6 Best Mouse Bungee for Gaming in 2023

If you own a wired gaming mouse, you must obviously know that the wired cable is a significant pain point. To that end, the cable can get curled, tied down, and cause drag which might restrict the movement of your mouse. That’s partly why most folks use a mouse bungee for gaming.


So what exactly does a gaming mouse bungee do? And how does it elevate your gaming experience? And more importantly, with so many options to choose from, which is the right mouse bungee for gaming? Fret not, for we will be answering all those questions in this post as we line up the best gaming mouse bungee.

But before we get into that, you might be wondering if you have the best mouse for all your gaming needs. If not, you might be interested in reading about:

What Does a Mouse Bungee Do?

The way a mouse bungee works is that it suspends the mouse cable into the air, thus lifting it off the desk’s surface. To do so, the unit comes with a cable holder at the top which is supported by springs to allow for free mouse movement. A fringe benefit of the same is that it prevents the cable from tangling or causing drag when gaming. As a result, you get a frictionless experience with consistent movement, which mimics that of a wireless gaming mouse.

While the design might look like a gimmick, using a mouse bungee for gaming is recommended by many eSports players. The reason is, the bungee ensures your mouse cable interacts with as few items on your desk as possible.

1. Glorious Gaming Mouse Bungee

Featuring an adjustable arm length and a flexible holder, the Glorious gaming mouse bungee is a great way to reduce the cable drag of your gaming mouse. It’s affordable, reliable, and comes with a minimal design, thereby ensuring it doesn’t stick out in your setup.

The device comes with a tower that weighs around 265g along with a rubber base, which acts as a strong anchor when you make wide flicks with your mouse. Unfortunately, consumer reviews do highlight that the rubber base is a bit small, and the weight in itself is not enough to hold the bungee in place perfectly. Thankfully though, using a simple double-sided tape seems to fix the issue.

Other than that, the bungee’s holder is designed for a run-of-the-mill mouse cable. That said, if your cable is a bit on the thicker side, then you should consider looking into other options.

2. Thermaltake Tt eSports Galeru

The Thermaltake Galeru comes with a magnetic head that is easy to attach and provides a sturdy grip to the user. Also, the bungee’s head can hold long cables, which paves the way for a tangle-free gaming experience.

In terms of design, the Thermaltake eSports Galeru trades the metal spring in favor of a longer rubber arm. Not only does it make the device look unique, but it also offers improved flexibility.

Thanks to its magnetic head which attaches and detaches in a flash, assembling the Galeru mouse bungee is quite easy. This makes it a great mouse bungee for gaming to use while traveling. Just pop it in your travel bag, and use it anywhere you want without worrying about damaging the device.

3. Razer V2

When it comes to gaming products and accessories, Razer is the go-to choice for many consumers out there. And, with over 2,000 user ratings, the Razer Mouse Bungee V2 is the most reliable mouse bungee for gaming. While the design might seem quite similar to the Glorious bungee, Razer’s accessory offers a better grip.

Featuring an all-black design, the Razer Mouse Bungee V2 looks aesthetically pleasing, especially if your gaming setup employs dark tones. It’s made of high-quality premium materials, including a rust-resistant spring arm, so you can use it for years to come.

Despite technically weighing lighter than the Glorious mouse bungee, the Razer mouse bungee for gaming has wider rubber feet, which anchor it to your desk better. Unsurprisingly, consumers were in awe of the unit’s grip, with many claiming that the mouse bungee doesn’t won’t move easily, even if you yank your mouse hard.

4. Cougar Bunker RGB Mouse Bungee

Gamers love RGB lighting along with plenty of USB ports, and the Cougar Bunker RGB mouse bungee bundles both features together. And thanks to its compact design, not only does it take minimal space on your desk, but it also helps in reducing extra clutter.

Similar to the Thermaltake Tt eSports Galeru, the Cougar opts for a rubber arm instead of a metallic one. As a result, you get the same level of flexibility and improved bendability. For the base, the bungee makes use of a suction cup to provide an amazing grip. And that’s despite the unit being lightweight in itself.

Speaking of the base, you get 360-degree RGB lighting, and you can switch between 14 different lighting effects with a press of a button. You also get two USB 2.0 ports on either side of the bungee that can be used to attach pen drives, Bluetooth adapters, or other small peripherals.

5. Xtrfy B1 Maus Bungee

If you’re looking for maximum flexibility from your mouse bungee, the Xtrfy B1 Maus is probably your best bet. Unlike the rest of the options, this mouse bungee opts for a silicone arm that runs along a good length of your mouse cable.

The mouse bungee comes with yellow lighting, which definitely looks quite attractive. You also get a hefty metallic base that weighs almost half a kilo, along with non-slip rubber feet for stable placement. Speaking of the base, it also houses four USB-A ports for attaching extra peripherals.

The Xtrfy B1 mouse bungee is targeted toward professional players. This makes sense, considering the product itself has been designed in collaboration with Ninjas in Pyjamas. Rest assured, if you want a reliable and sturdy mouse bungee for gaming and don’t mind paying the premium for it, this is a great option.

6. Razer V3 Chroma

While the V2 is all about minimalism, the Razer Mouse Bungee V3 Chroma embraces what Razer is most famous for — the Chroma RGB lighting. If you already own a wired Razer gaming mouse, this is a must-have for your setup.

With support for Razer Chroma RGB lighting, you can connect the mouse bungee to your PC and configure the lighting as per your liking via the Chroma Studio. Of course, it means sacrificing another USB port on your PC, so it would have been nice if Razer had included a USB hub into the base to compensate for the same.

Speaking of the base, it’s a weighted base with rubber feet, similar to the V2. So you still get great stability and sturdiness. Of course, it’s not as sturdy as the Xtrfy B1, but the Razer V3 is purely for fans of RGB lighting anyway. Otherwise, the Razer Mouse Bungee V2 proves to be a better value-for-money product.

FAQs about Mouse Bungee for Gaming

1. Is mouse bungee good for gaming?

Your wired mouse’s cable can get stuck on your desk corners, get tangled in itself, or even knock items off your gaming space. Not to forget that cable has a weight of its own, which may cause drag and friction and reduce the free movement of your mouse. As such, suspending the cord in the air with the help of a mouse bungee makes the gaming experience much better.

2. Does mouse bungee help improve aim?

Thanks to less drag, the user can move their mouse more freely. As a result, their aim should improve to a certain degree.

3. Does a mouse bungee make your mouse feel wireless?

With minimal cable drag, using a mouse bungee for gaming definitely makes your mouse feel wireless. It’s not the exact same feeling, but quite similar.

4. Where should I put my mouse bungee?

The way to get the best results from using a mouse bungee for gaming is to ensure that your mouse can reach each and every corner of your mousepad without moving your bungee. Also, do keep in mind that the entire portion of the cable from the mouse bungee to the mouse itself is properly suspended in the air, and is not touching the surface anywhere.

Reduce Drag on Wired Mice with These Gaming Mouse Bungee

These were some of the best mouse bungees that you can buy. Needless to say, it isn’t just for holding your cable in place. It can be a USB hub to add ports or used to add flair to your gaming setup. Of course, the idea is to make your wired gaming experience feel less strainful, which can be done by opting for a product from this list.

So which mouse bungee for gaming will you be opting for? Personally, I’d wholeheartedly recommend the Razer V3 Chroma, as long as the price isn’t a major concern.

Last updated on 17 February, 2023

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