5 Best Google Pixel 6 Cases With Kickstand

A phone case is a clever investment if you want to keep your Google Pixel 6 smartphone in pristine conditions. But if you love watching movies and videos on your phone, a simple phone case just won’t do. You will have to invest in a phone case with a kickstand. As you may have guessed by now, these cases let you prop up your phone, thus letting you watch your favorite movies hands-free.

5 Best Google Pixel 6 Cases With Kickstand

And just like any normal phone case, these Pixel 6 cases with kickstand shields the phone from accidental bumps and scratches. Besides, they are not expensive either.

So, here are some of the best Google Pixel 6 cases with a kickstand.

Let’s get going. But first,

1. Bsiitai Clear Case

The Bsiitai Clear Case doesn’t have a kickstand in the strictest sense. However, it bundles a metallic ring at the back. It lets you hold the phone, but it also doubles up as a practical kickstand in times of need.

Apart from that, it’s a transparent phone case and lets you flaunt the actual color of your Pixel 6 in all its glory. The bezels are raised, and this feature protects the screen from scratches and scuff marks. At the same time, the fit is not bad either.

As noted earlier, it’s inexpensive and is not as durable as its premium counterparts. On the upside, this clear case is smooth to touch.

2. Teelevo Wallet Case

The Teelevo Wallet Case is a phone case with a difference. It brings the dual advantage of a wallet case and a neat kickstand. The best part is that the back is uniform, and there is no protrusion. More importantly, it removes the wobble caused by the thick camera module.

The wallet slot is thick enough to house two credit cards. Interestingly, this case also supports wireless charging despite being on the thicker side. The integrated kickstand looks stylish. However, you will be able to prop the phone only in landscape mode.

The Teelevo case is a dual-layer case, and the odds are that it will protect the phone in case of drops and falls. However, it’s a slippery case, and if you have sweaty hands, you may want to skip this one.

3. Ailiber Slim Rugged Protective Cover

Another case almost in the same price bracket is the one by Ailiber. It is a versatile case and bundles a dedicated belt holster. The kickstand sits flush with the case and gives the back a uniform look. Moreover, you can use the kickstand to prop the phone in horizontal or portrait mode.

The case fits the Pixel 6 like a glove and does its job of shielding it from the effects of bumps and falls. The holster mounts on top of the screen when needed.

The Ailiber case for the Pixel 6 is not a full case, and the top and the front bumpers are not covered and leave those areas a tad vulnerable. If you are often careless with your gadgets, you may want to consider this point.

4. Spigen Tough Armor Case

If you are looking for a case from a named brand, Spigen is a good place to start. The Tough Armor Case is affordable and comes with a kickstand. Interestingly, it has a foam layer inside to absorb the brunt of falls and drops.

It’s a thick and sturdy case with a military standard drop protection. It fits the Pixel 6 like a glove, and hides the big camera bump.

The Tough Armor case walks the fine line between thick armored cases and slim cases. However, it adds its share of weight to the phone.

The kickstand is stylish and lets you prop up the phone horizontally. It’s not as sturdy as the rest of the case, but it gets the work done.

If you are in the market for a durable case, this is the one you should certainly consider buying.

5. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro Series Case

If you are looking for a case that will survive a drop, you can’t go wrong with Supcase’s Unicorn Beetle Pro series. It provides 360-degree protection and comes with a screen protector as well.

This Unicorn case is sturdy and has 20-ft drop protection. The kickstand can be used in both horizontal & portrait mode. And just like the case, the kickstand is also sturdy and can take its share of abuse.

Quite naturally, you’ll lose the slim profile of your Pixel 6. But that’s the price you’ll have to pay for the extra protection.

The Silver Screen

The camera strip is one of the highlights of the Google Pixel 6. However, the strip is quite thick, and phone cases like the one above help to give it a uniform look.

So which of these cases will you buy?

Last updated on 04 February, 2022

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