8 Best Weather Apps for Mac Free and Paid

Do you like to keep tabs on the weather in your city or elsewhere? And while there are some great weather app options for iPhone/iPad, there are some equally amazing weather apps available for Mac. All you have to do is scroll down and find the right match for you.


Whether you’re looking for a minimal or a feature-packed app, a free or a paid app, our list is gonna help you out. So get set weather enthusiasts to explore some of the best weather apps for Mac

Best Free Weather App for Mac

1. Apple Weather App for Mac – Great Free Option

Readily available from the Mac’s Notification Center, the built-in weather app enables you to check the weather conditions without the need for additional downloads. Moreover, the app has received some potent updates over the year, so it’s not just limited to current or expected temperatures.

Apple Weather App for Mac Great Free Option

Firstly, you get a set of three handy Mac weather widgets. Depending on which size you choose, you can instantly view the current weather, the weather for the day, and the weekly weather.

Next, when you click the widget or open the weather app, you’ll get a more interactive and detailed view. In addition to a 10-day forecast, you are privy to precipitation, sunrise, air quality, UV index, wind, rainfall, humidity, visibility, pressure, and more.

You can also add and monitor multiple locations within the app, allowing you to keep track of the weather conditions in different cities or regions of interest. Although there’s a lack of customization options and advanced features in comparison to other third-party apps, the native weather app for Mac does a decent job for most weather enthusiasts.

Price: Free

2. Weather Dock – Simple and Effective

As the name suggests, the app offers a weather Dock icon for your desktop. An animated/interactive icon stays in Mac’s Dock, always showing you the current weather. So, you don’t have to open the Notification Center to check updates, as this app is omnipresent on your desktop.

Weather Dock Simple and Effective

Moreover, it does so in an unobtrusive way, as the icon is small and the graphics aren’t over the top. To see beyond the current condition, simply tap the app icon. Here, you can view a 7-day weather forecast (premium feature) and detailed current conditions like humidity, rain amount, feels-like temperature, sunrise and sunset times, and more.

Weather Dock also allows you to customize the look of your Dock icon. You can decide which weather stats you want to view, change the icon’s text color, and manage the animation speed to make it less or more attention-grabbing.

Additionally, the app offers multiple forecast locations, weather updates every 60 minutes, support for Imperial or Metric units, and more. And even though it does not support a weather widget, the app is pretty handy.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $3.99)

3. Weather Widget Live – Desktop Widget for Mac

If you want a more detailed version of the weather widget on your Mac desktop, then this app is for you. Instead of a Dock icon, you get a full-blown sticker on your desktop. Furthermore, you can choose between different widget styles some free some reserved for paid users.

Weather Widget Live Desktop Widget for Mac

The details displayed on the widget can vary as per the widget selected. It can be a mix of clock, date, temperature highs or lows, chance of precipitation, and sunrise and sunset times. You can also adjust the size and opacity of the widget as needed.

There are also some helpful features such as Mac’s hot corner support, i.e., it will instantly reveal the desktop & widget when you move the cursor to the designated corner. And a show desktop feature that moves all windows away after a set period of inactivity.

And that’s not all, you also get a menu bar and Dock icon for a quick temperature overview. Overall, it’s a great app if you prefer seeing current and predicted weather conditions every time you log in or view your desktop.

Price: Free (Full version for $3.99)

4. Forecast Bar – Real-Time Weather Radar App

Forecast Bar is a feature-rich weather app for Mac that provides not only accurate forecasts but also includes radar animations for a comprehensive weather experience. The best part is that the app is highly customizable.

Forecast Bar Real Time Weather Radar App

For starters, you can choose whether to have a weather icon widget on your Mac’s menu bar or Dock. As per the norm, the icon will show you the current temperature. And as you click it, a whole bunch of details will show up.

You can customize what data you want to see and how you want to see it, whether as a summary or detailed format. Moreover, the description is available in 40 languages for the next hour, 24 hours, or upcoming days.

One of the standout features of Forecast Bar is its integration of radar animations. Users can view animated radar maps that show current and past precipitation patterns, allowing them to track storms and anticipate weather changes.

Forecast Bar equips users with the tools they need to stay informed and prepared for various weather conditions. Whether you’re planning your day, monitoring severe weather, or tracking storms, this app provides a comprehensive weather solution for Mac users.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)

5. WeatherBug – Minimal, Interactive, and Sleek

A great app for someone who is bitten by the weather bug (Pun intended). It offers a quick overview of the weather and radar, showing what the forecast in surrounding regions looks like.

WeatherBug Minimal Interactive and Sleek

In terms of interface, it’s quite similar to Forecast Bar and offers a menu bar icon. You can quickly check the current weather condition from the icon. Click on it to view details like the temperature graph of the day and live Radar map.

When you click on the current temperature, WeatherBug redirects users to its website. Here, you’ll find a more detailed breakdown of the weather. The site shows the current air quality, plus a written summary of the temperature today and tonight, alongside other things.

Although it does not offer as many customization options as some of the other apps in the listing, its simplicity is its USP. Moreover, the graphical representation makes weather reading much easier, even for beginners.

Price: Free

Best Paid macOS Weather Apps

6. CARROT Weather – Feature-Packed Weather App for Mac

If there’s one app that has consistently been crowned one of the best weather apps, it’s this one. And it deserves to be classified as the crème de la crème, thanks to its accurate and reliable weather data and unique UI experience.

CARROT Weather Feature Packed Weather App for Mac

It incorporates a snarky and humorous AI personality that adds a fun element to the weather updates. Furthermore, it offers various visual themes and animations, so you can customize it to your liking.

And not just looks, the app also has smarts. With features like weather radar, hourly and daily forecasts, weather widgets, smart home device integration, and Apple Watch compatibility, you get more than just weather updates.

Although the $14.99 price tag might sound steep, everything from interface, information, and features is totally worth it; especially if you’re a weather enthusiast.

Price: $14.99

7. Living Earth – Scenic Weather App for Your Mac

Staying true to its name, Living Earth uses an interactive 3D globe to display the current weather. So apart from seeing live weather conditions from your locality or your favorite locations, you can also view weather patterns across the world.

Living Earth Scenic Weather App for Your Mac

And all you have to do to explore visually stunning representations of different regions is rotate and zoom in/out on the globe. Furthermore, it also doubles as a world clock app, live wallpaper, and screensaver app for your Mac

It uses a menu bar icon to display the current weather. And you can click the icon to get more information such as temperature, humidity, wind speed, precipitation, etc. In addition, you get hourly and 7-day forecasts, customizable alerts for severe weather conditions, and satellite imagery and radar.

If you love weather watching as much as star gazing, day and night shadow line progress, etc., in high-resolution live 3D simulation, this weather app for Mac is worth the investment.

Price: $12.99

8. Radar Live Pro – Weather App With Doppler Radar

Powered by the latest NOAA radar station images, Radar Live Pro provides you with highly attractive and informative weather forecasts. The app offers a Dock icon that gives you a preview of the current temperature and radar image.

Radar Live Pro Weather App With Doppler Radar

And as with other apps, when you click the Dock icon the magic of the app comes alive. It displays current weather, rain radar, 2-hourly detailed weather forecast for 3 days, etc. What’s more, you can search forecast locations by city and save as many weather forecast locations to favorites.

Most importantly, the weather widget offers the highest level of accuracy, thanks to the incorporation of real Level 3 radar data. Although there’s a big issue here, the app currently only works in the U.S.A. So, you’ll have to choose another app if you’re situated outside this region.

Price: $7.99

Bonus – Best Local Weather Website

If you want to keep an eye out for the weather, but don’t want to play around with an app, then there are some free websites you can try. Some very trusted sources include,

These are just a few examples of well-regarded weather websites. It’s recommended to explore and compare different websites to find the one that best suits your preferences, provides accurate forecasts for your location, and offers the features you find most useful.

Get Yourself the Best Weather App on Mac

While the native Weather app on Mac serves the basic purpose, you can do a lot more with a rich app. If you need more details about the weather forecast, you are better off with the third-party option.

Moreover, the selection of the best app to track the weather on Mac will depend on individual preferences and needs. Since there are quite a few unique features and benefits offered by each individual app, you should try and figure out which option you want.

And do let us know which option suited your requirements, we’ll love to know your take on these weather apps for Mac.

Last updated on 18 August, 2023

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