5 Best Golf Rangefinders for 2023

A golf rangefinder can be an essential tool for improving your golf game. If you’re someone who is about to explore the world of golf, a rangefinder can definitely level up your golf game. Here’s a list of the best golf rangefinders in 2023.

Best Golf Rangefinder for 2023

The core task of a golf rangefinder is to help the golfer estimate distance and improve the accuracy of their shot. This is because a golf rangefinder accurately measures the distance between you and the hole. This in turn eliminates the scope for guesswork required to figure out the power needed to hit the ball.

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1. Wosports Golf Rangefinder

Wosports Rangefinder

This model from Wosports is a three-mode laser rangefinder. This laser rangefinder is a good fit not just for golfing but hunting as well. It sports three mode options, including Distance, Flag, and Lock.

This golf rangefinder provides easy and fast focus, plus its scope allows clear visibility of the ball even at a distance. This rangefinder promises a high accuracy of up to 800 Yards. The Wosports rangefinder can measure 5 to 800 yards with a 250-yard flag lock capability.

The brand claims the rangefinder can provide fast, accurate measurements of +/- 1 yard. It also features an ergonomic design that fits nicely in the user’s hand to enable comfortable and continuous scanning. Additionally, there’s an integrated battery cover and it also comes with the feature to automatically shut off after 10 seconds of inactivity.

What We Like

  • Aggressive price
  • Ergonomic design

What We Don’t Like

  • Average build quality

2. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder

Gogogo Sports

This one’s another rangefinder that can be used for as well as hunting. Thanks to its price and its feature set, the device manages to offer decent value for money. The Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder also comes with a slope function.

Reviews for the product claim it provides high-precision distance measurement. There’s also the presence of important features such as continuous range readings, ARC (angle range compensation), Pin-Seeking and Flagpole-Locking Vibration (Vibrate when the flagpole is locked), and Speed Measurement. These features combine to improve the user’s golf game.

The scope on the device has a measuring range from 5 to 650 yards, with +/- 1m high accuracy and 6x magnification. The flagpole locking function supports a distance of up to 150 yards (Flagpole only).

Plus, it also features fully multi-coated optics lenses which effectively reduce reflected light and increase the transmission of light to provide brighter and clearer images.

What We Like

  • Good feature set
  • Precision distance measurement

What We Don’t Like

  • Difficulty locking in on flag

3. Redtiger Golf Rangefinder

Redtiger Golf Rangefinder

Arguably the most value-for-money offering in this list, the Redtiger Golf Rangefinder brings with it a rich feature set, and that too at a very aggressive price. One of its standout features includes a built-in magnetic stripe which makes this compact rangefinder easy to stick to a metal object, like the rod on a golf cart.

Apart from this, the rangefinder’s features include slope switching, a 1200-yard maximum measurement range, and USB-C charging. All these are not only good for golfing but also hunting and bowhunting.

The Redtiger Golf Rangefinder can work between 5-1200 yards with an accuracy of 0.5 yards. It offers a transflective LCD display along with 7x magnification for clear and quick reading. There’s also a slope switch which makes it legal for competition-ready.

The rangefinder offers support for as many as six modes. These include slope compensation, golf flag locking, horizontal and height ranging, speed measuring, and continuous scan measurement.

What We Like

  • Durable and portable
  • Great value for money

What We Don’t Like

4. Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinder

Blue Tees Golf Rangefinder

Blue Tees Golf Laser Rangefinder promises to give an accurate measure of distance to help golfers make better club selections. It’s simple to use and features a compact size without compromising on accuracy or features.

This rangefinder features the company’s most advanced slope technology to accurately adjust distance while taking hills into account. There’s also flag lock technology and pulse vibration, which helps Blue Tees rangefinder lock onto a

It offers a 650-yard range and accuracy up to +/-1 yard. All of these combined help it take on any course and that too in style thanks to its design. Apart from this, its standout features include an HD display and a 6x magnification scope.

What We Like

  • HD display
  • 6X magnification scope

What We Don’t Like

  • Not very cost-effective

5. Callaway Golf 300 Pro Rangefinder

Callaway Golf 300

The Callaway 300 Pro Rangefinder promises to handle the distance measurement needs of golfers to improve their game. It is lightweight and compact compared to most options in this list. It also features P.A.T (Pin Acquisition Technology) with pulse, which delivers a short vibrating burst to confirm that you’ve locked onto the pin.

Another interesting feature of this rangefinder is the Magnahold. This is a powerful integrated magnet that allows the player to securely fasten the unit to the cart frame for quick and convenient access during the round.

Much like other options in this list, it also brings a Slope feature, which automatically calculates adjusted distances due to elevation changes. So no matter if you’re trying to hold our for the greens pick the right club to carry that fairway bunker, or attempting to reach the next hole from an elevated green, the Callaway Golf 300 Pro Rangefinder will be of help.

What We Like

  • Accurate distance measurement
  • Sleek design

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

6. Bushnell Golf Tour V6

Bushnell Golf Tour V6 1

The Bushnell Tour V6 is the most premium product on the list, and for good reason. For the price it demands, the Golf Tour V6 also brings to the table some really impressive features and specifications.

It makes use of new and improved electronics, making the Tour V6 the most accurate, consistent, and longest-ranging Tour series laser Bushnell Golf has ever released to date. But that’s not it. It’s also the most weather-resistant (IPX6) Tour series laser Bushnell Golf has ever made.

There’s also an LCD display that allows the player to quickly assess distances and make informed decisions on the golf course. However, all this does come at a price which does work against the Tour V6 a little.

What We Like

  • Good LCD display
  • Premium design

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive

Time to Win!

No matter if you’re a beginner or an accomplished golfer, a rangefinder is definitely a key tool that can help improve your game. So choose from this list of the best golf rangefinders for 2023 to win the next course.

Last updated on 22 September, 2023

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