5 Best Google Slides Templates for Teachers

Google Slides is one of the best and free presentation apps out there. It takes a bare-bones approach making it quick and frictionless to create and present slides for teachers and educators. What makes Slides even more resourceful is the availability of templates that you can use for free to create and share lessons with students quickly.

Best Google Slides Templates for Teachers

Google does offer a couple of default templates for Slides but they are mediocre at best and aren’t purpose-built for teachers. Fortunately, there are third-party template hosting sites that carry several beautiful and functional Google Slides templates for teachers.

Let’s take a look at some of them.

1. Notebook Lesson

As the name suggests, Notebook Lesson is a Google Slide template for creating lessons. Since most students are reading and learning from home due to the ongoing pandemic, Notebook Lesson would help teachers prepare homework and share them easily.

Best Google Slides Templates for Teachers 1

It contains 24 slides available in 5 different colors and includes graphics, icons, and mockups. All the elements are editable, and you can always add your personal touch. The template is colorful and playful but also easy on the eyes.

2. Cute Geometry Presentation

In the classroom, teachers use the blackboard to scribble notes and draw shapes with chalks. Cute Geometry Presentation template for Google Slides mimics the familiar blackboard on the digital screen. In addition, a couple of characters with personalities have been used to lighten the mood and help engage the kids’ young minds

Best Google Slides Templates for Teachers 2

The educational template for teachers using Google Slides contains several icons, images, maps, graphs, tables, and infographics to choose from. You can also design your characters if you so wish. As Slides Carnival calls them, the’ chalk chaps’ could be used to present any topic.

It contains 25 well-designed slides that can be easily edited. In addition, Slides Carnival hosts a couple of additional slides filled with icons and maps that one can use freely. It helps while designing or customizing the slides.

3. EOY Awards

Awards are one way to boost healthy competition and reward students who perform well. All you have to do is conduct tests using some online tools and reward them with something they can remember forever. In schools, these awards take all kinds of shapes and sizes like certificates, trophies, and cups. EOY Awards is a Google Slides template for teachers who want to award the best-performing students.

Best Google Slides Templates for Teachers 3

There are a total of eight slides in this template, and they are all slightly differently designed. You can mix and match the slides to create awards for different activities or niche like academic, quiz, craft, and so on. It is easy to change themes, background colors and add and remove elements from slides before awarding the

4. Education Whiteboard

Looking for a Google Slides classroom template that’s less flashy and a little more professional? Education Whiteboard might suit your needs. It takes after the whiteboard, where you can change text, photos, and even colors. In addition, the 25 slides contain different examples like maps, graphs, and even a Gantt chart.

Best Google Slides Templates for Teachers 4

You can also use the same Google Slide in teacher-parent meetings or even internal teachers’ meetings. A whiteboard is a versatile tool that’s also part of modern video calling and conferencing apps like Google Meet and Zoom.

Like previous Google Slides templates for teachers, this one also carries many fonts, 80 to be precise, maps, and other elements to choose from. In addition, you can take advantage of the free resource that we shared in point 2 above, as both the templates come from the same site.

5. Summer Book Club

There are only so many things one can do when there is no other option but to stay at home. One way to pass the time and learn new things or be part of an adventure is reading. Summer Book Club Google Slides template for teachers has been designed to inspire kids to read.

Best Google Slides Templates for Teachers 5

The presentation comes with 16 slides that are designed like a book lying on a beach. You can add text, images, or other elements easily. Interestingly, there is a slide with hidden content. The only way to read it is by dragging the sunglasses above it.

Educating Future Generations

Teachers shoulder a great responsibility. To educate and ready the next generation of men and women who will lead the world in new directions. Google Slides is one of the many tools available on the web to help teachers work remotely and continue educating kids creatively and in engaging ways.

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Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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