5 Best DisplayPort Cables With Latches

One of the main advantages of having DisplayPort cables with latches (or locks) is ensuring a firm connection. They prevent the cable in question from loosening over time, thereby preventing flickering issues with the display. All you have to do is press the latch softly when plugging and unplugging, and that’s about it. They will take care of the flickering business.

5 Best Display Port Cables With Latches

The good news is that DisplayPort cables with latches are available across all the revisions, including DisplayPort 1.2 and 1.4.

So if you have a gaming monitor and are planning to upgrade the display tech of your current setup, here are some of our recommendations for the best DisplayPort cables. But first,

1. Benfei DisplayPort Cable

  • Length: 6ft | Version: 1.2
  • Braided: No

The Benfei DisplayPort Cable proves to be a good pick if you do not want to spend huge bucks on a display cable. The latch at both ends ensures that the cable stays locked and secured on the port until manually removed. Secondly, the connectors are gold plated, ensuring that they do not rust easily.

Apart from that, this cable has all the essential features of a DisplayPort 1.2 cable. Provided the monitor supports, you will be able to run 4K resolution at 60Hz. For FHD resolution, you can even get 240Hz. Of course, it all depends on the GPU and the panel as well.

Its user base has well-received this cable, and many users echo that it works as advertised. However, the low-price point means that it’s not one of the most durable cables out there.

2. Cable Matters DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable

  • Length: 6ft | Version: DisplayPort 1.2
  • Braided: No

Another DisplayPort 1.2 cable that is worth a shot is the one by CableMatters. The crux of this cable is that it’s available in multiple lengths, and if you have an elaborate setup, you can opt for the longer length of 15ft and 25 ft. Like the one above, this one is a non-braided cable and has a few added perks like gold-plated connectors, thick shielding, and of course, latches at both ends.

Like many DisplayPort cables with latches, you will have to press the end to pull out (or plug) the cable. The performance is to the point. Besides supporting 4K and FHD resolution, it also supports uncompressed digital audio, thereby ensuring that you do not have to compromise on the audio quality while you play your favorite games.

The build is solid for the price, and that’s an added plus.

3. Accell DisplayPort Cable (B142C-007B-2)

  • Length: 6ft | Version: DisplayPort 1.2
  • Braided: No

Another DisplayPort cable that is suitable for displays above FHD resolution is the one by Accell. This one is also a DisplayPort 1.2 cable. However, the part that separates it from the rest is that it’s VESA-certified. It does its job as advertised and transmits the signal minus any flickering and black-out issues, especially if you have a gaming rig.

The latches on this DisplayPort cable are very much like in the cables above. However, here the connectors do not have gold plating. But the good news is that most users have applauded this cable for its performance and durable design. So the odds are that it will last you a long time.

It’s backed by a lifetime warranty, and several happy users appreciate the customer service.

It costs a little more than its counterparts above but for the performance, it’s worth the extra money. What say?

4. Monoprice Braided DisplayPort 1.4 Cable

  • Length: 10ft | Version: DisplayPort 1.4
  • Braided: Yes

The Monoprice DisplayPort cable takes things to the next level. Not only is this a DisplayPort 1.4 cable, but it’s also braided. The braided exterior ensures that the cable inside is protected from fraying and daily wear & tear in the long run. On the other hand, the support for DisplayPort 1.4 means you will have a future-proof cable at your disposal.

For one, it’s backward compatible. Secondly, it supports 5120×2880 @ 60Hz and brings a high dynamic range to the table. So even if you were to upgrade to a high-res monitor in the future, this cable would serve you just fine. Apart from that, DisplayPort 1.4 cables can transmit up to 32.4Gbps and also supports Display Stream Compression 1.2 (DSC).

For those unknown, DSC is a lossless compression format that lets you have a wider range of resolutions and refresh rates.

Its user base has been well-received, with quite a few users appreciating the solid and durable build.

5. KabelDirekt 8K DisplayPort Cable

  • Length: 10ft | Version: DisplayPort 1.4
  • Braided: No

If you want to go all-in and solve your monitor flickering issues, the KabelDirekt is one of the best solutions. It’s a DisplayPort 1.4 cable and ensures that you can run 4K content (and 8K if you have a compatible display) in all its glory. Though it doesn’t have a braided exterior, it has a solid build and will last you a long time.

The best part is that the latch in this DisplayPort cable is designed discreetly. It does not bulge out, and you merely have to press the cutout to pull out the cable when you need to.

The KabelDirekt DisplayPort Cable has been received well by its user base. Quite a few have applauded the cable for its performance. It doesn’t flicker, and the latch ensures that it doesn’t come loose on its own.

Moreover, this KabelDirekt cable is VESA certified and supports all the DisplayPort 1.4 features. However, note that it’s on the thicker end, which limits its flexibility.

You can also check out the Cable Matters VESA-certified braided cable. This one is a DisplayPort 1.4 cable and has the added advantage of a nylon jacket.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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