5 Best Huawei Watch GT 2 Bands

The best part about owning a smartwatch like the Huawei Watch GT 2 is that you can change its looks as per your convenience. You can swap the watch band for a sophisticated-looking replacement band just as easily you can switch to a nylon strap for running. And well, the list is endless. The best part is that the Huawei Watch GT 2 replacement bands are inexpensive, and they are comparatively easy to assemble.

Best Huawei Watch GT 2 Bands

So, if you have recently bought the Watch GT 2 or planning to buy it shortly, here are some bands that you can consider to amp up its looks.

1. Barton Elite Silicone Watch Bands

The first item on our list is the Barton Silicone watchband. It’s a tad more expensive than its counterpart. But on the upside, it has excellent quality, and a premium finish is likely to last you a long time. These have a textured surface, which makes it easy to grip. To top it off, you have a stainless, which doesn’t oxidize easily.

At the same time, the wide perforations ensure that sweat doesn’t get trapped between the skin and band. That is especially helpful if you have the habit of wearing it for gym sessions or on your morning jogs.

Several Amazon users have pointed out in their reviews that the material is soft and flexible, which is a bonus.

Best Huawei Watch GT 2 Bands banter 2

The best part of this band is that it comes bundled with additional loops to hold the extra length. Plus, the traditional watch-like approach adds to the comfortable feel.

The Barton Silicone watchbands are available in many colors, and the 22mm and 26mm bands will fit the 46mm and 42mm variant of the Watch GT2 pretty well.

2. Ritche Silicone Watch Bands

Another lightweight alternative is the one by Ritche. This one boast of a dual-color tone, textured surface, and a nifty locking mechanism. The bands are soft, flexible, and comfortable, something that has been backed by several reviews on Amazon. And the best part is that it’s available both for the 42mm and the 46mm Watch GT 2.

Unlike the above band, here the band holes are a little on the smaller side, which may cause sweat to build up under the band. Hence, I wouldn’t recommend it as a sports band. But on the upside, you can always wear it while you are out camping or hiking since the tough surface can withstand daily wear and tear.

Best Huawei Watch GT 2 Bands ritche 2

Out of the seven hundred reviews on Amazon, this replacement band has managed to secure around 82% positive reviews, with users acknowledging it for its comforts and the easy installation process.

3. Coholl Leather Watch Bands

Leather accessories — be it a smartphone cover or a replacement watch band — amps up product looks by several folds. Leather adds an air of sophistication and oomph to it. Okay, I may have exaggerated a bit, but you get my point. What makes the Coholl Leather Watch Bands special is that they have a dual-layer construction. While the insides are made of silicone, the outer surface has a leather coating.

As of now, users have liked it for its comfort and fit. One of the users has pointed out that the material is comfortable enough to sleep in, just in case you are tracking your sleep.

Best Huawei Watch GT 2 Bands coholl 2

The band makers claim that the inside layer is sweatproof. However, I would take that with a pinch of salt. On the plus side, the bands are sturdy and will likely last you a considerable amount of time.

Do note that they are only available in 22mm.

4. MoKo 3-PACK Band

MoKo is a popular name when it comes to accessories. This brand is generally known for its affordable yet sturdy products, and the replacement band for the Watch GT 2 is no different. These silicone bands, compatible with the 46mm variant, have wide perforations making them perfect to wear 24X7.

The silicone is soft and comfortable to wear. But you have to consider the price against the quality ratio too. These bands may not have the same quality as the ones that came with the box. And well, for the price, it’s a compromise you’ll have to make.

Best Huawei Watch GT 2 Bands moko 2

On the plus side, the colors are similar to the ones advertised. For now, the MoKo replacement bands for the Watch GT 2 are available in three sets — Black, White& Blue, Gray, Green & Lime, and Blue, Pink and White.

The latter will look cool on girls, I’d say.

5. Sycreek Silicone Classic Sport Band

If you’re looking for a cool colorful option, the Sycreek Silicone Sport Bands makes for a good buy. These bands are available in several cool color tones. The dual-tone color renders a trendy look. The band is breathable, making them perfect for summers. These bands do not have a traditional watch-like approach. Instead, the bands slide inside each other, thus earning a compact look.

Other than that, the Sycreek bands are easier to wear and several users point at the same thing. Users love it for its comfort and the value for money deal.

Best Huawei Watch GT 2 Bands sycreek2

Since it’s a 20mm strap, it will only fit the 42mm variant of the Huawei Watch GT 2.

6. Archer Watch Straps

Last but not least, we have the Archer Watch Straps. The band consists of breathable nylon material that is both soft and flexible. Plus, the sleek and slim form factor complements the looks of the Watch GT 2. Besides that, the material doesn’t let sweat to accumulate. At the same time, the watch-like clasp ensures that your smartwatch doesn’t fall off even during strenuous workouts.

The Archer Watch Straps are available in both 20mm and 22mm, and so far, they have earned rave reviews both for their durability and comfort.

Best Huawei Watch GT 2 Bands archer 2

If we talk numbers, these bands have over 66% positive reviews with around nine hundred user reviews. And the varied color options is the cherry on top.

Colors or Comfort

So, which of these bands will you pick first? The best thing about smartwatch bands is that you can grow a collection and then switch between these bands as per your outfit, or the event that you are attending.

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Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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