6 Best Clear Cases for Google Pixel 7 Pro

Just like the standard Pixel 7, the Pixel 7 Pro is also available in some attractive colors. So, if you’re getting one for yourself, it only makes sense to show off those colors through your case. And for that, you will need a Pixel 7 Pro clear case. A clear case gives you a transparent window on the rear, allowing your phone to shine through.

best Google Pixel 7 Pro clear case

Needless to say, it also protects your phone from gathering scratches over time or the screen from shattering upon impact. If you want to keep your phone shiny and new for a long time, here are some of the best Pixel 7 Pro clear cases that you can buy. From slim ones to thick, dual-layer cases, we’ve covered them all.

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1. Ringke Fusion

The Ringke Fusion case is the first on our list for being a slim case while offering a good amount of protection. Since it’s a fusion case, a part of it is made using flexible TPU while the back plate is made of polycarbonate for extra rigidity.

This clear Pixel 7 Pro case is aimed at users who don’t want to add a lot of bulk to their devices. The Pixel 7 Pro is a large phone so adding a thick or bulky case might make the phone uncomfortable to hold. Since this is a thin case, you won’t have any such issues. The sides and the portion above the camera visor are made of TPU, while the section below the camera bar is polycarbonate.

The Fusion moniker can be attributed to the fact that Ringke has used 2 different materials to manufacture this case. As far as protection is concerned, the corners are slightly thicker than the rest of the case to absorb impact. This seems like the perfect clear case for the Pixel 7 Pro, but it has one flaw that may deter you from buying it. Since a large portion of the case is made of TPU, it’s going to turn yellow in a few months’ time.

2. Lonli Just In Case

Lonli claims that this is one of the slimmest cases on the market for the Pixel 7 Pro. It barely feels like it’s there on your phone, which is where the ‘Just In’ part of the name is derived from. It compromises on protection but if your priority is a minimalistic case, you can consider getting this one.

Just in case you were looking for a slim clear case for Pixel 7 Pro that adds little to no bulk, you’re at the right place. This case from Lonli has a thin layer of TPU going along the sides of the case with a polycarbonate shell on the back. The good thing is that, unlike the Ringke case, the polycarbonate portion extends to the part above the camera bar too, so the entire back is not going to turn yellow.

What will turn yellow, though, are the sides. Further, in pursuit of a thin form factor, Lonli has had to make some compromises in terms of protection so if you tend to drop your phone often, this isn’t the best case for you. Reviews point out that the case catches fingerprints rather easily so if you’re a mysophobe, consider getting the matte variant of the case.

3. Spigen Ultra Hybrid

The Spigen Ultra Hybrid case for the Pixel 7 Pro is pretty much similar to the Ringke Fusion case except that it has a matte black frame instead of a clear one and offers better protection. The black sides eliminate the chance of yellowing while Spigen’s Air Cushion technology ensures your phone stays safe when you drop it.

Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid case for the Pixel 7 Pro is available in 2 variants — Matte Black and Crystal Clear. We recommend getting the Matte Black version regardless of which color your phone is. This is simply because the matte black sides add better grip to the phone while also ensuring the sides of the case don’t turn yellow. However, Spigen could have redesigned the case for the Pixel 7 Pro to show off that top portion as well above the camera bar.

On the Matte Black version, the portion below the camera visor is also matte black so it’s translucent rather than entirely clear. If you want a fully clear back to show off your phone’s color accurately, you will have to opt for the Crystal Clear variant. However, note that if you opt for it, the sides will turn yellow and the clear back will pick up a lot of scratches over time which may ruin the look of your phone.

4. Humixx Translucent Matte Case

Just like the Spigen Ultra Hybrid, the Humixx case also has a translucent back that doesn’t entirely show off the back of your Pixel 7 Pro, but lets in just enough light to catch a glimpse of the phone. It’s also better than the Spigen case in some ways including a nice cutout above the camera bar that shows off the entire back of the phone.

Translucent cases are generally more subtle in terms of looks which means if you have a bright-colored phone, they can tone down the bling. So, if you’re looking for a sober case that subtly shows off that nice Google logo on the back, you must consider this case from Humixx. Apart from how nice it looks, it’s also military-grade drop-tested to ensure it protects your phone.

The Humixx case is slightly more rigid compared to some other clear cases on this list which also makes it feel slightly bulky. However, this shouldn’t be a deal breaker, as the extra thickness is there for added protection. In our opinion, this is one of the best Pixel 7 Pro clear cases that you can get with equal weightage given to looks and protection.

5. Poetic Guardian

Are you looking for the ultimate protection for your Pixel 7 Pro without covering the back entirely? Poetic has exactly what you’re looking for! The Poetic Guardian case has a clear polycarbonate back paired with a rugged frame. The thick edges provide a great deal of protection for your Pixel 7 Pro along with a built-in screen protector that ensures your display also remains intact.

Before we get into the specifics of this case, it’s important to understand that the Poetic Guardian case adds a substantial amount of bulk to your Pixel 7 Pro. However, this is a trade-off you should be willing to make for the amount of protection on offer. The rugged sides have thick edges and corners that protect the phone when you drop it. Unlike most rugged cases, this one has a transparent back which makes it stand out.

There is a built-in screen protector on the frontal frame which works well with the in-display fingerprint scanner. However, this is a plastic screen protector that may scratch easily. The two downsides of this case are the added weight coupled with the fact that the screen protector deteriorates the display’s viewing experience since it doesn’t adhere to the screen completely. If you’re going on a trek or you work with heavy machinery, this case makes a lot of sense.

6. Otterbox Symmetry Series Clear Case

Here’s yet another case known for the protection it offers. The Otterbox Symmetry series clear case is thick, completely transparent, and offers the best protection from all the cases that are completely clear. While it adds some additional bulk, it’s in no way close to the Poetic Guardian case while still protecting your Pixel 7 Pro to a great extent.

If you don’t want the included screen protector or the rugged aesthetic that Poetic offers, your next best option is the Otterbox Symmetry Series clear case for Pixel 7 Pro. It has a simple design that doesn’t alter the way your phone looks. The thick edges act as a cushion to protect the phone from picking up dents or cracks when you drop it.

The pronounced camera bump protects the aluminum visor at all times. Otterbox is selling 2 variants of this case — Clear and Stardust. The clear version is — as you would expect — clear while the Stardust variant has tiny specks of glitter dispersed over the entire back. If you want to add some bling to the colorful back of your Pixel 7 Pro, you can opt for the Stardust model.

Pro for Protection

Protect your Pixel 7 Pro with some of the best Google Pixel 7 Pro clear cases while showing off that gorgeous back. The added protection is always worth it, especially if you plan on using your phone for a long duration or if you want to retain a good resale value.

Last updated on 09 November, 2022

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