5 Best Dog Activity Trackers to Monitor Your Pet’s Fitness

Your little dogs live a lavish life, don’t they? Right from bones to kibbles, yummy treats define their day. Be that as it may, our furry friends often run the risk of becoming chubby. So if you’re looking to put your dogs through a fitness streak, you may want to pick up a dog activity tracker to get the ball rolling.

best dog activity trackers

Dog activity trackers can be seamlessly affixed to your dog’s collar. The sensors on the ‘doggie wearables’ that follow will help you track your lazy buddy’s activities. Some devices can even intimate you about your dog’s health and general well-being.

So, let’s begin your pet’s fitness regime with the help of the best Fitbits for your dog. But before that –

1. PitPat Dog Activity & Fitness Monitor

pitpat dog tracker

The PitPat Dog Activity & Fitness Monitor is quite cute. As such, it doesn’t look out of place on your furry friend. The product’s waterproof nature and breed-specific data make it an apt tracking companion for your little buddy. You can even attach the tracker when your dog takes swimming lessons! PitPat also provides a secure yet comfortable fit.

If you’re worried whether the PitPat fitness tracker will survive your dog’s adventures, fret not. Interestingly, the Velcro straps — despite being secure — don’t tug on your dog’s fur either. So much so, users in the reviews section cite that your little buddy won’t even know the tracker is on its collar. Now that’s high praise.

PitPat’s doggie fitness monitor tracks your dog’s activity throughout the day. As such, it tracks their walks, plays, runs, and the amount of rest they’re getting every day. You can set and track goals on the app based on your dog’s requirements. To spice things up, your dog earns fun achievement badges upon completion of goals.

The USP of the PitPat tracker is its bountiful database that comprises more than 200 dog breeds. As such, the tracker can churn out tailored fitness goals for different breeds. As such, if you’ve just become a pet parent, then the app’s personalized data will give you a better understanding of your dog’s health. The best part is that the app doesn’t restrict features behind a paywall or a subscription fee.

2. Tractive GPS Tracker for Dogs

tractive gps tracker

The Tractive fitness monitor helps you get your furry friend in shape while tracking their location. We even recommended it as a location tracker back in the day. And, thanks to its multifunctional nature, Tractive’s offering has found a spot on yet another list.

With the help of the Tractive app and the tracker’s built-in GPS, you can observe each step your pup takes. You can even get a number on your dog’s location history. This should help you understand your dog’s favorite spots, where they spend the least time, etc.

The defining feature of the Tractive GPS tracker is the ability to set up a virtual fence. You’ll immediately be notified every time your dog crosses the virtual fence. This feature will help you ensure the safety of your dog.

Like the PitPat fitness tracker, the Tractive GPS tracker lets users set goals for their dogs too. Much to our dismay, the tracker employs a subscription-based model. As such, you will have to shell out more money than you’ve already spent to acquire the tracker. If you can forgo the GPS functionality, the PitPat tracker may prove to be a better alternative.

3. FitBark 2

fitbark dog fitness monitor

The FitBark 2 monitors your dog’s calorie balance, sleep quality, and activities. It’s a pretty sophisticated device since it can work in tandem with a host of wearables for men and women. As such, you can compete with your dog to see who walks more steps in a day!

Thanks to FitBark’s health index and sleep score, you can monitor the mobility, anxiety, calorie balance, and sleep quality of your dog. The ability to diagnose early signs of diseases in a dog will not go unnoticed by loving pet owners. But of course, be sure to get the data reviewed by a vet for a professional diagnosis.

Another feather in the FitBark 2’s cap is that it can sync your dog’s fitness data with a Fitbit or an Apple Watch. As such, you can use Apple HealthKit or Google Fit to monitor your dog’s data and even compare it with your personal stats, if you so please.

One downside we’d like to bring to your notice is the dearth of a built-in GPS tracker. Despite being marginally pricier than the Tractive product, this pedometer by FitBark doesn’t provide location tracking services.

4. SureFlap Animo

sureflap animo

What’s unique about the SureFlap activity tracker is its behavior and health-based insights. For instance, the tracker can monitor a myriad of stats, including scratching, barking, response to a new treatment, and sleep quality. Needless to say, SuperFlap’s Animo can be a game-changer for a pet parent.

The SureFlap tracker can purportedly detect if your dog suffers from anxiety or any other form of mental illness. While we’d recommend you take the company’s claims with a pinch of salt, some users have reported that the app intimated to them about their dog gaining weight.

Moreover, the pedometer doesn’t just track your dog’s behavior but also provides health-based insights. For instance, if you’ve put your dog on a new diet or medication, the SuperFlap fitness tracker will be able to monitor your dog’s response. Apart from that, the standard fitness tracking features are all present and accounted for as well. Do note that the tracker is rather large. So, if you have a small pup or a dog, they may find it annoying.

5. Pawfit 3s

Pawfit 3s GPS tracker

Several trackers mentioned above have support for GPS tracking. What sets the Pawfit 3s apart though is a built-in LTE modem. As such, the tracker can stay connected to the internet and ping your dog’s location even if it is out of GPS range.

Needless to say, the Pawfit 3s’ USP is that it is backed by superior tech. And, that’s not just limited to the LTE module. Pawfit includes a feature where you can program up to five voice commands onto the tracker. You can then remotely play these commands via your phone thanks to the LTE connectivity.

While the features are impressive, some users have reported that the tracker takes a while to update the real-time location. It’s also worth noting that the Pawfit tracker is quite large and hence, isn’t suitable for small puppies. You’ll also need a subscription to use the tracking features so it’s not a one-time investment.

FAQs for Dog Activity Trackers

1. Can I use a Fitbit to track my dog’s activities?

Technically speaking, a Fitbit can be used to track your dog’s activities. However, we can’t comment on the accuracy as Fitbits are not geared toward pets.

2. Is it safe to use a dog activity tracker?

Yes. However, don’t place the tracker near your dog’s mouth. It could prove dangerous if your dog bites into the batteries of the tracker.

3. Can an activity tracker also track my dog’s location?

If you purchase an activity tracker with GPS services, you can track your dog’s location.

Keep Your Dog Fit

If you want to keep a tab on your dear pet’s activities, a dog activity tracker is an excellent investment. Not only can you ensure your dog stays fit by exercising but a good tracker can even warn you of your dog’s irregular habits. And if you get one with GPS, you get the added benefit of location tracking.

Last updated on 03 July, 2023

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