7 Best Galaxy Buds Plus Settings You Should Know

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus pack a balanced audio output and if you are already in the Samsung ecosystem, it makes sense to invest in these wireless Bluetooth earphones. Of course, you need to tweak the settings on your Galaxy Buds Plus as per your liking.

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The companion app of the Galaxy Buds Plus aptly named Galaxy Wearable gives you plenty of space for customization. From tweaking the touchpads to modifying the degree of Ambient Sound, you can do a lot. And did we tell you that you can also add touch action? Interesting, right?

So, here we are with some of the best settings that you should check out on your Galaxy Buds Plus.

Before that, take a look at these:

1. Control the Notifications

Imagine you are grooving to your favorite song, and as it reaches the crescendo, a series of pings and beeps disrupt the whole scene. Bummer? Worry not. The Galaxy Buds Plus gives you finer control over your phone notifications. While the ideal solution is to cut off all the notifications, it may not be a feasible solution as you may miss out on important ones.

Hence the best option is to select the apps which you deem important and silent the rest.

To do so, open the Samsung Wearables app and select Read Notifications aloud > Apps to get notifications from, and tap on the dropdown.

Best Galaxy Buds Plus Settings You Should Know 7
Best Galaxy Buds Plus Settings You Should Know 9

Select All from the list and toggle the switches for the apps for which you want to be notified. And that’s it, as simple as that.

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After that, whenever your phone receives a notification from the approved apps, you will hear a gentle beep.

2. Summon Google Assistant

The touch-sensitive buttons on the Galaxy Buds Plus give you the flexibility to skip tracks or answer calls without pressing the buds on your ear. While the single tap and the double taps have fixed actions, the good news is that the ‘long tap and hold’ action can be customized to suit your needs.

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For now, the Wearable app gives you three options — Voice Assistant, Ambient Sound, and Volume Down. All you need to do is select Touchpad, tap on one of the options (Right or Left), and select Voice Assitant from the menu.

Best Galaxy Buds Plus Settings You Should Know 12
Best Galaxy Buds Plus Settings You Should Know 11

The best part? You can choose individual actions for the earbuds. For instance, you can enable Ambient Sound when you tap and hold the right touchpad, and enable Voice Assitant when you press and hold the left touchpad. Cool, right?

So, what can you ask Google Assistant to do? For starters, you can ask it to play music, or you can call someone on the hand-free mode. Just say the command in a natural language.

Note: If you select Volume on one of the buds, unfortunately, the same will be reflected on the other, meaning one will be used to increase the volume and vice versa. But worry not for the next trick will give you plenty of room to change this default behavior.

3. Time for Some Experiments

Apart from the standard touchpad actions, the Buds Plus also packs a few experimental features. Hidden under Labs, these settings let you get a little more out of your humble wireless Bluetooth earphones.

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Best Galaxy Buds Plus Settings You Should Know 14

One of the most interesting features of these Samsung buds is the Double-tap action. Unlike the one mentioned above, here you have to tap on the edge of the earbuds to tweak the volume. This way, you can utilize the tap-and-hold action of the buds for some other action.

However, making them work is easier said than done. The odds are that it will take quite a while to get it working (and plenty of song skips).

4. Enable Ambient Sound During Calls

The Ambient Sound feature (sound transparency) feature of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus lets you stay aware of your surrounding environment. This feature uses the buds’ mics to filter ambient noise which it does decently. However, it doesn’t cancel them out entirely and you can still mind the sounds in your surroundings.

The only thing you have to get is a proper fit. The absence of a proper fit might cause you to hear howling sounds.

With the Galaxy Buds Plus, not only can you enable it on a single bud, but you can also enable Ambient Sound when you are on calls. Quite naturally, this comes into the picture if you frequently take calls while on your commute.

Best Galaxy Buds Plus Settings You Should Know 15
Best Galaxy Buds Plus Settings You Should Know 18

To enable it, head over to Advanced Settings and toggle the switch for Use Ambient sound during calls.

Did You Know: The Galaxy Buds lets (older version) you activate Ambient Sound only when both the buds are active.

5. Lock the Earbuds

As useful as they may seem, the touch-sensitive buttons can be distracting, especially when working out. Thankfully, you can temporarily lock the buttons.

Lock the earphones

To do so, head over to the Wearable app > Touchpad, and activate the Lock touchpad card.

Now you won’t skip songs accidentally when you wipe the sweat off your head.

6. Activate the Right Dolby Atmos Profile

Do you extensively listen to music on your Galaxy Buds Plus? If yes, it’s best to switch to the apt Dolby Atmos profile on your Samsung phone. For now, the said mode gives you three options to choose from — Movie, Music, and Voice, apart from the standard Auto.

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With the Music profile turned on, you’ll get a clean and rich sound experience, while switching to the Voice profile will enhance the voices in a video or movie. And well, the Movie profile will help deliver a pronounced audio experience.

All you need to do is long-tap on the Dolby Atmos icon on the Quick Settings menu and select the same.

7. Add Your Own Sound Profile

If you have a Samsung phone, you might want to try out the Adapt Sound feature. This feature modifies the low and high tones emitted by the earphones or headphones as per your listening capabilities and adjusts the outcome accordingly. After all, every ear percepts sound differently. I find this feature particularly useful as my ears can’t make out low tones.

Interestingly, it’s easy and simple to set up as well. Once you have your earphones on, head over to Settings > Sounds and Vibrations > Sound Quality and Effects > Adapt Sound and tap on Create Custom Profile.

Best Galaxy Buds Plus Settings You Should Know 19
Best Galaxy Buds Plus Settings You Should Know 20

The phone will then walk you through the rest of the process. Once done, save the profile and select it.

Best Galaxy Buds Plus Settings You Should Know 3
Best Galaxy Buds Plus Settings You Should Know 4

To hear the difference in sound quality, tap on the Cog-shaped button, and listen to both the sound profiles.

Get the Most out of Your Earphones

So, this was how you can get the most out of your Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. From setting your touch-based actions to enabling the best possible sound, there’s a lot you can do. And the next time, the battery runs low, enable Wireless PowerShare on your Samsung phone from the Quick Settings menu and set the charging case on the back of your phone.

What’s the best thing you love about these wireless earphones from Samsung? I love that they pause automatically when I take them out of the ear, though the touchpads drive me crazy at times. What about you?

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Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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