The Best Alternatives to 11 Most-Used Google Apps on Android

There is no denying the fact that Google apps are amazing. Keeping the commotion of multiple chat apps aside, Google does provide a wide variety of helpful and interesting apps.

However, at times, we get bored of using the same apps time and again. It’s nice to try different things. In this post, we’ll suggest you some cool alternatives to the 11 most-used Google apps.

Best Alternatives To Google Apps That You Should Try 3

Excited? Let’s dive into the world of Google apps alternatives.

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1. Gboard

Gboard comes pre-installed on almost all phones running stock Android. While it’s one of the best keyboard apps out there, some people may have a different taste. I, for one, hate the horizontal scrolling for emojis in the Gboard app. Similarly, there is no option to resize it as per our need.

Gboard Tips Tricks 17 1

The Best Alternative: Swiftkey

There is a constant rivalry going on between Gboard and Swiftkey. And, honestly, both are worth it. Some people like Gboard and others can kill for Swiftkey.

Swift Key Predictions
Swift Key Keyboard

While Swiftkey provides functions like vertical emojis, clipboard, and amazing word prediction, it lacks emoji search and cursor control that is present in Gboard.

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However, it provides all other features that are present in Gboard except the Google search, which is the hallmark of Google.

Worthy Contenders

Most of the apps mentioned above come with the features that are also present in Gboard. In addition to that, these apps also provide additional features.

Loaded with powerful extensions like GIFs, Hotkeys, Cursor Control, and Stickers, Fleksy keyboard also supports gestures. All the apps support multiple languages and themes.

Big Button Keyboard Apps For Big Fingers 17
Screenshot 20170516 161207

While Chrooma provides really cool proofreader, Ginger keyboard offers free grammar check and advanced sentence rephrasing. Chrooma Keyboard also comes with a unique feature where the keyboard color automatically changes according to the navbar color.

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Similarly, Ginger Keyboard flaunts a smart bar that lets you create notes, send emails or open apps right from the keyboard.

If you are looking for a keyboard app for big fingers or with big buttons, check these 7 apps.

2. Google Launcher

There are some great launchers available on the Play Store. Most of them come with really cool features that are not present in the Google Launcher such as notification count, resizable icons, and others.

Pixel Launcher Cover

The Best Alternative: Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is the most popular and the most customizable launcher available out there. It comes with all the features that one would want from a custom launcher.

Apex Launcher Vs Nova Launcher 11
Apex Launcher Vs Nova Launcher 8

It supports gestures, notification count (and badges), and folders. This app also offers night mode and backup. Further, you can also change the size of icons and the space between them.

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In addition to that, Nova Launcher also supports widget overlap, desktop lock, and icon themes.

Worthy Contenders

Interestingly, Microsoft Launcher is now giving a tough competition to Nova Launcher. It also offers icon packs, gestures, notification count, and themes.

However, the two features that make it stand out are the personalized feed and Continue on PC option. The Personalized feed provides the necessary information like news, contacts, notes etc.

Best Alternative Google App 13
Best Alternative Google App 14

The Continue on PC option, as is obvious, makes it easy to switch between PC and phone. You can send pictures and continue working on Office 365 documents.

While I personally don’t use the other three launchers much, because obviously, you can only use one at a time, I know many people who swear by Evie Launcher due to its simplicity and the features offered.

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Evie Launcher supports universal search, notification badges (and count), custom shortcuts and folders. Action Launcher, on the other hand, combines Pixel Launcher features with a bunch of its own customizations.

Best Alternative Google App 15
Best Alternative Google App 16

Smart Launcher 3 uses very fewer resources and hence seems very fast. It automatically organizes your apps in different categories and also supports smart screen turn off. Further, in addition to gestures, this app also supports custom lock screens.

If you want another launcher similar to the Pixel launcher, try the Lawnchair Launcher app.

3. Google Contacts

Google Contacts offers most of the features that a regular user would expect from contact manager apps. It, however, lacks some pro features such as themes, smart contacts, etc.

Smartmockups J8B3Iuq1

The Best Alternative: Contacts+

The Contacts+ app is a simple contact manager app that also offers additional features like the built-in caller id, spam block, and backup. Interestingly, the app combines information from various connected services like Google, Facebook, and Twitter etc.

Best Alternative Google App 17
Best Alternative Google App 18

Further, the app also merges duplicate contacts and offers smart sorting. It also supports birthday reminders.

Worthy Contenders

All the apps come with powerful features such as contact de-duplication, spam protection, and themes. While the Canvy app offers customizable UI for your contacts, FullContact and Rolo come with a built-in business card reader.

Best Alternative Google App 19
Best Alternative Google App 20

The Rolo app also offers SMS scheduler, notes functionality, and social media updates from contacts.

4. Google Phone

Most of the apps combine phone and contacts in one app. Google has separate apps for phone and contacts.

Fix Dialer App Delay On Google Pixel And Mi A1 1

The Best Alternative: Simpler Phone

While the Simpler app provides many powerful features, it doesn’t feel cluttered. It provides a beautiful and easy-to-use interface.

Best Alternative Google App 24
Best Alternative Google App 25

Simpler app integrates dialer and contacts in one app with additional features like themes, and backup. It also simplifies your contact list by showing contacts with phone numbers only.

The reason I choose this app is it doesn’t offer unwanted features. It performs exceptionally well for all the things it was built for.

Worthy Contenders

With features like themes, smart cards, and amazing organization, all the other apps are also really worth checking out. The Drupe app gives a tough competition to Simpler dialer app.

Best Alternative Google App 22
Best Alternative Google App 23A

Drupe offers contact-based reminders, built-in call recorder and reverse lookup among other amazing features. From the makes of Contacts+ app is the Dialer+ app.

While the app offers good features, it is necessary to install Contacts+ app to make it work. Similarly, Ex and ZenUI both combine dialer and contacts in one app.

5. Google Messages

If you compare Google Messages with the other third-party apps available on the Play Store, it seems dull. But, that’s the beauty of Android. If you don’t like a certain pre-installed app, you are free to download other cool apps as per your preference.

Google Messages Alternative Apps

The Best Alternative: SMS Organizer

SMS Organizer from the house of Microsoft is one of the best SMS apps available for Android. It is a smart SMS app with features like reminders, dark theme, backup, and quick glance.

Best Alternative Google App 26
Best Alternative Google App 27

This app automatically organizes your messages into various categories such as Personal, Transactional, and Promotional. Further, the app also provides backup and dark theme.

Worthy Contenders

All the apps offer powerful organization and customization features. With Chomp SMS you can set multiple themes and schedule SMS. This app even lets you stop a text while sending. It also offers quick reply and signatures.

Best Alternative Google App 28
Best Alternative Google App 29

Both Handcent Next and Pulse SMS let you SMS from your PC. They also provide backup and support dual SIM.

Textra, on the other hand, is a simple-to-use yet customizable SMS app for Android. It has tons of options that let you change colors and fonts of the app.

6. Google Calendar

A simple, clean, and convenient app, Google Calendar does its job well. But, there are some other apps that are worth checking out.

Best Alternative Google App 30

The Best Alternative: Business Calendar 2

The Business Calendar app has also been featured under Google Play Store Editor’s Choice list. It offers really superb features such as multiple views, holidays, birthdays, global weather forecast and many color options for organization.

Best Alternative Google App 33
Best Alternative Google App 34

The app provides nice icons for meetings and tasks. It also syncs with Google Calendar and is easy to set up.

In addition to that, this app offers really cool customization for even widgets. If you are looking for a calendar app with great level of control, this is the perfect app.

Worthy Contenders

DigiCal calendar is another powerful calendar app for Android. This app also features in Google Play Store Editor List. With seven powerful agenda views and six customizable calendar widgets, the app also supports global weather forecast.

Best Alternative Google App 32
Best Alternative Google App 31

Besides the usual Calendar features, aCalendar offers QR and NFC barcode sharing of events and moon phases. Similar to other apps, it offers 48 colors per calendar and integrates with Google Calendar too.

7. Google Chrome

Chrome is the most popular browser across platforms. While it offers many great features, it hogs memory and lacks extensions on Android.

Google Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

The Best Alternative: Firefox Browser

Mozilla recently released an upgraded version of its Firefox browser that offers great features such as an upgraded performance and well-built privacy options. Mozilla also supports extensions and the UI seems better as compared to Chrome.

Firefox For Android Features 2A
Firefox For Android Features 3

Here check out the top 5 Firefox for Android features that make it a must-try.

Worthy Contenders

While Mozilla Firefox and Opera have been giving Chrome a tough competition for a long time, the latest entrants, Microsoft Edge and Samsung Browser have also surfaced as good options.

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Microsoft Edge makes it easy to browse across devices by providing a continuous browsing experience on Windows 10. You can pick up where you left on either platform.

Samsung browser also offers good features such as content blockers, quick menu, web payments, and power-saving mode. Moreover, Samsung is continuously adding new features to the app.

Best Alternative Google App 35
Best Alternative Google App 36

Brave Browser comes with a built-in adblocker and battery and data optimization features. The browser seems fast and is user-friendly.

8. Google Drive

If your Google Drive is full or you are not satisfied with it, you can try other alternatives.

Hide Google Drive Quick Access Featured

The Best Alternative: Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive is a great and convenient place to store files. It offers an additional facility where you can open and save OneDrive files in Office apps like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Best Alternative Google App 37
Best Alternative Google App 38

The app is clean and very well designed and offers easy to use tools. You would be surprised with the simplicity with which it runs on Android and Windows.

Worthy Contenders

All the three apps mentioned above are really nice apps. Dropbox is one of the most popular app. Usually the first name that pops up in everyone’s mind when one thinks about cloud storage is Dropbox. It is the most organized file sharing software.

Best Alternative Google App 39
Best Alternative Google App 40

Similar to Google Drive, the apps mentioned above offer document scanner and shared folders. In addition to that, they also offer security controls, multiple file types and powerful search.

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9. Google Camera

It’d be blasphemy to replace Google Camera with some other app. So, I’m not providing any app for best alternative but if you are really looking for some Google Camera alternatives, check out these apps.

Best Alternative Google App 41 Google Camera

Worthy Contenders

Google Camera lacks filters and this is where all the other apps score above it. If you want to add filters and stickers in real time, all the four apps let you do that.

Best Alternative Google App 42 Google Camera
Best Alternative Google App 43 Google Camera

These apps also come with tilt-shift filter if you want to blur the background of your images.

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10. Google Keep

Google Keep is one of the easy-to-use yet powerful note-taking apps. However, there are other cool alternatives that offer more features.

Google Keep

The Best Alternative: Nimbus Note

If you are an organization freak, then you will fall in love with Nimbus Note. It offers multiple levels of hierarchy with folder and sub-folders. In addition to that, it also provides formatting options.

Best Android Notes Apps With Folders Nimbus 2
Best Android Notes Apps With Folders Nimbus 1

The app is user-friendly and seems fast. The sync works fine across platforms. You also get a to-do for each note. And the best part is it’s free.

Worthy Contenders

Google Keep lacks the proper organization tools and that’s the reason I prefer to use other note apps. Evernote has been my favorite for the longest time but recently Nimbus and Notebook have proved to be better alternatives. They offer awesome user-experience and note-taking tools.

Best Android Notes Apps With Folders Zoho 1
Best Android Notes Apps With Folders Onenote 11

If Nimbus app doesn’t entice you, you should check Notebook by Zoho. It is a pretty app with beautiful user-interface. Although OneNote also provides good organization, it seems slow to me. Maybe it will work fine for you. And if it does, it’s an amazing app.

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11. Google Photos

While the Google Photos app is full of features, some people aren’t looking for the cloud-sync feature and other cool things. They need a simple gallery app that will show them the device folders and let them browse in peace.

Photo Manager Cover

The Best Alternative: Simple Gallery

Although Google Photos offers amazing features, I personally don’t like it as my Gallery app. It focuses more on cloud storage instead of device folders.

Best Alternative Google App 44
Best Alternative Google App 45

I prefer to use Simple Gallery, which has a clean layout and provides all the necessary features required from a simple gallery app.

Worthy Contenders

With powerful file management features, both the apps focus on privacy as well. While A+ Gallery places pictures on a map based on the location they were taken. QuickPic supports multiple finger gestures.

Best Alternative Google App 46
Best Alternative Google App 47

A+ Gallery also shows all photos in addition to folders. This makes it easy to view and edit photos.

If you want a photo app with features similar to Google Photos, try the Amazon Prime Photos app.

What’s Your Favorite

These were a few Android apps that we think you should use instead of Google apps. Let us know your favorite ones.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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