6 Best Google Home Mini Wall Mounts That You Can Buy

If you have a Google Home Mini, you must already know about its amazing potential. From placing phone calls to controlling your smart home gadgets and streaming music, it can execute plenty of tasks without breaking a sweat.

Amazon Alexa Vs Google Home Mini 13

But when it comes to its looks, this little doughnut-shaped smart assistant is easily mistaken for a toy. I skipped a heartbeat when my nephew was tossing it around like a puck.

Unruly children aside, the small size and light nature of the Home Mini makes it susceptible to falls and drops. Also, it’s almost impossible to stick an adhesive strip on its silicon back.

So it makes sense to mount your units on the wall. Besides getting rid of messy wires on the floor, these mounts are a clever way to retain space on your work desk or kitchen counter.


: These mounts don’t bundle a Google Home Mini

Things to Check While Buying a Wall Mount

Before you hit the Buy button, you should consider a couple of things. There are mainly two types of wall mounts for the Home Mini — wall brackets and socket mounts.

While you can place the former just about anywhere (you’ll have to deal with wires), the latter stays attached to a wall socket.

If you are going with the former, you’d need to keep the following things in mind,

  • Wire management.
  • The material of the wall. Can it accommodate adhesive pads or nails?
  • Does it sit flush against the wall?
Google Home Mini Wall Mount

But if you’re considering socket mounts, give thought to the following things,

  • The height of the socket from the floor.
  • Wire management.
  • Compatibility of the plug.
  • Does it go with your home decor?

Last but not least, pay utmost attention to the location of the mount. That is important if you access its services from a particular spot every day.

Now that we have considered all the options, let’s check out some of the best Google Home Mini wall mounts that are available on Amazon.

1. AmorTek Outlet Mount

With over 77% positive reviews, the AmorTek Outlet Mount enjoys a rating of 4.5 stars on Amazon. Using this mount, you can position your Home Mini vertically above (or below) the outlet. It’s worth noting that the mount does not block the second plug. It packs a bunch of prongs/tabs to hold the extra wire in place, and at the same time hides them from sight.

As per most reviews, the mount works as advertised. It uses the same power cord that comes with the Mini. That way, you needn’t worry about the plug fitting your wall sockets. More importantly, the case fits both the Mini and the plug.

Amor Tek Wall Outlet Mount For Google Mini

Do note that your smart speaker may not sit flush against the wall if you hang it upside down. Also, the plastic of this inexpensive mount is a bit thin, so you may want to consider it before making the purchase.

Box Contents: Holder


  • The Mute switch stays hidden.
  • Wire holders may break if pushed hard.

Priced at $8.99, AmorTek Outlet Mount comes in two colors — White and Black.

2. Dot Genie Mini Backpack

If you do not like the bulky appearance of the AmorTek wall mount, check out the following holder.

The Dot Genie Mini Backpack is sleek and compact. The power plug rests at the rear, and the holder is at the front. It comes with a short USB cable to do away with messy wires. So, all you have to do is hook the cable and then plug the mount to the wall.

As per most reviews, the speaker sits snugly in the holder. The good thing about this product is you can easily use the secondary plug. Furthermore, the Mute button is easily accessible, thanks to its clean design.

Dot Genie Mini Backpack For The Home Mini Wall Mount 2

There have been a few issues with the power plug some users, and the plug got stuck in the socket for a few folks.

Box Contents: Holder, custom plug, USB cable


  • Requires a 3 prong outlet.
  • The cable is short and a bit tight.

The Dot Genie Mini Backpack costs $14.99 and comes in White, Black, and Coral.

3. Hmount Outlet Wall Mount

With a smart wire management system and a minimal holder, Hmount’s Outlet Wall Mount is an upgraded version of the AmorTek Outlet Mount. It follows the same plug & play method. However, Hmount’s version has a minimal design which ensures that the mute button is easily accessible. Plus, the neat wedges at the back allow reeling in the extra wire length.

Since it uses the plug and the wire that comes with the Home Mini, you don’t have to bother about plug fittings. What you’ll love about this mount is that it sits flush against the wall.

Hmount Outlet Mount Review

Installing it is a walk in the park. Just snap the speaker securely, wind the cord to the rear and plug the mount to the wall socket.

Box Contents: Wall mount, User manual


  • The added weight of the gig may not be ideal for sockets in the landscape mode.

Priced at $8.99, the Hmount Outlet Mount comes White, Black, Coral, Black+Blue, and White+Blue.

4. Fstop Labs Holder

If you want a rather stylish holder to house your smart speaker, the Fstop Labs Holder is the one for you. This holder has received more than 89% positive reviews with a rating of 4.8 stars. It is a simple horizontal bracket, which you can mount with screws (comes in the box).

One of the sides has a cutout to insert the USB cable. So, you’d need to align the cutout against the Mini’s power port and snap it in.

Fstop Labs Holder Google Home Mini Review

As per most users on Amazon, the overall weight isn’t much. So if you are apprehensive about drilling holes on the wall, you can mount the holder using 3M Command adhesive strips. Again, that depends on the material of the wall.

Cool Tip

: Before mounting the bracket, do think about how would you hide the extra length of wire. You can either go for tubing or

wire clamps

to hold the wire in place.

Box Contents: Holder, Screws & anchor points


  • No cable management

Fstop Labs 2 pack holder costs $9.99 and comes in White and Black.

5. Wall Brackets from Nothing Like This

Wall Brackets from Nothing Like This (apparently, that’s the seller’s name) is your best bet if you are looking for a stylish wall mount. Made from polycarbonate plastic, it consists of a three-edged strut to holds the Mini securely. Also, it’s quite easy to set up. Just screw it to the wall and place the Mini in place.

The company also provides adhesive strips if you don’t want to drill holes in the wall. However, the usage of tapes depends on your wall surface as to whether it will stick or not. You might have to buy the 3M Command strips separately for the reports about the company-issued adhesive tapes state that they fail to hold up.

Wall Brackets From Nothing Like This Review

Box Contents: 3 screws, 3 wall expansion anchors, double-sided 3M tape


  • The screws are small. If you are considering mounting your Home Mini on the ceiling or to cabinets, do get longer screws.

Nothing Like This Caddy is priced at $11.99 and is available in Chalk and Charcoal.

6. CloverTale Wall Mount Holder

The CloverTale mount is a small inconspicuous aluminum holder that sits flush against the wall. It holds the Home Mini in place through the USB port. It may not look much at first glance. However, as per most reviewers, you can rest assured that your smart assistant won’t fall forward. Thanks to the clean design, all the buttons are easily accessible.

On the downside, you’d have to do the cable management yourself, it being a simple wall mount. The CloverTale Wall Mount Holder is perfect for placements near the bed or near the kitchen counter. Just keep in mind to unplug the USB cable before unmounting it.

Clover Tale Wall Mount Holder Reviews

Box Contents: Screws


  • At times, the Google Home Mini may not sit flush against the wall because of the screws.

CloverTale Wall Mount Holder will cost you $9.99.

The Glory of the Mount

With my Google Home Mini mounted securely, I can rest assured that it is safe and secure. Now, I just have to train it using my voice so that there are no surprising song skips.

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Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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