6 Best Cas­es & Cov­ers for Huawei Medi­a­Pad M5

Namrata Gogoi

The Huawei MediaPad M5 costs about $320. So, when you're investing so much, it makes sense to protect it with a case. Yeah, cases and covers do tend to take away the original look of the device, but in the long run help protect it from ugly scratches, dings and God forbid, a shattered screen.

Best Cases Covers For Huawei Media Pad M5

Here, we have listed out some of the strong yet beautiful cases and covers for the Huawei MediaPad M5. Take a look.

Note: The size specifications are mentioned against the header.

1. TechCode Leather Cover (M5 8.4 &10.8)

TechCode covers are generally known for their high-end classy looks and the one for the MediaPad M5 is no different. It's your perfect shot if you're thinking of taking the tablet for your business meetings and appointments.

TechCode Leather Cover

The TechCode cover is made of faux leather and is meant to bring a rich look to your MediaPad M5. It has a hard plastic inner shell and the interior sports a soft flannel covering meant to protect the tablet from scratches. Typical of most flip covers, you'll be able to prop it up to watch videos and movies. What's more, there are precise cuttings for the camera, volume rockers, and the other sensors.

Furthermore, the TechCode cover has slots for cards and cash as well.

2. Infiland Tri-Fold Cover (M5 8.4)

Are you one of those who want their tablets propped up at different angles? If yes, you should really try the Infiland Tri-Fold Cover.

Infiland Tri-Fold Cover

As suggestive of its name, the Infiland cover can be folded thrice to give you the viewing-angle you want. You can fold it entirely outwards to type or you can fold the cover inwards to give you a better viewing angle. This cover is made of synthetic leather and the folds are magnetic to create a stable viewing stand.

3. TopACE Clear Case (M5 8.4)

Looking to flaunt the original looks of your MediaPad M5 but don't want to take the risk? Thus, investing in a quality transparent case makes the perfect sense.

TopACE Clear Case

The TopACE Clear Case for the MediaPad M5 (8.5) is made of silicon and keeps the tablet shielded from dings and scratches. It's light and flexible and has precise cuttings over the speaker grills, volume rockers, and other keys. Unlike hard shell cases, the clear case won't do much in the name of protection, but rest assured that it'll provide an excellent grip.

For a clear case for the MediaPad M5 10.5, you can check out the AVIDET clear anti-scratch cover.

4. MoKo Hard Shell Cover (M5 10.8)

MoKo Hard Shell Cover

The MoKo hard shell cover is a tri-fold cover for the 10.8 inch MediaPad M5. It's a convenient option as it provides different viewing angles, similar to the Infiland cover. The inner membrane is made of scratch-resistant microfibre while the holder is a polycarbonate shell. Perhaps, the best thing about this cover is that it's slim and stylish and yet provides overall protection.

The MoKo Hard Shell Cover is available in two colors —Indigo and Gray.

5. MingShore Silicone Rugged Case (M5 8.4)

The MingShore Silicone Rugged Case is your best bet if you're buying the MediaPad M5 tablet for your kid and want it to be protected from all sides.

MingShore Silicone Rugged Case

The MingShore Silicone Rugged Case is specifically designed for the Huawei MediaPad M5 8.4. This silicon cover wraps around the phone completely and the corners are specially reinforced to withstand impacts. Plus, it's dust resistant and scratch resistant and is washable.

6. TopACE Leather Case (M5 8.4)

TopACE PU Leather Case

Last but not the least, we have the TopACE PU Leather Case. It's a slim case meant for the 8.5-inch MediaPad M5 tablet. Though this case has a slightly old-fashioned holder, it makes it up with the additional features. The cover sports an elastic band through which you can slide your hand to hold the tablet. The key highlight of this cover is that the front cover can be folded back for it to double up as a viewing stand. Plus, the clasp at the rear makes sure that the tablet is easier to grip.

The TopACE PU Leather Case is available in three colors — Black, Blue, and Red.

Protect What You Love

At times, keeping a tablet wrapped in a polycarbonate or leather shell may seem absurd, but with so many risks factors around, a strong case is an ideal choice.

So, which one of these covers will you get?

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