6 Best Cases for Google Pixel 7a to Protect Your Smartphone

No matter which phone you buy, protecting it from scratches and scuffs is always important. More so, when you have a phone with a plastic back. The Pixel 7a’s back is made of glossy polycarbonate and is hence, easy to scratch. It also gathers fingerprints like nobody’s business. A good way to circumvent this is to get a case. We’ve made your job easier by listing out some of the best Pixel 7a cases.

Right from thin cases that don’t add much bulk to premium cases with accessory attachments, we’ve covered them all. You can pick the one that fits your usage.

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Let’s now get to the best cases for the Google Pixel 7a.

1. Yenapoon Silicone Case With Screen Protector

silicone case

The Yenapoon silicone case offers a good amount of protection without adding much bulk. The outer layer adds a considerable amount of grip despite being soft to the touch. You also get a ton of color options from sober ones to bright and flashy variants.

Silicone cases generally look great in bright colorways. So, a bright pink or yellow will surely add character to your Pixel 7a. The nice looks are accompanied by a rubbery texture that’s comfortable to hold. However, note that silicone cases don’t play too well with denim pockets, thanks to friction. You might face some struggles while whipping out the Pixel 7a from your pocket with the Yenapoon silicone case installed.

The inside of the case has a microfiber lining to prevent the phone from getting scratched. As a bonus, Yenapoon is providing two free screen protectors for the Pixel 7a with this case. This means you’re getting all-around protection without spending too much. And if you don’t want your phone to stand out in a crowd, the brand also sells black and navy blue variants of the case.

2. Ringke Fusion Matte Clear Case

ringke fusion case

Clear cases show off your smartphone’s original color and design. However, a completely transparent case can get scratched up pretty severely or even make your phone slippery. Ringke is attempting to solve those issues with the Fusion matte clear case.

Instead of making the back plate entirely clear, Ringke has designed a case that has a translucent back. There’s a matte texture on the back that makes it look like frosted glass. If you’re not a fan of the glossy finish on the Pixel 7a, you’re going to love this case. However, it doesn’t come without its set of flaws.

For starters, only the polycarbonate back has a matte finish. The sides are still made of flexible TPU which means they’re going to turn yellow over time. The top portion of the case does not get the matte treatment either. If you don’t want the sides to turn yellow, you can pick up the smoked black variant of the same case. However, keep in mind that it’s going to mask the color of your phone.

3. Spigen Liquid Air

spigen liquid air

Spigen’s Liquid Air case strikes a perfect balance between form and functionality. It’s not too thick so it doesn’t add much bulk or weight. But that doesn’t mean it compromises protection. You get Spigen’s air cushion technology on the corners to save your Pixel 7a in case you drop it.

While the Spigen Liquid Air is no rugged case, the case can handle occasional drops. The sides are pretty thick while not being bulky. However, the major highlight of the Liquid Air case is that awesome Herringbone pattern at the back. It gives the case a unique look and adds a substantial amount of grip.

Make sure you use your phone with clean hands though since it’s very easy to get dirt and grime between the tiny gaps on the rear. The sides have ridges that add to the grip. If you want a reliable case that also looks good, the Spigen Liquid Air is a safe choice.

4. Caseology Nano Pop

caseology nano pop

As the name suggests, the Caesology Nano Pop adds a color pop to your Pixel 7a. You get unique color combinations to choose from including this nice navy blue variant with yellow accents. It’s also a decently protective case for the Pixel 7a without making it too bulky.

Think of the Caseology Nano Pop as the Spigen Liquid Air but with a different design. You get similar protection in both cases with similar thickness levels as well. What’s different is that the Nano Pop gets rid of the texture on the back for a smooth matte finish. There’s also an additional ring around the camera module to enhance the look of the case.

While it’s not as grippy as the Liquid Air, using your Pixel 7a inside the Caseology Nano Pop is comfortable even for long hours. This is mainly due to the lightweight nature of the case. If you want your Pixel 7a to stand out, the Caseology Nano Pop is the way to go.

5. Spigen Ultra Hybrid ZeroOne

spigen zero one

Here’s another case that will surely turn a lot of heads. The Zero One is a unique take on Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid case series of clear cases. However, this one isn’t clear. Instead, the back has a cool representation of a logic board with other components that go into a phone.

Technology geeks, assemble! The Spigen Zero One has arguably one of the best designs on a case if you’re a smartphone enthusiast. It almost looks like your phone has a transparent back to show off the interior. The circuitry is printed on a polycarbonate back which provides a good amount of protection for your phone.

The sides are made of flexible TPU that provides a comfortable grip. It also absorbs impact if and when you drop the phone. Spigen’s air cushion technology makes a return here as well. If you’re not a fan of the design, Spigen also sells the Ultra Hybrid in a clear variant with black sides. That’s the version to pick if you want to retain the original look of your Pixel 7a.

6. Peak Design Everyday Case

peak design case

Peak Design makes cases that not only protect your phone but also add extra bits of functionality to it. The case has a proprietary mount that can be used to attach the phone onto a car mount, bicycle mount, or even a wallet for added convenience.

Think of the Peak Design case as an alternative to MagSafe cases from Apple. The brand sells multiple mounts and accessories including a mini tripod for content creators and different mounts for various surfaces. You just have to clip the mounts to the back of your phone case and you’re good to go.

Apart from these attachments, Peak Design’s cases also have a sophisticated and premium look to them. The material used on the rear of the case is a type of fabric that’s reminiscent of Google’s first-party cases for older Pixel phones. While the case is pricey, it might make sense to pay the extra premium for the added functionality.

Keep Them Scratches Away

Investing in a good case is never a bad idea. It protects your phone and ensures you don’t have to splurge on repairs if you end up shattering the screen. You can pick up any of the best Pixel 7a cases mentioned above depending on your requirements. Choose whether you want a funky design like the Nano Pop or extra functionality like the Peak Design Everyday case.

Last updated on 16 May, 2023

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