6 Best Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Cases and Accessories Bundles

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 is a small instant camera not only lets you capture close-ups but also lets you grab cool self-portraits. Also, it only takes a few minutes for the film to develop, making it perfect for kids to use it at outdoor parties and photo booths.

6 Best Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Cases And Accessories Bundles Fi

With the right set of accessories, this instant camera can transform fun moments into colorful memories. Also, the kids can learn a thing or two about handling a gadget. In that process, a layer of protection is always a good option.

So you must check out a few good cases and accessories bundle for your Instax Mini 9. We have shortlisted some of the best accessories that will bump the photography experience. (Psst … don’t worry about the price, these products don’t cost a bomb).

1. Accessories Bundle by Deals Number One

The Accessories Bundle by Deals Number One bears the tag of Amazon’s choice and has over 79% positive reviews. This bundle packs around ten different accessories including two sets of instant film packs, hanging frames, colorful adhesive frames, photo album, selfie lens, and more. What you’ll love about this bundle is that all the accessories are color-coordinated to match the camera’s color.

Other than the above, this pack also bundles a faux leather case to protect the camera from everyday wear and tear. All you need to do is take off the top flap and capture the moment.

Deals Number One

At $118.95, the Instax Mini 9 Accessories Bundle by Deals Number One makes a perfect gift for kids. Though the product has received praises in the reviews, some users found the films to be defective, and a few pictures come out black.

  • Total film: 20×2
  • Number of accessories: 10


The camera is included in the bundle.

2. Camera Bundle by NeeGo

If you are not satisfied with the above bundle, you may want to check the Camera Bundle by NeeGo. At $114.99, it costs marginally less than the one above. This camera bundle comes with four film packs (Rainbow, Stained Glass, Monochrome, and Classic White) along with tiny photo frames, a matching photo album, and a macro lens adaptor.

In the bundle, you’ll find a matching case with adjustable strap. Similar to the above product, the Instax Mini 9 camera is part of the bundle and remains inside the case. You can remove the lid easily, whenever you need to take a picture.

This product has more than 92% five-star reviews on Amazon with many users impressed by the film quality and the quality of the products. As user Genesis Ortiz writes,

Genesis Ortiz Review
  • Total film: 10×3; 20×1
  • Number of accessories: 11-12


The camera is included in the bundle.

3. Accessories Bundle by MiniMate

If you are ready to settle for normal color photo prints, you can give the accessory bundle by MiniMate a shot. It is priced at $114.99 and packs colorful sticker frames, a 64-page album, and a camera case. More importantly, it also comes with decals and a set of four color filter lens.

These filter lenses allow capturing subjects which are around 35 cm away. Akin to the bundles above, all the accessories are color-coordinated to match the color of the camera.

Minimate Review
  • Total film: 10×4
  • Number of accessories: 12


The camera is included in this pack.

4. Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Groovy Camera Case

The case fits snugly — as it should since this is the official case from Fujifilm. The case is made of synthetic leather and costs $10. It comes with a durable shoulder strap which is adjustable to use the camera more comfortably. The case covers the entire body (leaving the flash, viewfinder) and the lid snaps to the body while covering the lens, when not in use.

As per a fraction of users on Amazon, the case seems a bit tight initially. The good news is that it opens up in the long run. Because of the snug fit, at times the camera may power on its own.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Groovy Camera Case Rev

An important point to keep in mind is that there’s no extra room for film packs, as it doesn’t have extra pockets.

The Fujifilm case for the Instax Mini 9 comes in a variety of colors and shades, giving you the option to match it with the color of your camera’s body.

5. Katia Camera Case

If the plain color of the official Fujifilm case isn’t your thing, the Katia case is the one for you. These cases not only come in a variety of vibrant prints but also have a pocket at the back to store your printed photos. The broad strap gives a good grip to carry the camera. The strap snaps at the back which makes it easy to remove the top cover of the case.

The case is easy to put on, and unlike the above, it isn’t a tight fit. Thus you needn’t worry about the camera switching on its own and draining the battery. At the same time, it also allows easy access to all the controls at the front.

Katia Camera Case Rev

The Katia case has more than 79% five-star reviews on Amazon with most users praising its quality and eye-catching prints.

6. Woodmin Camera 2-in-1 Bundle Set

The Woodmin camera case is slightly different from the lot. It bundles a separate pouch to put your photos, lenses and more. The good news is the said pouch is detachable when you don’t need it. Also, the cap of the primary case can be easily taken off and snapped back again via buttons at the back.

The front is held together with buttons instead of magnets. The most notable thing about the Woodmin cases is that the unique watercolor prints which lend a stylish look, something which has been asserted by several users on Amazon.

Woodmin Camera 2 In 1 Bundle Set Rev

The case has dual layers. The outer layer is made of faux leather while the inside layer consists of a soft microfiber material to protect the camera from scratches. Similar to the above cases, you can adjust the detachable strap as per your convenience.

The Woodmin case has over 88% five-star ratings and will cost you $16.99.

Decorate + Protect

There’s nothing wrong in protecting your instant camera, especially while traveling or during outdoor events. Not only will it save it from ugly scratches but also makes it convenient to carry, all thanks to the straps.

Most importantly, the accessories will take care of the Instax Mini 9, and the cases will only make things fun instead of the usual boring black or brown ones.

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Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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