5 Best Fit­ness Track­ers for Kids in 2020

Namrata Gogoi

Fitness trackers, whether it's for kids or adults, encourage and motivate us to on our toes. While we adults can easily remember when to take a walk (well, mostly), it's not the same with kids. In these days of TVs and smartphones, it's very easy to lose track of time and stay inactive for a long time.

5 Best Fitness Trackers For Kids In 2019

If your kid spends a lot of time indoors, it's time you get them a fitness tracker this holiday season. The best thing about these trackers is that they are sturdy and do a pretty good job of staying in one piece. Plus, some also come with cool reward systems and badges, which makes it pretty easy to stay active.

So, here are some of the best fitness trackers for kids. These gadgets are not expensive for the balance the features and price appropriately.

1. Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids

Fitbit Ace 2 Activity Tracker for Kids

With fun animations and cool design, the Fitbit Ace 2 is designed primarily for kids. For starters, it keeps track of steps, sleep, and active minutes. The watch bands are strong and sturdy and can easily bear the brunt of bangs or scratches — things that young kids often get while being playful.

It uses a touch-screen OLED display, which they can use to see their daily goals, step counts, and badges. The watch faces are customizable.

What you'll love about this fitness tracker is its cool reward system. Whenever the kid completes a goal, they are rewarded with badges. And yeah, it keeps the motivation alive. Challenge accepted? Yes, sir.

It's swim-proof, and the bands can be changed quite easily. The battery life is of 5 days. You can recharge the battery without taking the module out of the band.

If you have an older kid, you can check out the Fitbit Ace, which retails at less than $100.

2. Letscom Fitness Tracker HR

Letscom Fitness Tracker HR

The Letscom Fitness Tracker HR is a fully featured fitness tracker for older kids. It comes with a color OLED screen where you can see how you have fared in your daily fitness journey. It's also water-resistant, and there are a couple of built-in sport modes that can be enabled based on activities. And typical of most trackers, it can track heart rate and provides analysis of sleep data.

The screen isn't touch-sensitive. However, there's a button for navigating between the menus and windows.

The battery life is around ten days depending on the usage, and it takes a little time to charge.

The Letscom Fitness Tracker HR has seen plenty of positive reviews, and sers seem to love the accuracy of the tracker, the comfort of the band, and the price.

3. Garmin Vivo Fit Jr 2

Garmin Vivo Fit Jr 2​

Another fitness tracker suitable for young kids is the Garmin Vivo Fit Jr 2. And as you can see from the picture above, the silicon band has a fun and cool design with cool characters from Star Wars (see Star Wars wallpapers), Disney, and even Marvel. The band is strong and sturdy. It will likely last long. The tracking module sits inside the band, and it can track steps and periods of inactivity.

Similar to the Vivo Fit Jr 2, this band has its share of challenges and daily goals. One of the most interesting challenges is the Toe-to-Toe challenge and adventure mode, which are designed to keep the young one moving.

Vivo Fit Jr 2 has a waterproof rating of 5ATM. From light rain to sweat and pool water lessons, it can take them all.

Though a majority of users have praised it for its performance and adorable design, there have been some cases where the battery dies prematurely.

For the record, the Vivo Fit Jr 2 is powered by a standard coin cell battery, which usually lasts up to a year.

4. Xiaomi Mi Band 4

Xiaomi Mi Band 4

The Xiaomi Mi Band 4 is for older kids, and it strikes the right balance between features and price. It sports a 0.95-inch AMOLED touch-sensitive screen. Plus, this band and the screen are sturdy. They can withstand scratches and bumps and might live to track another day. Plus, it's light and comfortable, and the long battery life means your kid can wear it at all times.

Fitness-wise, it packs a new activity sensor that can identify a bunch of workout modes, swimming styles, apart from counting steps. You simply have to flip the screen to cycle between the different functions.

And for its price, the results are pretty good. It pairs to your phone via Bluetooth, and you (or the kid) will be able to tweak the settings or see the detailed stats of your activity level.

Aside from that, Band 4 also tracks sleep and informs you of the duration of Deep Sleep and Light Sleep. It's powered by a 135mAh battery, which Xiaomi claims lasts up to 20 days on a single charge

We have used this fitness tracker for quite some time and can say that it works as advertised. The best thing is that it lets change the watch faces.

5. Huawei Honor Band 5

Huawei Honor Band 5​

The Huawei Honor Band 5 fitness tracker is similar to the Mi Band 4 and can be worn by older kids. It also comes with a 0.95-inch AMOLED color display and improved sensors for activity tracking and heart rate monitoring. It also includes NFC and SpO2 monitor. Its highlight is Huawei TruSleep — Huawei's flagship sleep monitoring program, which helps identify general sleep disorders.

On top of that, it recommends ways to improve them. Plus, you also get the advantage of Bluetooth 5.0 and comes with eight sports modes.

The Honor Band 5 has perforated bands, which makes it easy for sweat and moisture to escape. Plus, it's flexible and comfortable to wear and the textured band offers a reassuring grip on the wrist.

Stay Fit

So these were some of the fitness trackers that you can get for your child. We have listed primary products that cost less than $100 because kids can be a little tough on products. And either the band or the module will likely suffer some setback or the other.

So, which one will you buy?

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