5 Best Smart Dog Tags to Track Your Pet

Dogs — as cute as they are — can be difficult to handle at times. Despite your best efforts, chances are your furry friend might still run away. So, it’s best to stay prepared for when your pet decides to go exploring on their own. That’s where a Smart Dog Tag comes into the mix. And, if you have been meaning to get one for your pet, then fret not as we’ve scoured the internet to find the best smart dog tags to track your pets.

best smart dog tags

These GPS trackers for dogs can help you find your pet or help someone else contact you if they find your dog. While all of them serve the same purpose, there are some tags catered toward specific users. For example, AirTags work best with an iPhone while others fair well with Android devices. So, ensure you get the right kind of tracker as per your usage.

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Here are all the dog-tracking devices we recommend.

1. Pawdel EcoTag

Pawdel EcoTag

The Pawdel EcoTag doesn’t have the smarts that some other sophisticated trackers offer. However, it’s inexpensive and can get the job done for a lot of people. The tag is NFC-enabled and has a QR code on it which can be scanned by someone who finds your dog.

The EcoTag relies on a good samaritan as they don’t just have to find your dog, but also perform an additional step to reach you. The step, as prefaced previously, is to scan the QR code using their phone’s camera or tap their phone on the back of the tag. In doing so, they will receive the relevant information to contact the pet’s parents i.e. you.

Simultaneously, you will also receive a location tag with the coordinates of your pet’s position. You can use this info to track the pet down. While this is a good way to tackle the problem, there are a couple of issues. Not everyone may want to scan the tag and contact you. Plus if they decide to move to a different place with your dog, you won’t get the updated location.

As per reviews, the biggest advantage of the EcoTag is that it’s durable. The tag doesn’t need a battery which makes it less hazardous to your dog. It’s also bite-proof as claimed by the brand.

2. Apple AirTag

Apple AirTag

Unlike the Pawdel EcoTag, the Apple AirTag is most certainly not bite-proof. However, it has the best tracking features making it a top recommendation for a smart dog tag. Apple’s Find My network is spread across the world so if your dog gets lost, you can track your pet via your iPhone.

The biggest advantage of the AirTag is that you can track your dog without any human intervention. You don’t need someone to scan a tag or anything of that sort. If your dog gets lost, you can use the Find My app on your iPhone to get the exact location.

Circling back to the first point though, the AirTag can be hazardous for your dog if it decides to bite it. This is why Apple doesn’t recommend you to use AirTags with your pets either. You can tackle this issue by getting an AirTag dog collar holder so your dog can’t reach it. Also, note that you need an iPhone to track an AirTag. So if you’re an Android user, you may want to check out the Galaxy SmartTag mentioned below.

3. Tile Pro

Tile Pro

Tile was one of the first brands to introduce tracking tags so you can say they have quite a bit of experience making these gadgets. And, the Tile Pro is the best tracker the brand has to offer thanks to its superb Bluetooth range and water resistance chops.

The Tile Pro has a tracking range of 400ft. So, you can get a precise location if your pet wanders somewhere close by. In case your pet roams away farther, you’ll have to rely on Tile’s network to ping the approximate location. The working principle is similar to the AirTag but Apple’s network is undoubtedly better.

Tile also offers a Premium plan that gives you alerts if your dog starts running away from you. That said, much like the Apple AirTag, the Tile Pro also comes with a built-in battery, which can be hazardous for your furry friend. So, you need to keep a mental note and ensure your dog doesn’t bite the tracker too much.

4. Samsung Galaxy SmartTag

Samsung SmartTag

The SmartTag is Samsung’s take on Apple’s AirTag. All the features are pretty much similar, except that the SmartTag uses Samsung’s SmartThings network instead of Apple’s FindMy grid. If you have an Android phone — especially from Samsung — the Galaxy SmartTag is the one to get.

You should know that much like Apple’s AirTag, the Samsung SmartTag also comes with a battery. So, it’s best to tuck it into a safe place. Now coming to the features — you can use the SmartThings app to look for your pet with excellent accuracy if the tracker is in the Bluetooth range. Else, you’ll have to rely on Samsung’s network.

While the majority of smartphone users still use an iPhone, you can find plenty of Samsung Galaxy phones out in the wild too. As such, you should be able to get a ping on your pet’s approximate location with the Samsung Galaxy SmartTag. What’s more, per numerous reviews, the SmartTag offers superb battery backup so you don’t have to worry about replacing it every now and then.

5. Tractive GPS Tracker

Tractive GPS tracker

Despite having a built-in battery, the Tractive GPS tracker doesn’t pose a threat to your dog, thanks to its unique design. To that end, the tracker is shaped like a small buckle that fits onto a belt or leash. There’s a GPS tracker built into the module along with an accelerometer and gyroscope to track your dog’s physical activities.

The ability to track and monitor your dog’s movement is a big bonus for pets who are generally not active. Another advantage of having a GPS tracker like this one from Tractive is you don’t have to rely on a device network to get location pings. GPS trackers update location in real-time so you can see where your dog is whenever you want.

You can even set boundaries using the GPS module so if your dog crosses the perimeter, you will be instantly notified on your phone. So while you’re paying more for a GPS tracker as opposed to something like an AirTag, you also get better peace of mind.

However, there’s one big factor to note. Tractive charges a monthly subscription fee and consequently, you’ll have to bear a recurring expense. Another con is that you have to charge the device once every few days since the GPS module consumes a lot of power.

If you want extra assurance and you don’t want to rely on just GPS tracking, consider picking up the FitBark dog tracker. Along with GPS, you also get LTE connectivity which further improves accuracy.

FAQs for Smart Dog Tags

1. Does an AirTag work with Android?

At the time of writing, AirTags can’t be used with an Android device. However, Apple and Google are working together to introduce a common standard using which an AirTag can work with Android phones too.

2. How long do dog trackers last?

Devices like the AirTag or SmartTag use replaceable batteries that last 3-4 months. GPS trackers, on the other hand, can last close to a week on a single charge.

3. Do dog trackers work without cell service?

Yes, most trackers, including GPS trackers work independently without cellular service.

Keep Your Dog Safe

Getting a smart dog tag for your pets is the best way to ensure you can keep track of them. This way, you can always know what your pets are up to. In case they get lost, you can find them easily or use the location data to look around. Some trackers even offer added features like fitness tracking that can also aid in keeping your dog healthy.

Last updated on 26 May, 2023

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