Top 5 Silicone and TPU Cases for the Google Pixel 7a

The Pixel 7a is the latest entrant from Google, and despite being an entry-level device, the smartphone packs a punch. Not only does it bundle the same Google Tensor G2 processor as found on the Pixel 7, but it also comes with the same camera setup as its pricier sibling. Now, that’s something! But as is the case with every phone, you’d have to invest in a protective case if you want to keep your Pixel 7a in pristine condition. With that in mind, here are the best silicone and TPU cases for the Google Pixel 7a that you can buy.

Top Silicone and TPU Cases for the Google Pixel 7A

The good thing about silicone and TPU cases is that they are easy to take On/Off. At the same time, the grippy material ensures that you can hold your phone with ease, even if you have sweaty palms. Lest we forget, you can wirelessly charge your phone without taking off these cases either.

Now that it’s settled, let’s have a look at some of the quality cases for the Pixel 7a. But first,

1. Osophter Clear Case

Osophter for Google Pixel 7A Case

Osophter is known for its clear cases, which are both, durable and sturdy. And, the company’s clear case for the Google Pixel 7a is no different. The highlight of this case is that it comes with reinforced corners.

A smartphone usually cracks from the corners if you drop it. As such, the Osophter case’s reinforced corners will help you protect the phone during falls and from accidental bumps against door frames. At the same time, the cuts at the bottom allow you to access the ports and speakers easily. It’s worth noting that the buttons are covered too.

Despite its meaty corners, the Osophter case is quite slim and you will be able to charge your phone wirelessly with ease. Plus, the combination of TPU and PC translates into a solid in-hand grip. The only limitation is that such cases tend to yellow over time. And when that happens, you may have to get another case for your Pixel 7a.

2. DiMiK Case for Google Pixel 7a

DiMiK Case for Google Pixel 7a

The DiMik case for Google Pixel 7a should be on your wish list for quite a few reasons. For one, this soft TPU case is sleek and has a minimalistic look. Secondly, it doesn’t add too much bulk to your phone. More importantly, the TPU material paves the way for a solid in-hand grip too.

Interestingly, the DiMik case doesn’t cost much and is affordable. It wraps around the phone and protects it from everyday wear & tear and scratches. And the flexible material means it’s easy to take it Off/On.

As its counterpart prefaced above, the DiMiK case envelopes the camera module fully. As an added bonus, the case even covers the buttons of the phone. For the price, the DiMik case is one of the best silicone protective cases for Pixel 7a.

3. Foluu Silicone Case for Google Pixel 7a

Foluu Liquid Gel Rubber Bumper Case

Foluu makes terrific silicone cases for a myriad of phones too. The highlight of the company’s case for the Pixel 7a is that it features a clear cutout for the handset’s camera module. As such, the case lets you flaunt a Pixel’s distinctive design. Besides that, this silicone shockproof case wraps around the phone and ensures the device stays in pristine condition.

Like most phone cases, it has raised lips along the screen and the camera module. Needless to say, the raised lips protect the screen and the camera lenses from micro scratches. Further, the microfibre lining keeps other infinitesimal scratches at bay.

Foluu claims that this Pixel 7a case is resistant to fingerprint and water droplets. However, we will take these claims with a grain of salt. That said, these cases are seldom fingerprint magnets.

4. Guarishel Shockproof Case

Gau Flexible TPU Carbon Fiber Protective Case

The Guarishel TPU case is the one for you if you want a soft flexible case for your new Pixel phone. It brings a healthy mix of features to the table such as a brushed exterior, TPU bumpers, and carbon fiber at the top and bottom of the case. And yes, there is additional corner protection as well.

Since phone corners are normally delicate, the latter helps keep your phone away from harm’s way.

It’s worth noting that Guarishel cases are durable and sturdy, despite their affordable pricing. In fact, users of the Guarishel cases for the Google Pixel 6 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy A23 have spoken highly of the easy-to-use and durable nature of these cases.

5. Google Pixel 7a Case

Google Pixel 7a Case

Last but not least, we have the in-house Google silicone cases. One of the major benefits of this case is that you do not have to worry about the fit. The best part? You can match your phone’s color with the case’s color. Now, that’s cool!

Like the DiMiK case, you get a neat cutout for the camera module. Interestingly, the Google logo is on full display at the back.

On a serious note, there are many advantages to first-party cases. For one, these are quality cases and are likely to last you a long time. Plus, there are seldom any issues with fit or access to ports and speakers. More to the point, the buttons feel more tactile than what you’d get with other cases that cover the buttons too.

Long story short, if you have a few bucks to spare, then Google’s own silicone case for the Pixel 7a is a great pick.

Protect Your Phone

These were some of the best silicone and TPU Cases for Google Pixel 7a. The best part about silicone and TPU cases is that they are lightweight and slim. This way you do not add any major heft to your phone. If you do not want to splurge on a case, then you will find plenty to like about the DiMiK case or the Guarishel case.

The Google Pixel 7a is still new and as such, the case options are limited. Rest assured, we will update the post with new products and user experiences very soon.

Last updated on 16 May, 2023

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