4 Best Cases for Google Pixel Watch

The all-new Pixel Watch from Google is not only the best smartwatch you can get on Android, but it’s also easily one of the best-looking watches out there. The curved glass enhances the look of the smartwatch but comes at the cost of fragility. If you play a lot of sports or go on treks, you might want to protect your Pixel Watch with a case.

best Google Pixel watch cases

Thanks to the unique design of the Pixel Watch, there aren’t a lot of options in cases. However, we’ve shortlisted some of the best Google Pixel Watch cases that you can buy so that you get a reliable product.

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With that out of the way, here are all the Pixel Watch cases we recommend.

1. FitTurn TPU Shockproof Case

This is a pretty basic Pixel Watch protective case that’s flexible and goes around the entire chassis of the watch. It’s made of TPU so it’s good at absorbing shock if you bump your watch onto a surface or you end up dropping it. You get 3 cases in the pack which you can match with your outfits.

The FitTurn protective cases for the Pixel Watch are simple yet effective. The TPU bumpers will do a good job of protecting not only the metallic body of the watch but also the curved glass that flows over the edges and blends with the frame. This case also protects the bezel on the front which is nice.

There is a hole for the digital crown on the right and it’s slightly tapered to give you easy access to the button. You get 3 cases of different colors in the pack — black, blue, and red. You can use the black case on a daily basis while you can switch between the other 2 colors based on your outfit for the day or for a special occasion.

Further, there are other color variants to choose from as well so pick the combination that has all the colors of your choice.

2. Chofit 4-Pack Plated Case

This is similar to the previous case with the exception that the plating on the TPU bumpers are glossy instead of the matte exterior found on the FitTurn case mentioned previously. As a result, you get a shiny exterior with colors like Gold and Silver, adding to the case’s look. The Pixel Watch’s frame is also glossy by default so these cases will blend in perfectly.

While you get more sober colors like black and a light teal in the package, the 2 other colors out of 4 cater to those who want to add some bling to their Pixel Watch. The Chofit Pixel Watch bumper case has an electroplated coating to give it a shiny exterior that matches the frame of the Pixel Watch.

If you have the Pixel Watch in silver, the silver case included in the package will camouflage with the rest of the watch and make it appear as though you’re not using a case. The same applies to the gold version. However, the case extends to the top bezel too so the color of the case you have will reflect when looking at the watch head-on. If you like a glossy look and don’t care about your watch being stealthy, you can pick this one up.

3. Ringke Slim Case

The Ringke Slim is definitely one of the best cases for Pixel Watch mainly because of the way it is designed. It’s a hardshell case that’s minimalistic and sturdy. The best part about it is that it doesn’t alter the default look of the Pixel Watch while still offering a good amount of protection.

Ringke offers you 2 different cases as a part of its Ringke Slim case bundle for the Pixel Watch. You get a clear case to show off the original color of your Pixel Watch, along with a matte black case for when you want to rock a more official or professional vibe. Both cases are of great quality and wrap around the curved edge of the Pixel Watch.

The Ringke Pixel Watch case goes around the bezel ever so slightly to give you the right amount of protection for the display in case of an impact. Unlike all the other cases on this list, this Pixel Watch bezel case is made of hard polycarbonate which feels more premium compared to TPU. It also doesn’t add a lot of bulk to the watch. Ideally, this is the best case to get for your Pixel Watch.

4. Lamshaw Bumper Cover with Screen Protector

The Lamshaw bumper case is for those who want the best protection for their Pixel Watch both in terms of the frame and display. This is because you get a built-in screen protector on the case that goes over the entire front of the Watch. This way, even if you drop your Pixel Watch or hit it against a hard object, the display will remain intact.

A case with a screen protector means you neither have to spend additionally to get a separate screen protector nor worry about its compatibility with a case. However, this could also be a downside since the screen protector on the case doesn’t adhere to the screen and hence, affects the touch sensitivity slightly.

It also doesn’t look the best which is disappointing since the Pixel Watch’s main selling point is how pretty it looks. If you’re willing to make that compromise, though, you get 2 cases in the pack — one black and one rose gold. The cases themselves look quite attractive, though. If you’re someone who prefers functionality over form, this case is for you.

Keep Your Watch Safe

Given how good the Pixel Watch looks, we understand you may not want to cover it up with a case. However, protecting it from scratches and dents is also important which is why we suggest getting a Pixel Watch case for your smartwatch. While there aren’t a lot of Pixel Watch cases from reputed brands like Spigen, the Ringke one seems like the best of the lot.

Last updated on 09 November, 2022

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