6 Best iPad Pro Desk Stands

The Apple iPad Pro is a versatile device, and it easily doubles up as a drawing board, a secondary screen for watching movies, or a medium to attend Zoom meetings. However, the lack of a built-in stand makes it difficult to hoist this tablet. iPad Pro desk stands help solve this issue. These desk stands let you prop your tablet up on your desk, just like a monitor.

Naturally, this gives you the ability to read your favorite novels, reference your notes or attend your meetings easily. Most of these stands are big enough to hold up the Apple iPad Pro, irrespective of their variant. At the same time, the aluminum build complements the looks of the iPad Pro.

So if you are in the market looking for desk stands for the iPad Pro, here are the best iPad Pro desk stands to buy. But before that,

1. Lamicall Tablet Stand

The Lamicall tablet stand is a simple and affordable stand that can accommodate iPads up to 13-inch, including the new 11-inch iPad Pro (both horizontally and vertically). The aluminum stand is sturdy enough to balance the iPad without toppling down. At the same time, you can easily adjust the angle as per your preference.

The angle adjustment means that you can sit down comfortably without slouching. Despite the affordable price tag, it brings nifty features to the table. While the silicone pads on the base prevent untoward scratches on the tablet, the prongs at the top prevent the tablet from slipping and sliding.

It’s lightweight and sturdy, which makes it portable to some extent.

The Lamicall desk mount is popular on Amazon and has seen more than 55,000 user reviews on Amazon. Users have had high praises for its sturdy and adjustable design. The best part is that the versatile design makes it good enough to prop your phone.

2. OMOTON T1 iPad Stand

Another iPad Pro desk stand is the Omoton T1 stand. It packs a sleek and slender look, making it a good option to prop next to your monitor. It bundles useful features like a slit at the bottom to route the charging cable, silicone pads at the bottom, and prongs at the front to hold the tablet in place. Despite the iPad Pro’s weight, it is sturdy and maintains its position without toppling over. And several users have verified this claim.

The good thing is that the prongs have enough space to hold the tablet with a thick case like Otterbox cases. It is ergonomic, and you’ll be able to tilt your tablet back as per your comfort.

Interestingly, Omoton T1 has good customer service, and several users have remarked about this in their reviews. Users love it for its sturdiness, stable base, and easy-to-use nature.

3. UGREEN Tablet Stand for Desk

The UGreen stand bundles two hinges—one for adjusting the angle of the iPad and the other for adjusting the height. This gives it an edge over the above tablet desk stand. The base is big & strong and can hold the iPad Pro reliably.

Despite the small footprint, it can easily hold the new 12.9-inch iPad Pro like a boss. Several users have backed this claim as part of their reviews, but it doesn’t tip over. The prongs are well-designed and hold the tablet without leaving any scratches.

Surprisingly, the stand folds flat and is portable enough to carry in bags and laptop backpacks. Just remember to pack it in a thin bag, lest it leaves some scratches on your iPad Pro.

4. Stouch 360° Rotatable Desktop Mount

Do you need an iPad Pro desk stand that rotates 360-degree? If yes, your search ends with the Stouch 360. It packs a slightly different look than the ones above but comes with a heavy base to hold the iPad without tipping.

The highlight of this stand is the 360-degree rotating arm which lets you switch the tablet easily from the vertical position to the landscape position. The spring-load clamp beautifully walks the thin line between flexible and strong. It is strong enough to hold the tablet tightly without drooping. On the other hand, it is loose enough to let you rotate it with ease.

It holds the 10.2-inch or the 11-inch iPad Pro well. But, it’s a tad challenging to mount the 12.5-inch iPad Pro vertically. On the upside, it holds the iPad Pro vertically well.

Aside from the above, it has essential features like a stylish slit for routing the charging cable and anti-skid tapes. And yes, it bundles a nifty slit to route the cable. More importantly, it has a simple and solid build.

5. Inifispce Multi-Angle Adjustable Tablet Stand

If you are looking for maximum flexibility, check out the Inifispce tablet stand. It checks off all the right boxes and comes with three hinges, which lets you twist the tablet into the angle of your choice. The spring-load clamp is easy to use and is adjustable to any extent.

The good thing is that the clamp is wide enough and has enough padding to hold the tablet without harming it. Plus, it’s stable and is good enough to use with minimum fiddling. However, if your work involves lots of typing, you may want to consider this point.

The Infispace tablet stand holds older iPad Pros well. But if you own the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, you may want to skip this one.

6. Satechi R1 Aluminum Stand

The Satechi R1 is one of the most expensive tablet stands on this list. And if you want a sleek and lightweight desk stand, you can’t go wrong with this one. It can prop up tablets like iPad Pro and Surface Pro with ease. It packs two hinges and gives you the flexibility of adjusting the height and the angle of your tablet.

At the same time, the Satechi R1 is a looker, and the elegant look justifies the slightly high price tag. More importantly, it is durable and should last you a long time.

While the base manages to balance the weight of the bigger iPad Pro, it tends to wobble if you draw or type on the screen. If you do not fidget with it much, you should be able to attend video meetings, check out quick notes for reference, or watch a movie seamlessly.

A Long Stand

The Apple iPad Pro easily doubles as an external monitor thanks to the big screen. And the seamless connectivity between the iPad and Apple laptops like MacBook Air and MacBook Pro is the cherry on top. So instead of just leaving it propped on a keyboard case, all you need to do is buy a desk stand and be in the clear.

Last updated on 19 May, 2022

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