11 Best Gifts for Gamers You Must Buy This Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for the perfect gift for the gamer in your life, you’re in luck. There are more amazing gaming options than ever before, to cater to the gaming enthusiast in your life. But with so many different gaming options on the market, what are the best gifts for gamers out there? That’s what this post is all about.

11 Best Gifts for Gamers You Must Buy This Holiday Season featured

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the gifts for gamers this holiday season. From consoles and accessories to merch and virtual reality headsets, we’ve got something for everyone. Whether they’re an avid console player, a PC enthusiast, or deeply immersed in virtual reality, this list will surely make their holiday season extra special. So let’s get to it.

But first, you might want to check out the following:

1. Upgrade to a New Console

Chances are that the gamer in your life is still using an old console. In that case, easily one of the best gifts for them would be an upgrade to a newer console. The new PlayStation 5 (PS5) has taken the gaming world by storm with its cutting-edge technology and breathtaking graphics. And with all the latest titles, the PS5 is an excellent gift for gamers.

Alternatively, if the person you’re shopping for prefers to be part of Team Green, then the latest Xbox Series X would make for an excellent choice. Microsoft’s Xbox Series X is a powerhouse console designed for the ultimate gaming experience. With lightning-fast load times and incredible graphics, it’s a gift that promises hours of entertainment.

Add to that the amazing Xbox Game Pass subscription and they can enjoy countless titles on the budget.

Lastly, even if they already have a gaming console, why not upgrade them to something portable? Gifts like the Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch are excellent handheld gaming consoles that are sure to wow the gamer in your life.

2. Make Gaming Comfortable

Another great and thoughtful gift for a gamer can be to upgrade their gaming setup with a comfortable and ergonomic gaming chair. Designed for long gaming sessions, these chairs provide the support needed for intense battles and epic quests. They typically have adjustable backrests and armrests, and some even come with built-in speakers or vibration feedback.

Easily one of the best gaming chairs out there is the Secretlab Titan Evo. It’s a high-end gaming chair that is known for its exceptional comfort and durability. It also comes with a self-adjusting lumbar support system and a 4-way adjustable headrest.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for something more affordable, you can check out our list of the most comfortable and ergonomic gaming chairs for every budget.

3. A New Controller

If the gamer in your life is using an old controller, it’s time for an upgrade. New controllers offer more precise controls and more features, making them essential for any serious gamer.

For those using a PlayStation 5, Sony’s own DualSense Edge is a massive upgrade over the standard DualSense controller. It offers changeable stick caps, remappable inputs, and custom settings. The user can even fine-tune their aim by adjusting stick sensitivity and dead zones or quickly swapping between different control profiles. While there are other amazing PS5 Controllers out there too, the DualSense Edge makes a great gift for the PlayStation gamers out there.

On the other hand, if they use an Xbox or a Gaming PC, the Turtle Beach Recon. It’s quite inexpensive at less than $50 while still including two programmable quick-action buttons. It’s also officially licensed by Microsoft for use with Xbox and Windows PCs, so you know you’re gifting a good quality product.

4. A Better Gaming Mouse

Speaking of PC gamers, the majority of the time they will be using a keyboard and mouse. While gaming keyboards do upgrade the gaming experience for sure, a gaming mouse is a much better gift for sure. A good gaming mouse can give gamers an edge in competitive games.

Our go-to recommendation would be the Logitech G502 X Plus. It features an extremely comfortable design, and plenty of customizability options, and uses Logitech’s new hybrid optical-mechanical switches. If the gamer you’re shopping for is into competitive gaming, this is easily one of the best gifts you can buy for them.

That being said, the G502 X Plus is a bit on the more expensive side of things. If you’re looking for something more affordable, the HyperX Pulsefire Raid is a great wired gaming mouse. Or, you can check out these gaming mice that are great gifts for PC gamers.

5. Gaming Merchandise

For a touch of personal flair, game-themed merchandise like socks, mugs, and hoodies featuring their favorite titles or characters make for fantastic gifts. It’s also a great way to show the gamer in your life that you support their hobby.

With Christmas around the corner, these gaming socks are a great gift for gamers. They’re available in different sizes, and you can even use them for Christmas stocking stuffers.

Also, every gamer likes to drink something while gaming. Be it a soft drink, an energy drink, or just some good old hot chocolate, this tumbler is sure to find a place on their gaming desk. You can get it in two different sizes, and the tumbler will make sure to maintain the temperature of the drink.

Or better yet, if you’re looking for the best Christmas gifts for PC or console gamers, why not just get them a nice gaming hoodie? Available in various sizes and color options, these hoodies will appeal to every gamer out there.

Alternatively, if you know their favorite games too, you can choose to get custom merchandise featuring their favorite titles or characters. However, you can face a tough time finding the specific item, in which case you can opt for a custom printing job.

6. Switch to a Bigger Gaming Monitor

A good gaming monitor can make a big difference in the gaming experience. Gaming monitors typically have higher refresh rates than regular monitors, which means they can display smoother images. They also often have features like HDR and G-Sync/FreeSync, which can improve the gaming experience.

For less than 200 bucks, you can opt for the Acer Nitro ED270R. It’s a 27-inch curved panel with HDR10 certification. It has a peak refresh rate of a whopping 165Hz, along with support for AMD FreeSync Premium Technology. As a result, games look smooth and crisp, while being quite responsive too.

That being said, if you prefer to shop from a different brand, you can check out our list of these gift-worthy gaming monitors.

7. Feel the Sound with New Gaming Headphones

You may also choose to upgrade their audio game with a high-quality gaming headset. A good pair of gaming headphones can block out ambient noise and allow the gamer to hear every detail of the game. They can also help to improve communication with teammates in multiplayer games.

Our recommendation would be the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro. It’s one of the best gaming headphones for FPS gamers, thanks to its 50mm Titanium drivers. It also offers up to 70 hours of battery life, custom sound profiles for different FPS games, and a detachable mic.

8. Gift Cards for Subscription Services

With the gaming library going digital, you can easily gift your gamer a nice game. However, choosing the right game can be quite tough since everyone has a different choice. Instead, you can opt for a Gift Card on the gaming services of their choice. This gives them the freedom to choose their favorite games or in-game items.

Depending upon the platform, you can opt for up to a $100 gift card. They are also available for the Xbox Store, Nintendo eShop, and even Roblox.

9. Light it Up

One of the best Secret Santa gifts for gamers is to transform their gaming space with RGB lighting strips. These customizable strips add a vibrant and dynamic glow, creating a visually stunning environment. One of the better options out there is the Kasa Smart KL400L10 LED Strip. The lights come with smart control and can be set to a custom color, or one of the predefined effects. It also comes with its smarts like schedule, timer, and brightness control.

Alternatively, if they’re a PlayStation gamer, these Paladone Playstation Controller Icons are an excellent yet inexpensive gift for gamers. They come with three different light modes and pair very well with their PlayStation console.

Alternatively, you can get them a simple LED neon gamesign too. It can be mounted on the wall or hung above the gaming desk, and it adds a touch of flair to any gaming setup.

10. Escape Reality

Virtual reality headsets are the latest and greatest in gaming technology. They allow gamers to experience games in a whole new way, and they can be incredibly immersive.

For those who crave immersive experiences, consider the PlayStation VR2 as one of the best Christmas gifts for PlayStation gamers out there. It offers stunning visuals and haptic feedback that makes you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. It also has a wide library of games to choose from, so you’re sure to find something you’ll love.

On the other hand, if you’re shopping for a PC gamer, the new Meta Quest 3 is an excellent option. Its wireless design, powerful hardware, and versatile capabilities make it a standout gift for gamers. it’s also fully compatible with PC VR games, including favorite titles like Beat Saber and Bonelab.

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11. Other Accessories

If you’re looking for inexpensive gifts for gamers, how about a simple set of coasters? These coasters from Paladone come in a set of eight and are designed as Nintendo NES Cartridges. Featuring titles like Donkey Kong, Legend of Zelda, and Super Mario, they are sure to appeal to every gamer out there.

Or you can gift them something as simple as a headphone stand. The Ikea Mojlighet is a perfect recommendation there. It brings the dual functionality of being a headphone stand and a tablet (or smartphone) stand. It’s stylish, minimalistic, and is built quite well too.

And if you’re looking for something to add to their comfort while also being comfortable on your wallet, then these pillow covers should do the job for you. Coming in a set of four, these 18 x 18 inch pillow covers have a nice gamey-look to them, thanks to their quirky print job.

Spread Happiness With These Best Gifts for Gamers

Well, that was our list of some of the best gifts for gamers you can buy this holiday season. Whether you’re aiming for comfort, style, or cutting-edge technology, this list ensures that the gamer in your life will unwrap a gift that resonates with their passion. Let the joy of gaming and the spirit of the holidays come together with these carefully chosen gifts.

Last updated on 23 November, 2023

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