5 Best Gaming Laptops with 32GB RAM

Gaming laptops come in all budgets and sizes and are backed by diverse specs. Thanks to the plethora of options, finding a laptop that fits your bill is easy. For instance, a hardcore gamer will most certainly need a beefy GPU. However, buyers looking to play casual games could instead, give in to other creature comforts, such as getting a laptop with a faster CPU, or a nicer display. Regardless, all gaming laptops will benefit from oodles of RAM, which begs the question — what are the best gaming laptops that come with a minimum of 32GB of RAM?

Investing in a laptop with a healthy amount of RAM can pay dividends down the line. Most PC games require a ton of resources. And while you could get away with a 16GB kit, it’s always good to future-proof your laptop from the get-go.

So, if you’re looking for the best gaming laptops with 32GB RAM, read on. Below, we’ve assimilated a list of five machines. What’s more, the list has been curated for different budgets too, so there’s something for everyone. 

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Now, let’s take a look at the best gaming laptops with 32GB RAM. 

1. HP Victus 15

  • Processor: Ryzen 7 5800H | Screen Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Weight: 5.06lbs | GPU: RTX 3050Ti with up to 100W TGP
  • On-board RAM: 32GB DDR4 | On-board Storage: 1TB SSD
HP Victus 15

Let’s kick things off by taking a closer look at the HP Victus 15. For the uninitiated, the Victus range of laptops caters to buyers on a tight budget. But don’t let the laptop’s affordable MRP fool you as it is a fairly competent machine. For one, the device is backed by AMD’s Ryzen 7 5800H CPU. The chipset comes with eight cores and can deploy up to 16 threads for strenuous workloads.

That’s not all, as the CPU can turbo at up to 4.4GHz and per the brand, can sustain its peak throughput till 105 degrees. Thanks to the CPU’s generous operating temperature limit, the unit can hold its own in CPU-intensive titles like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. And you can always rely on the unit’s RTX 3050Ti GPU to run more demanding titles as well. Now, HP hasn’t specified the TGP or total graphics power for the GPU.

However, per a company rep, a similar model with a 3050Ti GPU offered up to 100W TGP with the device set to performance mode, which is great. Moving on though, the laptop also gets a 15.6-inch display that refreshes at 144Hz.

What’s more, while you get 32GB of DDR4 memory with the device, the laptop also gets a terabyte of NVMe storage. Add to that a healthy number of ports, including multiple Type-A and Type-C connectors and the HP Victus 15 makes for a great gaming laptop with 32GB of RAM. 

2. ASUS TUF Gaming A15

  • Processor: Ryzen 7 6800H | Screen Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Weight: 5.06lbs | GPU: RTX 3050Ti with 95W TGP
  • On-board RAM: 32GB DDR5 | On-board Storage: 1TB SSD
ASUS TUF Gaming A15

ASUS is no stranger to well-specced gaming machines. However, we feel that the company’s TUF Gaming A15 laptop is a particularly enticing option. For one, the device retails for a smidge above $1,000, making it a great option for gamers on a budget. Be that as it may, the laptop gets AMD’s all-new Ryzen 7 6800H CPU. Now, compared to the Victus’ 5800H chipset, the 6800H platform can turbo a tad higher at 4.7GHz.

Unsurprisingly, reviews cite that the CPU is quicker than its predecessor and the chipset benched higher in the popular synthetic testing app, CineBench too. What’s more, the unit gets an RTX 3050Ti as well, so it is more than adept at running demanding AAA titles at reasonable settings too. The icing on the cake is that the laptop comes with 32GB of RAM which works in tandem with an accommodating 1TB SSD. So, you need not worry about running out of storage after installing a few games either. 

Display-wise, the laptop comes with a 15.6-inch screen that refreshes at 144Hz. So, if you’re into eSports titles like Valorant and Apex Legends, you will appreciate the screen’s high refresh rate too.

Lastly, we would like to add that the laptop comes with an assortment of ports too. To name a few, the device gets a number of USB 3.2 Type-A ports, two Type-C connectors, an RJ45 ethernet socket, and more. Rest assured, the TUF Gaming A15 is a reliable gaming notebook, which, with its 32GB of RAM and Ryzen 7 6800H CPU, should stand the test of time.

3. MSI GE76 Raider

  • Processor: Core i7-12700H | Screen Refresh Rate: 144Hz
  • Weight: 6.39lbs | GPU: RTX 3060 with 130W TGP
  • On-board RAM: 32GB DDR5 | On-board Storage: 1TB SSD
MSI Raider GE76

Buyers with a couple more bucks to spend will find the GE76 Raider right up their alley. For one, MSI has left no stone unturned in the design department. To that end, the GE76 looks stunning, and it even comes with an RGB light bar at the bottom, which further accentuates its looks. What’s more, the device is reasonably sleek. And features aggressive edges that further the unit’s gaming aesthetics.

More notably, the 17-inch behemoth ships with a 144Hz display. So, you won’t find a game’s UI elements cramped together on the display. And to make the most of the panel’s high refresh rate, the laptop comes with Intel’s core i7-12700H CPU. The chipset in question features six performance cores that can turbo up to 4.7GHz. That’s not all, as the CPU also comes with eight efficiency cores, and as such, can deploy up to 20 threads for taxing workloads.

The icing on the cake is that the laptop gets a beefy RTX 3060GPU with a TGP of 130W. So, you should be able to run demanding games at competent graphics and FPS presets quite easily. If anything, the laptop is a bit heavy and tips the scales at 6.39 lbs. However, if you don’t plan on traveling with your next laptop, then the Raider GE76 is among the best gaming laptops with 32GB of DDR5 RAM. 

4. Razer Blade 15 

  • Processor: Core i7-12800H | Screen Refresh Rate: 240Hz
  • Weight: 4.64lbs | GPU: RTX 3070Ti with 150W TGP
  • On-board RAM: 32GB DDR5 | On-board Storage: 1TB SSD
Razer Blade 15

Razer has a penchant for designing stylish gaming notebooks, and the company’s Blade 15 is no exception to the rule. The laptop features a sleek chassis that is devoid of any gamer-y accents. As such, the laptop can even blend into an office setting seamlessly. More importantly, the laptop comes with a crisp 15.6-inch panel with a QHD resolution. As such, playing games on the laptop will be a treat for your eyes, to say the least.

Interestingly, the screen refreshes at 240Hz as well, meaning the laptop is a great fit for anyone who plays high-octane games like Call of Duty or Apex Legends too. Of course, you’d need a competent CPU/GPU combo to run games at the aforementioned display presets. To that end, the Razer Blade 15 comes with Intel’s core i7-12800H CPU, which is a slightly overclocked version of the company’s 12700H chipset. 

More notably, the device comes with an RTX 3070Ti with a TGP of 150W, giving you ample headroom to run your favorite titles natively at 2K resolution as well. Understandably, the laptop is bound to dissipate a lot of heat, which is where the unit’s next-gen Vapor Chamber comes into play. And, as is the case with other laptops on the list, the Razer Blade 15 gets 32GB of RAM too. However, unlike some options, the device comes with speedy DDR5 memory clocked at 4,800MHz. Rest assured, jumping between tasks should be a walk in the park for the laptop. 

5. Acer Predator Triton 500 SE

  • Processor: Core i9-12900H | Screen Refresh Rate: 240Hz
  • Weight: 5.29lbs | GPU: RTX 3080Ti with 115W TGP
  • On-board RAM: 32GB DDR5 | On-board Storage: 1TB SSD
Acer Predator Triton 500 SE (1)

The Predator Triton 500 SE is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most loaded laptop on the list. Spec-wise, the laptop is backed by Intel’s top-of-the-line, Core i9-12900H processor. Now, the chipset makes use of six performance cores and eight efficiency cores like the Core i7-12700H CPU too. However, the P-cores on the 12900H can turbo all the way up to 5GHz, which is bizarre. 

The laptop also gets an RTX 3080Ti GPU with a 115W TGP. To no one’s surprise then, the unit performs tremendously well. In fact, per several reviews, the laptop averaged well over 120FPS, with the graphics setting set to the high preset in demanding games like SOTR as well. Of course, you can run games at 2K resolution on the unit too, as the device comes with a 16-inch, WQXGA panel that refreshes at 240Hz. 

What’s more, unlike most gaming laptops, the screen on the Triton 500 SE gets plenty bright at 500 nits as well. It goes without saying that the laptop is backed by 32GB of speedy, DDR5 memory as well. Add to that other niceties, like a 3-zone RGB keyboard deck and a flurry of ports, and the Triton 500 SE is among the best gaming laptops that come with 32GB of RAM out of the box. 

FAQs About Gaming Laptops With 32GB RAM

1 – Is 32GB RAM overkill? 

For the most part, gamers can get away with a laptop that offers 16GB of RAM. However, opting for a laptop with 32GB of RAM is ideal if are eyeing a portable workstation that will not show signs of age for years to come. 

2 – Which games require 32GB of RAM? 

While most games will run flawlessly with 16GB of RAM, some newer titles like Hogwarts Legacy and Returnal do require PCs with 32GB of RAM to run the game at higher graphics settings. Thankfully, most laptops come with expandable RAM, so you can upgrade it down the line if need be.

3 – Do you need 32GB of RAM for gaming?

As prefaced previously, you should be able to run most games with 16GB of RAM at your disposal. However, some newer games do require more RAM, especially if you want to max out the graphics settings. 

On Your Marks

These were some of the best gaming laptops with 32GB RAM. Buying a gaming laptop can be a bit of a chore. In particular, getting a laptop with oodles of RAM can be a bit confusing, given how most devices can be specced with up to 32GB of RAM. That said, the aforementioned options should suffice for most gamers with varying budgets. The Raider GE76 is a particularly enticing option, as it is priced well and is backed by solid specs too. Do let us know which laptop you’d buy in the comments below.

Last updated on 27 February, 2023

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