6 Best Headphone Stands with Chargers for You to Buy

Nobody likes a cluttered desk. But if you are someone who owns plenty of rechargeable gadgets, the odds are high that your desk has equal numbers of gadgets as charging cables and adapters. Headphone stands with chargers not only let you take proper care of your premium headphones but also lets you charge other gadgets without cluttering your table further with additional cables and adapters.

N Best Headphone Stands With Chargers For You To Buy

These neat stands take up a small footprint on your desk and adds to its looks at the same time. Most of them have decent power outputs to charge the headphone in question and other electronics at a decent speed. Plus, some of them are jazzed with cool RGB colors. Excited?

Let’s see some of the best headphone stands with chargers that you can buy.

1. Blade Hawks RGB Gaming Headphone Stand

If you are looking for a simple and sleek stand, the Blade Hawks RGB is the one for you. Not only can it hold your headsets, but it also comes with cool RGB lighting to add oomph to your table. And you can switch between five different color settings with a simple switch. It comes with two USB ports that fuel your device at a good speed.

The size of the headphone rest is apt for most gaming headphones. The edges are tapered, and this clever design makes sure that it doesn’t leave any sharp markings on the device’s padding.

However, the crux of this stand is the built-in USB soundcard. When you connect your headphones through the built-in 3.5mm AUX port, it’ll add virtual surround sounds to the sound output. The sound is decent and works well in most scenarios.

Lastly, the build of this stand is good. And the heavy build sees to it that it holds the weight of most headphones without slipping or toppling over.

2. Kafri Headphone Stand

The Kafri Headphone Stand brings both USB charging and AC charging to the table. It sports three smart USB ports along with two three-prong AC outlets, and all these combine to charge all your gadgets starting from your headphones, phones, smartwatch, and also your tablet. Unlike the stand above, the headset rest is horizontally placed, thus giving ample place to rest your audio accessories.

While the total output of this stand is around 1250W, with each USB port having an output of 2.4A. So if your smartphone supports fast charging, this stand will make sure that it tops it up in no time.

Note that if you use up all the USB ports, the output might drop as it has an overall output of 4A.

On the upside, the stand is heavy and is unlikely to topple over even if you place a heavy pair of headphones. The base is lined with non-slip material.

Overall, the Kafri Headphone Stand is sleek and slim and will prove to be a good addition to your work/game table. Users have praised its sturdiness and quality of the material.

3. Havit RGB Headphones Stand

Another space-saving product is the headphone stand by Havit. As the first product in this list, this one also has RGB lighting at its base and is designed primarily for gamers. It’s a sleek stand that also doubles up as a charging base and also as a USB hub. It comes with USB 2.0 ports and 3.5mm AUX port, which brings stereo sound effect.

The lighting is bright with smooth transitions and loops. Plus, there’s a tiny button at the bottom, which lets you switch the colors as per your preference.

Aside from that, the power is of adequate length, meaning you can position it anywhere on your desk. And the non-slippery base makes sure that the stand doesn’t slip or move around with the slightest touch.

Though the number of reviewers is less compared to mainstream products, the Havit RGB Headphones Stand has amassed around 60 reviews with over 80% positive ones.

4. Cozoo Headphone Stand with USB Charger

If you own an Apple Watch and plenty of rechargeable devices, this Cozoo Headphone Stand makes for a good buy. It comes with an Apple Watch charging dock and five USB ports. While two are located at the front of the stand, the rest appear at the back. This clever design ensures less crowding and lets you charge your phones and tablets conveniently.

The USB ports have a power output of 5V/2.4A each and they charge your devices at their optimum speed. This Cozoo Headphone Stand has a modular design and lets you route your Watch charger without much difficulty.

Typical of most products in this list, it feels sturdy and has non slip grips at the bottom. Plus, there’s an LED light at the front to indicate its power status.

When it comes to the headset rest, it has a slight curve that keeps the device in place.

5. CoZoo Under Desk Headset Holder

The CoZoo Under Desk Headset Holder is not a stand, in the strictest sense. However, it manages to pull off one thing well — providing a rest for your headsets and a charging hub for your other gadgets. It sticks to the underside of a table (either via adhesive or via screws), thereby saving your desk space and, at the same time, keeping it free from wires and cables.

It has two arms on which you can rest your headset, smartwatch, and also earphones, and charging cables. And the three easy-to-reach USB charging ports at the front ensures that you can top up your devices without much hassle. All you need to make sure is that the 6.6ft power reaches the power outlet, and you are all sorted.

When it comes to user experience, most of it has been on the good side. Users seem to love its easy installation process and the durability of the material.

Of course, you won’t fancy features like surround sound and RGB lighting, but on the bright side, you will have lesser cables to worry about. The total power output of the USB ports is rated at 4A.

6. Corsair ST100 RGB Premium Headset Stand

The Corsair ST100 is very bit a modern headphone stand. Not only does it bring in features like surround sound and RGB lighting, but it also brings two 3.1 USB ports to the mix. If you have a compatible smartphone, you can rest assured that all your data transfers will take place in a matter of minutes.

Plus, the iCue software lets you sync the colors of this stand to other Corsair products like mice and keyboards. All you need to do is connect the stand via the USB port to your computer.

The ST100 has a premium construction and will likely last you a long time, and many users seem to agree on this. The 7.1 surround sound feature is impressive, and so is the lighting, which many claims that works flawlessly.

Hello, Neat Desk

Last but not least, the ST100 has a premium construction and will likely last you a long With these products, you no longer have to bend under your desk to reach the power outlet every day. Simply connect the headphone set to the outlet, and you can enjoy all the benefits in a simple stand.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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