6 Best Grow LED Lights for Indoor Plants

Growing plants indoors is not the hardest job out there. However, it’s not the easiest either. To wit, you will have to keep tabs on the degree of sunlight exposure, the plant’s water intake, and the soil’s fertilization, among other things. While fertilization and watering can be superintended, lugging a huge potted plant to get its share of sunlight is not a viable solution. That’s where grow LED lights for indoor plants come into the picture.

Best Grow LED Lights for Indoor Plants

These LED grow lights stimulate photosynthesis in indoor plants and help them grow all year round, especially in dimly lit rooms with little-to-no sunlight or in areas where it snows throughout the year. And since these are LED lights, you needn’t worry about the surge in utility bills either. They are easy to install as well, which is great.

So, now that we’ve piqued your interest, let’s check out some of the best Grow LED lights for indoor plants. But first,

1. Mosthink LED Plant Grow Light Strips

Mosito Grow LED Lights

If you are yet to start your gardening journey and do not want to spend big bucks on LED grow lights, then the Mosthick LED light strips are your best bet. They are lightweight and easy to install. In fact, the installation process has been commended by its user base. They can be mounted anywhere, be it the underside of a cabinet or a mini greenhouse. More importantly, the brightness can be adjusted as per the need of the hour too.

Speaking of brightness, you can cycle between four different settings. To do so, you can use the in-line remote that comes bundled with the LEDs. At the same time, these grow lights come with built-in timer settings as well. For now, you can cycle between two, four, and eight hours.

Unfortunately, there is no timer for those who want to keep the lights on for up to 12 hours. The good thing is that the timer and the brightness function work as expected. Do note that although the lights are bright, there have been some reports of the brightness being a tad less.

For the record, the Mosito grow light emits wavelengths between 380nm and 800nm and mimics natural sunlight. While they are durable, they won’t last years. But if you want a compact and functional indoor LED grow light, these have proven to be a good pick.

2. GooingTop LED Grow Light

GooingTop Grow LED Lights

If you are not a fan of installing a light strip, you may want to check out the GooingTop LED grow light. The highlight of this light is that it clamps to the table ends, thereby giving you enough wriggle room to position it wherever you please. Plus, the flexible gooseneck lets you point the LED light at the intended spot. The lights are bright and bundle both red and white LED lights to simulate full sunshine. In fact, it’s one of the more affordable full-spectrum, LED grow lights for indoor plants.

The spring clamp is easy to operate and you can also switch its location depending on the plant’s growth. However, note that the clamp works best on tables no thicker than one inch.

That said, the GooingTop LED grow light works as intended. And unlike Mosthink’s offering, it even comes with a 12-hour timer. The timers are accurate and switch off on time. Unsurprisingly, the GooingTop LED is quite popular on Amazon, and users have had good experiences growing Pothos, Monstera, and indoor succulents with the LEDs. As a matter of fact, a user writes that their Monstera leaves have been unfolding at a rapid pace. Now, that’s something, right?

3. DOMMIA Full Spectrum LED Lights

DOMMIA Grow LED Lights

The Dommia grow lights are the one for you if you have a cartload of plants inside your house. These are LED panels that fit on the undersides of a standing plant shelf. It bundles in more LED bulbs in comparison to the options listed above, thereby giving you more surface area and light. These 20W lights come with multiple modes and brightness settings. The best part is that the lights switch on or off automatically once you select the time.

Installation is easy and simple. The company also ships twist strings and 3M adhesive strips along with the panels. All you need to do is pick the one that suits your requirements and get going. The power cord is long (5.8ft), which should give you plenty of flexibility to route it.

While they are popular on Amazon, note that they are not as durable as some of their counterparts on this list. At times, they tend to run hot too. We should also point out that these are full spectrum LED grow lights and pack in warm white and red LEDs.

4. LEOTER Grow Light for Indoor Plants

LEOTER Grow LED Lights

Another set of LED lights that can be used to grow plants indoors is the one by LEOTER. It brings many good features to the table. For one, you can adjust the color spectrum via the attached remote. Secondly, you can set a timer to turn the lights on or off automatically. Lastly, you can cycle through 10 dimmable modes depending on the growth of your plant. Like the GooingTop LED grow light, the Leoter grow light is also a gooseneck light.

And, the fact that they cover the entire spectrum makes them versatile too. For instance, you can use it on vegetables, herbs, and flowers. The remote also comes with the aforementioned dimmable and timer options.

The Leoter LED lights for indoor plants come highly recommended by its user base. The four arms ensure that your plants get sufficient light. Plus, it’s easy to install. It has more than 10,000 user ratings on Amazon, and users have praised this light for its brightness, sturdy design, and accurate timer function.

It’s not without its limitations though. The lack of a proper stand at the bottom means things could be a little limiting for some users. But if you like to grow your vegetables or indoor plants on a table, the Leoter grow light would fit your bill.

5. Lxyoug LED Lights

Lxyoug Grow LED Lights

One of the biggest advantages of the Lxyoug LED lights is the tripod stands at the bottom. Naturally, this gives you the advantage of placing the stands near your plants and removes the hassle of putting your plants on a table or under cabinets. Plus, it also gives you a height advantage. This light strip bundles lights in red, white, and blue color, and you change the spectrum depending on the growth of your plants

The remote is a little more comprehensive than what you’d get with the counterparts mentioned above. But at the end of the day, it’s an in-line remote. Aside from the above, it comes with all the bells and whistles, like brightness levels and timer functions. However, the light’s brightness can be a tad on the dimmer side. That said, the timer works as intended.

Do note that the power cord comes out through the top of the light stand, and not through the unit’s base. As such, you may have to use a power strip if the wall outlet is positioned ways away.

The Lxyoug LED grow light is gaining ground on Amazon, and users have a fondness for its sturdy design and its handy remote. Nevertheless, some users have observed the light giving out after about a year.

6. yadoker Plant Grow Light

yadoker Grow LED Lights

Last but not least, we have the Yadoker plant grow lights. The main highlight of this case is its aesthetically pleasing design. It mounts on the plant’s pot itself, thus saving you the inconvenience of mounting or installing it on a desk or a cabinet. Plus, they are portable and are perfect for someone who only has a couple of plants in their house. Like any grow light strip, it comes with an ensemble of colorful lights like red, blue, and white.

Interestingly, the power cord is long and you get ample space to route it as per your choice. For the record, you get a 13ft long cord. And guess what? The height of the light is adjustable as well. So, you need not worry even if you have a tall plant.

The plant Grow light is fairly easy to use as well. However, you will have to ensure that you have a tall pot to stake the light.

FAQs About Grow LED Lights for Indoor Plants

1. Are LED grow lights good for indoor plants?

In areas that receive little to no sunlight, LED Grow lights help simulate the sunlight. Plants and herbs respond well to LED lights, especially when compared to fluorescent lights.

2. Can I leave LED grow lights on all night?

Plants, whether they grow under LED lights or sunshine, need the normal day-night cycle to propagate properly. The best thing to do is check the guide for the particular plant to understand its sunlight needs.

Let ’em Grow

These were some of the best grow lights that you can get for indoor plants. Do note that these lights do not promise miraculous growth. You will have to monitor the plant for a while to see how the leaves (or the plant) are reacting to the brightness of the lights. Though LED lights do not emit heat, it’s wise to monitor the temps as excessive heat may damage the leaves.

Suffice it to say, if your house plants are vying for some light and you can’t position them under the sun, these Grow LEDs make for the perfect alternatives.

Last updated on 02 March, 2023

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