6 Best Headphone Stands for Your Wired or Wireless Headphones

For your headphones, one of the must-have audio accessory is a stand to stash them. Apart from holding them and keeping them out of harm’s way, these nifty accessories also keep your headphones within reach, and add a distinct look to your desk.

6 Best Headphone Stands for Your headphones

More importantly, these simple yet stylish stands keep the headphones safe from careless handling. Besides that, some headphone stands also let you keep a few other gadgets, which adds to the functionality.

So, if you have a fancy headphone like the Sony WH-1000XM4 or the Apple AirPods Max, here are our recommendations for the best headphone stands that you must buy. But first,

1. Ikea Mojlighet Headset and Tablet Stand

The Ikea Mojlighet is more than your average headphone stand. This metal stand brings the dual functionality of being a headphone stand and a tablet (or smartphone) stand. At the same time, you can utilize the space in between to hold your wireless earphone case as well. It is stylish, and if you are looking for an accessory with a minimalistic design for your desk, this one fits the requirement perfectly.

It’s neither too heavy nor too light and can easily take the weight of most headphones. We have been using one to hold a pair of G733 headphones, and it holds it well without toppling over. Plus, it has a slit at the bottom to insert the charging cord for your phones.

However, note that the tip at the top is a tad narrow for headphones with a broad headband.

2. QinCoon Headphone Stand

Another inexpensive stand is the one by QinCoon. The highlight of this stand is that it combines wood and metal into a beautiful design. Again, it boasts a sleek and slim design, and this is a huge plus if you love contemporary table decor. It bundles a couple of acrylic holders at the top, which holds the bands in place.

The stand is sturdy and stable and has non-slip pads to prevent it from skidding. At the same time, the assembly is easy and straightforward.

However, do note that the acrylic holders at the top are only 2-inches apart, and you might want to check the width of the headband before hitting the buy button.

3. Samdi Wood Headphone Stand

The headphone stand from Samdi has a faux wood texture and will be the perfect fit for you if you have a wooden desk. It is pretty wide, making it future-proof, just in case you get your hands on a terrific headphone with a wide headband.

Again, it has an elegant design with a matte finish and looks a tad different from the conventional headphone stand. At the same time, it’s stable and comes with non-slip pads at the bottom.

The unconventional shape comes at a price. The Samdi wood headphone stand has a wide footprint and will occupy a bit more desk space on your desk than the ones above. Nevertheless, the build is great, and quite a few users have praised the build quality.

Alternatively, you can check out the ONEGenug headphone stand as well.

4. Navaris Omega Headphone Stand

If you want a classy stand to match your premium headphones, look no further than the leather stand by Navaris. It packs a modern look and the leather finish lends an elegant look to the whole setup. It’s isn’t too expensive and falls within the affordable range.

Like its counterpart above, it comes with its share of rubber padding which prevents this accessory from slipping or toppling over. The height is good enough to house average headphones and the same can be said about the width.

So far, it has received positive responses from its user base. People love its leather finish and sturdy wooden base. Like its counterparts above, this one occupies a wider area. You might want to consider this point if you have a tight space on your desk.

The Navaris Omega headphone stand is available in several colors, and we think the blue variant looks pretty rad.

5. Satechi Aluminum Headphone Stand Holder

The Satechi headphone stand brings several advantages to the table. For one, it has a wide holder, which makes it apt for holding headphones with varying sizes and weights. Plus, it bundles three USB 3.0 ports to transfer files and documents. It’s made of aluminum and has a clean look. If you have a slate grey laptop (like the MacBook Air), the odds are both the gadgets will complement each other.

The cable management integration is perhaps one of the biggest advantages that this Satechi stand brings to the table. If you have wired headphones, you can simply wind the wire between the clips at the back.

This stand has a premium pricing compared to the ones above. That said, you get a solid and sturdy (and stylish) stand. And the USB-A ports and the headphone jack are the cherries on top.

6. Master & Dynamic Headphone Stand (MP1000B)

The MP1000B is as simple as a headphone stand can get. It’s a sleek and minimal metal stand. But let not the thin form factor deter you from buying it, for this one has a strong and sturdy base and can take on the weight of heavy headphones. In fact, a user has pointed out in his review that they can rest the Sennheiser HD820 without any issues.

The hanger has a slight texture at the top to prevent the headphones from slipping out. However, do note that if the headband has a delicate texture, it may scratch the surface. On the upside, it has a solid base.

If price is not a factor and you are looking for a thin and sleek stand to let your fancy headphones stand out starkly, this is the one you should have.

Mount Them Right

While these headphone stands bring a unique look to the table, most do not have integrated wire management safe for the Satechi headphone stand. This feature is particularly important if you are looking for a clean look for your work desk.

It’s worth noting that the cable management clips come into good use for wired headphones. After all, you will want to keep the cables in an easy-to-reach place, right?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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