5 Best Free Weather Apps for Mac

A quick look at your Mac’s Weather app can give you an idea about the weather in your city. However, the native Weather app on the Mac is pretty basic and misses a bunch of features. If you want an excellent weather app, the App Store provides a bunch of third-party apps.

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Fortunately, developers have created a range of alternative apps that you can download. Some of the best Weather apps like Carrot Weather are paid. But you’ll also find a decent number of free options.

If you’re looking for a free best weather apps for Mac, we have compiled a list of them besides the default version.

1. ClassicWeather

ClassicWeather is a no-frills weather app that doesn’t work too differently from the Apple version.

When opening the app, you’ll see an overview of the weather forecast for the cities you’ve added. Beyond the place you live, you can also add overviews for other areas worldwide if you wish to.

Along with seeing an overview of the current day, you can also get seven-day forecasts and hourly breakdowns. If you don’t want to view everything through the icons, the app also enables you to view the current weather in text form.

When you have more than one city added to your list, you can also choose the same view for all of them. To do this, click on the circle in the bottom right corner of one box.

Classic weather change circle updated

Afterward, this will become an overlapping shape.

Classic weather matched apps

Forecast Bar

Forecast Bar offers a comprehensive overview of the weather in your locality. When you first click on the icon at the top of your computer’s toolbar, you will see a brief description of what it’s like outside now.

Below that, you’ll find the highs and lows for today – plus the coming days.

If you click on the current forecast, however, you’ll see a lot of other options. Forecast Bar will show you when the moon rises and sets, plus cloud cover, wind speed, visibility, and more.

Weather extension

Forecast Bar will also show you a radar of precipitation in and around where you are. To access this, click on the radar icon in the top left of the app.

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PredictWind Offshore Weather

When away from land, keeping an eye on the weather when offshore is essential for safety and productivity. And while most weather apps will give you a good idea of what’s going on away from the water, predicting what’s happening while at sea is tougher.

PredictWind Offshore Weather is a comprehensive app that allows users to gather information about various weather conditions. You’ll be able to discover not only the air temperature but also wave directions and heights.

Offshore weather app

Cloud coverage is also visible on the PredictWind Offshore Weather app, as is the sea temperature and a seven-day overview of how meteorologists expect weather conditions to change.

Users can also find out how the weather is traveling to determine if they need to change their journey.

Weather Dock

If you’re looking for a basic app that gives you an accurate overview, Weather Doc will fit the needs of your Mac. The weather overview will span across your Mac screen horizontally when open, offering you a quick overview of the current weather and what the rest of the day looks like.

Beyond the temperature, Weather Dock will also show you the expected wind range. Moreover, you will find which direction the wind is coming from – plus how much rain is expected.

Weather dock app

Weather Dock also points out the sunrise and sunset times for the current today, along with a selection of other things.


WeatherBug offers a quick overview of the weather and radar, showing what the forecast in surrounding regions looks like.

Users will also see a graph showing how the temperature will rise or drop throughout the day in the app itself. Moreover, WeatherBug highlights the chance of rain for that day.

Weatherbug app

When clicking on the current temperature, WeatherBug redirects users to its website. Here, you’ll find a more detailed breakdown of the weather. The site shows the current air quality, plus a written summary of the temperature today and tonight – alongside other things.

Weatherbug website

Plenty of Free Weather App Alternatives

While the native Weather app on Mac serves the basic purpose, you can do a lot more with a rich app. If you need more details about the weather forecast, you are better off with the third-party option.

All of the apps listed above are free. You can purchase add-ons and subscriptions for some apps if you want to unlock more features. Try out the ones that suit your requirements.

Last updated on 07 February, 2022

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