5 Best Free Beauty Camera Apps for iPhone

Even with our imperfections, we are all beautiful, and we know it. That said, in this age of Instagram and Snapchat, some of us do need a little hand in perfecting our selfies. Thankfully, you needn’t go into the land of post-processing. Just install a beauty camera app on your iPhone, and your work will be done in a jiffy. Yep, that’s right!

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If you are looking for smart beauty camera apps, you have come to the right place. We have scoured the App Store to help you find the best camera app out there.

Let’s have a look.

1. YouCam Perfect

Are you in a mood to experiment? If yes, you should give YouCam Perfect a shot. This one adds a whole different look to your photos, all thanks to its Frame feature. From tiny flowers to trendy little comic-style borders, you can find plenty of beautiful borders here.

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Best Free Beauty Camera Apps For I Phone 3

Coming back to the main discussion, YouCam Perfect lets you change the skin’s complexion and enlarge your eyes. Other than that, you can play around with the face shapes or the skin smoothing feature. The best thing is that you can save a particular set of settings as a preset which you can use later.

You Cam Perfect

However, it ends there. Beyond the modes above, there isn’t much you can do. On the bright side, there are some cool effects that you can use in your pictures. However, note that not all the Frames are free, you’ll have to upgrade to the Premium version to access every feature.

If you are someone who loves experimenting with different makeup tools, you can also try out the YouCam Makeup.

2. Sweet Selfie

Sweet Selfie brings in a brilliant mix of both makeup tools and beauty tools. The interface is simple, clean and clutter-free. One feature, which I particularly liked is the Reset button. If you are not satisfied with a specific look, you can start over from scratch by merely tapping on it.

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Best Free Beauty Camera Apps For I Phone 5

However, the feature which I loved the most was that the makeup tools and beauty tools work separately, unlike many apps. For example, if you just want your lips colored, and your natural skin color to show (minus all the drama of blush and eye shadow), this app lets you do so.

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Best Free Beauty Camera Apps For I Phone 7

Using this app is simple. Just choose one of the features, adjust the intensity, and you are all set!

3. Camera 360

Next, we have the good old Camera 360. I like this app both for its many different looks and its collection of cool and trendy face filters and effects, thus making it an all-rounder.

As you may have guessed, the app lets you choose from over a half a dozen different looks. You can select the level dermabrasion (skin smoothening).

Best Free Beauty Camera Apps For I Phone 8

Once you have chosen the look, tap on the icon to tweak the features of your face like dark circles, enlarging the eyes, etc.

There’s a handy before-after look at the corner which lets you see the difference. You can switch between the different levels like Skin, Face, and Beautify via the ribbon at the bottom.

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Best Free Beauty Camera Apps For I Phone New 6

Having made all the adjustments, all you need to do is tap anywhere on the skin and tap on the Shutter button. And hey, smile!

4. B612 Beauty & Filter Camera

The B612 Beauty & Filter Camera app takes the cake when it comes to beauty effects and virtual makeup tools. And thanks to the many customization features, the app takes the meaning of a beauty camera to a different level.

How To Use B612 Selfie Camera App

The changes are precise and to the point. If you play it right, you can get the desired look in absolutely no time.

Using this app is super easy. Just tap on the Beauty icon next to the Shutter icon, and all the different features will be lined up for you to use. Just tap on one, and you can mess around with the other colors.

What I loved about B612 is that you can adjust the intensity levels of pretty much everything – from your lip and eye color to the color of the blush.

Best Free Beauty Camera Apps For I Phone New 4
Best Free Beauty Camera Apps For I Phone New 5

And it doesn’t end there. Tap on Details and a whole different world of customization opens right in front of you. Things like the thickness of your brow to the clarity of your eyes, you can do a lot with this app.

5. Beauty Plus

Last but not least, we have the Beauty Plus app. This one comes with the usual makeup and enhancement tools like lip color, eye shadow and more.

Beauty Plus I Phone 2
Beauty Plus I Phone 1

You can even try out different hair color! In my opinion, the default skin smoothening is a little over the top, which ends up giving a plastic look.

Beauty Plus has a few ads in between which can sour the experience a bit. On the upside, there’s a tool called HD Retouch which amplifies the image. There are also some other image editing tools which you may explore should you choose to install this app.

Beauty Lies in the Eyes of the Beholder?

It’s true that beauty cameras help raise the level of a selfie by several folds. All you need to do is find the perfect sweet spot where the picture doesn’t look overblown, and you’ll have a stunning photo in no time.

For now, I am smitten by the B612 app. The toolset is awesome, the interface is excellent, and there are no ads. What more do I want! What about you?

Next up: No good picture is complete without a healthy dose of editing. Learn about useful photo editing apps in the post below.

Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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