5 Best Cases With Pencil Holder for iPad 10.9 (10th Gen)

The iPad 10th gen (10.9 inches) brings along a huge design refresh to the standard iPad. Unfortunately, this also means that any cases and covers suitable for older-generation iPads will not fit the 10th gen model. With a much higher base price, it only makes sense to protect your iPad with a good case. So, if you plan to use the Apple Pencil with your iPad, here are the best iPad 10th-generation cases with a pencil holder.

iPad 10.9 10th Generation Case With Pencil Holder

The official Apple cases for the iPad 10th gen do not have slots for the Apple Pencil. But thanks to third-party case manufacturers, there are multiple options to choose from. To make it less confusing for you, check out this curated list of the best 10.9-inch iPad 10 cases with a pencil holder.

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Now, let’s get to the list of the best iPad 10.9 cases with a pencil holder.

1. MoKo Case with Pencil holder

MoKo has one of the most affordable cases for iPad 10.9 with a pencil holder. It is built out of a soft TPU material with an exterior coating that’s fingerprint-resistant. The case feels nice to the touch and helps grip the iPad comfortably. You can get this case in a variety of colors, and since it’s completely opaque, you can mix and match them with any iPad color.

Apart from having a dedicated slot to store your Apple Pencil, this iPad 10.9-inch case also comes with a tri-fold design. This means you can prop up your iPad at 2 different angles, which is handy for drawing and typing needs. The case also comes with all the necessary cutouts for the iPad and doesn’t hamper your TouchID experience either.

Furthermore, this 2022 iPad 10th gen case also supports auto-wake and auto-lock functionality for the iPad screens, thanks to the magnetic strip in its lid. One downside to its lower asking price is its lack of special protection rating or features. Also, remember that carrying the Apple Pencil in any iPad cases mentioned here won’t charge it.

  • What’s good: Affordable; magnetic lid; acts as a stand.
  • What’s not-so-good: Basic looks; no rugged protection.

2. ProCase Transparent case

The iPad 10th generation comes in some really fun color options. And the best way to show them off is with this transparent iPad case by ProCase. It offers 360-degree protection with a screen flap and a TPU frame around the edges. The back half of this case uses transparent hard plastic, offering solid protection and the freedom to flaunt your latest iPad’s color.

This is one of the best cases for iPad 10.9 with a pencil holder, offering a good mix of protection without adding a lot of heft to the iPad. At just 8.1 ounces weight, this is the lightest iPad case on our list here. There’s support for auto-sleep and wake functionality, it has all the necessary cutouts, and the Apple Pencil sits on the right/top edge of the case.

It also features a tri-fold design, enabling you to prop up your iPad at two different angles. Most reviews appreciate the case’s build quality, with the TPU frame adding some layer of drop protection to the case. The only downside you need to keep in mind is that most affordable iPad cases tend to develop wear and tear over time, and a few reviews mention the same happening to this case.

  • What’s good: Transparent back; 360-degree protection; lightweight.
  • What’s not-so-good: Basic build; no rugged protection.

3. Cantis Rugged Case

If your iPad lives with or around kids, this should be your pick for an iPad case with a pencil holder. It doesn’t feature a screen flap at the front but makes up for that with a reinforced shock-proof design. It has a built-in pencil holder and a kickstand that can hold the iPad up at two different angles.

This rugged case comprises 3 separate layers, featuring an outer soft silicone layer over a hard polycarbonate shell offering maximum impact protection. The third layer is a raised plastic lip and thickened corners that runs around the display. Even though this case isn’t technically a 360-degree case, it still offers superior drop protection and shock absorption capabilities.

Even with such rugged features, the case isn’t too heavy at around 11.5 ounces of weight. It features all the necessary cutouts and comes in many bright colors that will woo kids and adults alike. On the downside, this case has no auto-lock and wake functionality and can look a bit bulky, especially in formal settings.

  • What’s good: Rugged protection; built-in kickstand; color options.
  • What’s not-so-good: No screen flap; might look too bulky.

4. ZtotopCases Leather Business Cover

For students and work professionals looking to take their iPads into formal environments, this premium leather folio cover from ZtotopCases is the way to go. As the name suggests, it features a premium PU leather exterior and is available in four different yet classy colorways. On the inside, this case features a non-slip lining that protects your iPad from scratches and drops.

It features a magnetic lid up front, supporting the auto-lock and wake functionality. The case also has three slots on the inside that can make the iPad stand at different angles per your usage. The Apple Pencil clips onto the right edge of the case, and the cover also has built-in pockets for cash, cards, and such, which many found helpful, according to the reviews.

At 12.3 ounces weight, it’s not the most lightweight iPad case around. Also, the faux leather material used here looks classy but is not the most weather-resistant. It might be susceptible to damage under conditions like heavy rains or high temperatures. For business users, this is still our pick as the best leather iPad 10.9 case with a pencil holder.

  • What’s good: Leather aesthetic; multiple angle stands; pockets.
  • What’s not-so-good: Heavier; less weather-resistant.

5. Boriyuan Detachable Keyboard Cover

If you want to use your iPad as a computer replacement, using a keyboard case would unlock a whole new level of productivity. While Apple’s keyboard case doesn’t come with a dedicated pencil holder, this detachable keyboard case from Boriyuan has you covered. It looks classy on the outside and comes with a fully functional Bluetooth keyboard.

The keyboard is backlit, so you can easily use it even at night. Plus, it’s a detachable keyboard, so you can snap it off and carry your iPad with just the outer case when needed. It also features dents on the inner side, helping you to prop up your iPad into laptop-like positions while working with the keyboard.

This case doesn’t have a touchpad, which might hamper your ‘laptop-like’ experience. While many iPad cases come with a touchpad, they don’t necessarily have a pencil holder in them.

Also, this case weighs around 1.7 lbs with the keyboard, which is considerably heavier than the other cases we’ve discussed here. If you won’t use the keyboard a lot, you can also get the same leather look from the above-mentioned ZtotopCases folio cover.

  • What’s good: Leather aesthetic; backlit keyboard; detachable.
  • What’s not-so-good: Much heavier; no touchpad.

FAQs About iPad Cases With Pencil Holders

1. Does Apple Pencil fit in an iPad case?

The default Apple cases for the iPad 10.9-inch 10th gen do not come with a pencil holder slot. Although you can always carry the pencil stuck to the iPad’s edge, it’s not advisable, especially for outdoor travels. However, you can pick any of the third-party cases with the pencil holder mentioned above for your iPad.

2. Does iPad 10th gen support Apple Pencil 2nd gen?

Unfortunately, the 10th generation iPad 10.9 only supports the 1st generation Apple Pencil. These pencils mostly share the same features. However, they have different charging mechanisms. The 2nd generation Apple pencil can charge directly via USB-C, while the 1st generation Apple Pencil uses a lightning port.

3. Will the iPad Air case fit on iPad 10th gen?

The iPad 10th generation is a big design overhaul in the iPad lineup, which means it won’t fit into any older cases or cases of other iPad products. While the outer dimensions might be somewhat similar, the cutouts for the charging port, speakers, TouchID, etc., will not line up with the cases of other iPads.

Case, In point

These are our picks for the best iPad 10.9-inch cases with pencil holders. One thing to remember is that the iPad 10th generation doesn’t support charging the Apple Pencil wirelessly or when placed in these cases. So, you’ll need to use its lightning port to charge the Apple Pencil, which is a problem as the iPad 10th gen now comes with a USB-C port.

But before you start worrying, here’s a list of the best USB-C to Lightning adapters to charge your Apple Pencil with the iPad 10th generation.

Last updated on 15 December, 2022

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