6 Best Desk Lamps for Home Office

A desk lamp is a key to a well-lit desk or home office space. These little devices help reduce eye strains and also enhances the looks of your desk. Over the last few years, the humble desk lamps have seen a few good upgrades. Gone are the energy-hogging incandescent lamps. Now, desk lamps come with LED lights and touch-control settings. Moreover, you can customize the brightness and angle of the light to your liking. Cool, right?

Best Desk Lamps for Home Office

So, if you are looking to add a modern touch to your home office, here are some cool LED desk lamps for your desk. But first,

1. Aukey Table Lamp

The Aukey table lamp is different from traditional desk lamps. It packs a slew of nifty features. This is a 360-degree light with a touch-sensitive base. And all it takes is a simple touch to switch it on. Unlike most desk lamps, the light lets you cycle through different colors.

It’s not a smart lamp, meaning there is no companion app to help you change the colors. Instead, you’ll need to long tap on the base. And two consecutive taps will do the trick of changing the lamp’s brightness.

The brightness of the lamp is enough for most desk and reading arrangements. It’s quite popular on Amazon primarily for the value-to-price proportions, versatility, and energy efficiency. At its maximum setting, it consumes around 6W of power.

2. TaoTronics LED Desk Lamp

The TaoTronics LED desk lamp is perhaps one of the most popular desk lamps. It brings the best of both worlds. It’s affordable and brings several handy features. Here, you can cycle between 7 different brightness levels and change the lamp’s color temperature to some extent.

The best part is that it comes with a touchpad which lets you change the light settings seamlessly. The joints are flexible and let you change the position and angle of the light with minimum effort. There are some added perks as well, such as the built-in USB-A port for charging your smartphone or earphones.

As noted earlier, it’s quite popular on Amazon. Users love it for its flexibility and the varied brightness settings.

3. Luxe Cordless LED Desk Lamp

Luxe’s cordless LED lamp is worth a shot if you want a unique desk lamp for your desk. It has a contemporary design and doesn’t need a continuous power supply. The LED strip at the top is powerful enough to offer adequate brightness. It allows you to change between 6 brightness levels. Or, you can change the color from a warm white to a cool white for reading purposes.

Interestingly, you can change the angle of the light pretty easily. For now, you can change the angle to a flat 180-degree.

The cordless feature brings its own set of pros and cons. While you can carry it anywhere, you’ll need to charge the light from time to time manually. If we talk numbers, the Luxe desk lamp is rated to last up to 40 hours after a top-up. As you might already know, the battery life depends a lot on the light’s intensity.

4. Ezvalo Smart LED Desk Lamp

Another desk lamp that looks gorgeous and bundles a range of functions is the one by Ezvalo. Like the one above, it has a contemporary design that complements both traditional desks and modern desks. It has a motion sensor that triggers when it notices someone in the vicinity and effectively turns off when it doesn’t notice anyone for 15 minutes.

Again, it’s a touch-based lamp, which means minimal effort to turn it off/on. At the same time, it’s pretty flexible, and you can twist the lamp’s head to adjust the light’s beam as per your preference.

Like typical lamps, you can adjust the brightness and the color temperature. The Ezvalo Smart LED lamp is also equipped with a brightness sensor that automatically adjusts the brilliance as per the ambient lighting.

Though it is not as popular as its competitors above, it has managed to rake in pretty decent reviews with people praising its sensors and the touch-based lighting.

5. BenQ e-Reading LED Desk Lamp

The BenQ e-Reading LED desk lamp brings the best of two worlds—it’s stylish and performs well. Moreover, it’s super flexible. The ball joints at the three joints allow a wide range of motions, allowing you to adjust the light as per your comfort. More importantly, the light panel gives you a wide beam of light, enough to help you see your keyboard with minimum effort. If we were to go by BenQ’s claims, the LEDs are built to last up to 17 years.

Being a premium device, this LED desk lamp brings several nifty features. For example, it has an ambient light sensor that adjusts the degree of the light as per the ambient setting. Secondly, it has a touch-sensitive control ring to turn it off/on. The light is soft and there is no hard glare.

Moreover, the base is heavy which ensures that the lamp doesn’t topple ever if you were to adjust it frequently.

Naturally, this one is a premium product and costs a little more than the products mentioned above. But if you spend a huge chunk of your day on your desk, then this one makes for a good pick.

6. Dyson LightCycle Task Light

Dyson’s LightCycle Task light stands out from the rest if you are willing to splurge on a desk lamp. It’s a highly flexible desk lamp and has nifty features like temperature control, brightness control, and ambient light sensor. All these features are packed in a solid package. The base is heavy and doesn’t topple over even when knocked.

All the controls are on the neck of the device. You can easily adjust the height and the length of the neck, and the ball socket makes it a super smooth affair.

We have been using this desk lamp for quite some time now and have been quite impressed by its performance, ambient light, and range of motion. Installation is easy, and the companion app allows some remote control options. However, we wish that it included a few extras such as scheduled on/off or timer function for the price.

Let There Be Light

The right amount of light plays a crucial role in your productivity levels, and poor-lit office space does little good to boost your energy and productivity levels. Apart from investing in a desk lamp, do make it a point to illuminate your home office space well to help both your spirits.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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