and shield it from drops, bumps against door frames, or even scratches. And some cases come with reinforcement at the corners.

So if you have recently bought the iPhone 13 Pro, here are our top recommendations for the best protective covers and cases. But before that,

1. Spigen Rugged Armor

The Spigen Rugged Armor brings a slim and sleek look to the table. It’s thin and doesn’t add much bulk to the overall form factor of the phone. At the same time, the case offers a grippy exterior and fits the iPhone 13 Pro like a glove.

At the same time, the case has a thin lip around the camera module and the screen, which protects the display from scratches and abrasion marks when kept face down.

But perhaps, one of the best things about the Rugged Armor case for the iPhone 13 Pro is its dual-tone texture. The body of the case is smooth, while the top and bottom have carbon fiber textures. The corners are fitted with air cushions that are designed to deflect the impact of falls and drops.

2. ESR Hybrid Case

The ESR Hybrid Case lets you flaunt the color of your iPhone 13 Pro. The best part is that this affordable case provides 360-degree protection. It has a hard polycarbonate back, while the bumper is made from soft TPU. This combination makes it easy to grip the phone, even when your palms are sweaty.

On the other hand, the screen protectors (made from tempered glass) are easy to install, and the chances of bubbles forming between the surface and the screen protector are minimal. Of course, you’ll have to know your way around applying screen protectors.

It’s slim and sleek and preserves the original look of your iPhone 13 Pro. So far, it has received a decent number of reviews from its user base, with people loving it for its fit.

3. Aotesier Compatible with iPhone 13 Pro

The Aotesier case is a simple silicon case for your new iPhone. It duly wraps around the phone, and in the process, protects it from dings and scratches. At the same time, the silicone delivers a grippy texture that lets you grip your phone better.

Despite the low price tag, the case is made from quality material. At the same time, the case has the much-needed lip around the screen, which makes the case feel thicker, so if you are looking for something thinner, this might not be it.

The buttons are covered, and the odds are that you won’t miss the original tactile feedback of the buttons. It’s available in quite a few colors, and if you want your phone to stand out, you can check out the Fluorescent Yellow case.

4. Spigen Tough Armor

If you are a little careless with your phone and tend to drop them often, then you might want to consider the Spigen Tough Armor case. It’s an armored case and comes with Military Standard drop protection. At the same time, the case is lined with foam to absorb the impact of falls and drops.

The case is well made and fits the iPhone 13 Pro like a glove. And this claim has been backed by a couple of users on Amazon.

The Tough Armor case also has a nifty kickstand at the rear. You can prop it out when you want to watch movies or videos. It sits flush against the case and doesn’t cause it to wobble.

The kickstand has a few limitations. While you can prop the phone up in landscape mode, you can’t do so in portrait mode. In the case of the latter, the chances of falling from disbalance are a tad high.

5. Casekoo Frosted Case

The Casekoo Frosted Case brings a distinctive look to the table. This case is made from two elements. While the back is made from polycarbonate, the bumpers are made from TPU. The best part is that this translucent case allows the Apple logo to shine through. And the matte surface allows you to hold your iPhone 13 Pro without any issues. Cool, right?

The case is slim and sleek and looks great. In a short duration, this case has managed to accumulate a good number of positive reviews. Users have praised it for its slim form factor. At the same time, it’s comfortable to hold. Not to mention that it’s a great-looking case.

Finally, the buttons are clicky. However, a user felt that the Alert switch was a little hard to reach.

6. Apple Silicone Case with MagSafe

Last but not least, we have the Apple silicone case with MagSafe. This one is a tad costlier than its counterparts above. However, if you are wary of trying accessories outside the Apple ecosystem, this one makes for a good pick. It’s available in several subtle colors and also brings the power of MagSafe to the table.

So, if you have a MagSafe compatible wireless charging pad, your new iPhone 13 Pro will charge faster. And this being an in-house case, you can rest assured that the fit will be on point.

And not only that, but these silicone cases also come with a 10-foot impact rating.

A Good Case Protects

When it comes to a $999 phone, you’d want to keep it safe from ugly bruises and scratches at all costs. After all, you wouldn’t want to carry a phone marred by ugly marks or a broken screen.

So, which one of these covers will you buy first?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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