5 Best HomePod Mini Stands

Apple’s original HomePod had a hard time becoming fan-favorite due to a fat price tag. The company followed up with HomePod Mini at an affordable price and with multiple vibrant color options. The Mini version turned out to be an instant hit among buyers. If you have already bought HomePod Mini or planning to get one, you should consider investing in a stand. Here are the top five HomePod Mini stands.

These HomePod Mini stands offer a better grip, aesthetics, and neat cable management to hide hanging wires. Let’s start the list with the wall mount holder for HomePod Mini.

1. CUHIOY Wall Mount Holder

CUHIOY is one of the few HomePod Mini stands to let you hang the device on the wall. If you don’t want to place the HomePod Mini on a table or beside your bed, CUHIOY’s solution is the one you are looking for.

CUHIOY’s HomePod Mini wall mount holder has a dedicated slot to attach the power adapter and excellent cable management in the back. The HomePod Mini comes with a rather long cable for convenience, and it’s good to see CUHIOY finding a way to hide it in the design. Don’t get surprised if your guests mistake your HomePod Mini for a wireless Bluetooth speaker.

The wall mount holder is easy to use and install. You don’t need to use any drilling holes or screws. Apart from the standard Black color, the CUHIOY wall mount holder is available in White and transparent options to perfectly complement your wall aesthetics. Plug the adapter into the power source, wrap cords around the reel, and start using Siri commands to play music and control your smart home. If you want more such recommendations, read our dedicated guide on HomePod Mini wall mounts.

2. Ouligei HomePod Mini Stand

Some HomePod Mini stands do mess up speaker sound with an improper design. Ouligei is designed in a way to deliver the perfect sound experience. It carries a flower-pot style design and is made from premium quality materials to resist accidental falls and scratches.

Ouligei carries a classic stand design with thoughtful elements to hide the HomePod Mini cable. The stand has a hole to keep the device cable in a safe position and out of sight. The stand comes in two color options to choose from – Black and White. Like CUHIOY, you don’t need any screws or a drill machine for this one. There is only one design flaw with this one. It doesn’t come with any grip to keep the HomePod Mini safe from accidental falls. If you have little ones running around, be careful with the placement.

3.  ICARERSPACE Wooden Desk Stand

This wooden desk stand perfectly syncs with any work-from-home setup. The snail design looks quite refined and comes with built-in cable management.

If aesthetics are high on your priority list, you can’t go wrong with ICARERSPACE wooden stand for HomePod Mini. It is the perfect decorative piece for your bedroom or office. The stand has an anti-slip mat around the bottom side to ensure a firm grip on HomePod Mini. There is a backside hole to prevent cable clutter around your HomePod Mini.

Since the wooden stand is designed with precise cutouts for HomePod Mini, it won’t work with any other Bluetooth speaker you plan to buy in the future.

4. Balolo Wood Tripod for HomePod Mini

If you want a traditional wood style stand, look no further, and get a Balolo wood tripod stand for your HomePod Mini. It comes with a standard and proven design and goes fine with any desk or table at home.

Although the pricing high, it’s worth paying a premium for high-quality word material. The stand is made in Germany with American Walnut wood. The raised position with open design ensures a 360-degree full sound experience. While the Balolo word tripod looks and feels nice, it doesn’t have cable management. You must be careful with the stand placement to prevent cables from hanging around.

Balolo wood tripod is available in two color options – Black Walnut and White Oak.

5. Mission Battery Base for HomePod Mini

HomePod Mini delivers an impeccable sound experience with its size and price. While it’s ideal for home or office use, you may want to carry it around on road trips. Due to a wired connection, HomePod Mini is inconvenient to carry around. Here’s where Mission’s battery base offers up to 9 hours of music playback without any power outlet.

Mission’s solution is a power bank with a stand for your HomePod Mini. It claims to deliver up to 9 hours of portable music playback and 20 hours of portable stand time and comes with fully integrated cable management. It also has a battery indicator to showcase the left charge on the device. Mission batter base turns your standard HomePod Mini into a portable one. We are surprised to see Apple not offering something similar on the company’s official store. Available in two color options (Black and White), we would love to see more color options to complement vibrant HomePod Mini colors like Orange, Yellow, and Blue.

Improve Your HomePod Mini Aesthetics

Third-party vendors have done an excellent job with HomePod Mini stands. You can go with Balolo if you prefer a simple style. The Mission batter base is ideal for portable use, and our favorite, ICARERSPACE delivers a cute-looking solution for your HomePod Mini. Check our troubleshooting guide if your HomePod Mini fails to respond or work.


Last updated on 04 July, 2022

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