7 Best DisplayPort 1.4 Cables That You Can Buy

DisplayPort cables provide an incredible bandwidth for data transmissions and that’s one of the reasons why DisplayPort connectors are found on high-end monitors. DisplayPort 1.4, one of the latest iterations, takes this game even further. It supports 5120×2880 @ 60Hz and brings a high dynamic range to the table, besides supporting dual 4K UHD monitors at the same time (provided your system can support it).

Best Display Port 1 4 Cables That You Can Buy

For now, there are two types of DisplayPort connectors-Mini DisplayPort and the standard DisplayPort. Usually, the notebooks and other compact laptops carry the Mini DisplayPort connector and monitors tend to carry the DisplayPort connector.

If you are in the market looking for standard DisplayPort 1.4 cables for your high-end gaming monitor, you have come to the right place. We have made a small list of the best DisplayPort 1.4 cables that you can get for your system. But before that,

DisplayPort 1.4—A Brief

As noted above, DisplayPort 1.4 is one of the newer iterations out there. Plus, it’s also one of the readily-available standards. A DisplayPort 1.4 cable should be able to push the transmission of 25.92 Gbps in theory. This jump in transmission speed allows 8K resolution at 60Hz or 4K at 120Hz in DisplayPort 1.4, provided it’s hooked to the right GPU and monitor.

And it doesn’t stop there. You can also get to experience 10-bit color HDR, and a DisplayPort 1.4 can handle 4K @ 144 Hz with HDR.

Now that that’s settled, let’s see some of the best cables out there.

1. Cable Matters 8K DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable

Length: 6ft, 10ft, 13ft,and 16ft

Cable Matters accessories are generally known for their good quality for the price, and this DisplayPort cable is not different. Though the cable is not braided, the PVC jacket does its best to prevent the cable from fraying and safeguards the cable from wear and tear. The connectors are gold plated to prevent rusting and oxidation in the long run.

The cable does its job as expected, with the colors on display appearing rich and deep, and is perfect for monitors with a 144Hz refresh rate. Several reviewers have backed this on Amazon.

These Cable Matters DisplayPort cables bundle a latch at the top of the connector. And as you may have expected, it helps to lock the cable properly in place. When you need to remove the cable from the port, all you need to do is press the button and pull the cable out.

However, do note that these cables are not VESA certified.

2. Monoprice Braided DisplayPort 1.4 Cable

Length: 10ft

Monoprice is usually known for its cheap but highly functional HDMI cables, and the scene for DisplayPort cables is no different. The DisplayPort 1.4 cables cost less than $15 and do their job as expected. They are braided, which adds to the product’s durability and prevents the cable from getting tangled. To top it all, you will also find gold-plated connectors and a latch. The performance is solid, and like their counterpart above, they too support 8K at 60Hz and go up to 120Hz for 4K.

Since these are DisplayPort 1.4 cables, you can expect a transmission rate of 32.4Gbps, and they also support display stream Compression 1.2 (DSC). DSC is a lossless compression format that lets you have a wider range of resolutions and refresh rates that its bandwidth usually allows.

The lock is present in these cables as well, and when you need to unplug them, press the button and yank it out.

3. iVANKY Nylon Braided DisplayPort 1.4 Cable

Length: 3.3ft, 6.6ft, and 10ft

The iVanky cables cost a little more than the Monorpice cables above and bundles almost the same features, like a nylon braided exterior to prevent wear and tear. The DisplayPort 1.4 cable enables 4K resolution up to 144Hz and 8K up to 60Hz.

Curiously, these do not have the latch on the connector like the above cables. You can pick from three different lengths, although the 3.3ft may allow less room to wriggle when it comes to routing the cable.

4. JSAUX 8K DisplayPort Cable

Length: 6.6ft

The JSAUX DisplayPort cable prides itself as one of the durable cables out there. Its thickness is twice the size compared to generic cables. It also ships with an extended strain relief to prevent the cable from fraying. And it doesn’t stop there. There are subtle grips on top of the connector, which aids in a better grip.

Available in a single length of 6.6ft, these cables prove to be the perfect accessory for gamers out there. An 18-month warranty backs these cables.

However, it’s not without its share of limitations. For one, the thickness of the cables means you have to compromise on the product’s flexibility.

As per some users, it requires quite an effort to bend these cables. If your gaming setup requires you to route the cable through monitor arms or cable sleeve, you might want to skip this one.

5. Cable Matters VESA Certified Braided DisplayPort 1.4 Cable

Length: 6ft, 9.8ft

This Cable Matters cable is one of the few cables in this list that boasts of being VESA certified. So, what difference does it bring, when almost all the cables (belonging to the same category) perform the same task? When a cable is VESA certified, it means that the product is independently tested to check if it meets the VESA’s criteria. In a nutshell, you will get the features as per the standards of DisplayPort 1.4 specification.

Apart from that, it packs the same flavors as the other cables on this list. The braided exterior not only helps in lengthening the life of the cable but also helps in preventing tangles. And yeah, you will find the handy lock in this cable as well.

These cables are available in sizes of 6.6ft and 9.8ft.

6. Startech.com VESA Certified DisplayPort 1.4 Cable

Length: 9.8ft (3m)

Another VESA-certified DisplayPort 1.4 cable is the one by Startech. Available in length of 3m, you can use these cables to connect your display to the CPU and daisy-chaining multiple DisplayPort monitors. Unlike, many cables in this list, these do not have a braided exterior, but the odds are that the PVS exterior will last you a long time.

These are 28 AWG cables, so they will slightly be thicker. Thankfully, the difference is small, and you will get plenty of wriggle room to route this cable.

They are slightly costlier than their counterparts above. Thankfully, they are backed by Startech’s lifetime warranty. The only limitation is that they are not are available in 6ft length.

Did You Know: A 24 AWG network cable will have less resistance than a 26 AWG or 28 AWG network cable.

7. KabelDirekt – 8K DisplayPort Cable

Length: 3ft, 6ft, 10ft and 15ft

If you do not want to shell out a huge sum but still want to get your hands on a quality DisplayPort cable for your monitor, the KabelDirekt makes for a good buy. Constructed using quality materials, this cable address all the issues like screen flickering and a blank screen. Besides that, it’s a VESA certified cable and is available in four different lengths.

It’s neither too think nor too thick and gives you enough flexibility to route the cable from source to destination. The build of the connector and the wire is solid and will last you a long time. And hey, it also comes with a latch at the front to lock the cable in.

Visuals Galore

A DisplayPort 1.4 cable is a futureproof cable. So even if you upgrade to an 8K monitor like the Dell UltraSharp 8K in the future, this cable will serve you just fine. The good thing about DisplayPort cables is that they aren’t that expensive. And even the affordable options will churn out quality picture quality.

So, which one of these will you buy?

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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