6 Best Dash Cams Under $200 With GPS

Dash cams are becoming more and more important each passing day. If you have a car and drive regularly, you will encounter many negligent drivers on the road. A dash cam can save you to set records straight whenever you’re involved in an accident and it isn’t your fault. You can use the recording from your car’s dash cam as evidence for insurance benefits.

best dash cams under $200

So getting a good dash cam is a wise investment. There are several features you can look for in a dash cam for your car. The one that needs to top the list is GPS support. A dash cam with GPS support also records your exact location at all times, which can be handy for tracking your route. We have compiled some of the best dash cams with GPS under $200.

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1. Rove R2 4K Dash Cam

The Rove R2 is an entry-level dash cam for your car. While the price may suggest that it’s one of the cheapest options around, the features are plenty – including an in-built GPS that records your location at all times.

It’s understandable if you don’t want to buy a super-expensive dash cam since you may just want to try out one. This dash cam from Rove proves that you can try out a good product without spending a lot. When it comes to features, the Rove R2 can record videos in 4K and has an in-built screen.

The display is a 2.4-inch LCD panel to show you the live preview. The lens gives you a wide-angle vision of 150-degrees to cover more area around it. Apart from built-in GPS, the camera also offers a night mode to record videos even when driving in the dark. The Rove R2 provides excellent value for your money and certainly suitable as your first dash cam.

2. Redtiger 4K Dash Cam

Here’s a slightly more improved version of the previous dashcam at a higher price. While the basics like GPS tracking and 4K recording remain the same, the display is slightly bigger, and so is the field of view.

The Redtiger 4K dash cam packs a bunch of features and is value for money. It packs an image sensor that records crisp footage in 4K. It also houses a GPS module for location tracking. You can enjoy a 3.16-inch LCD display to view videos and preview easily.

The  170- wide-angle coverage provides slightly better field of view. While driving at night, the night vision can record videos even in low-light condition. Besides, you can use the parking monitor thats aided by a G-sensor onboard to monitor any movement. It alerts you in case of a potential collision when you attempt parking your vehicle. If you find this feature helpful, pick this one up.

3. Nexar Beam 1080p Dash Cam

Nexar is one of the well-known brands making dash cams. While this one may seem slightly expensive compared to the previous ones, especially for what it provides, there are two unique things about this camera that may make it worth the price — an included SD card and unlimited cloud storage.

The Nexar Beam is a dash cam wisth GPS. This dash cam records videos in 1080p. Also, It has a narrower field of view at 135-degrees. Still it’s a bit more expensive the the other two options above. For starts, Nexar bundles a 32GB SD Card.

Besides a free memory card, you also get unlimited cloud storage for absolutely free. So you can backup the storage to the clouds and keep only the recent ones on the memory card. That can be quite useful and certainly covers up for that extra price gap.

4. Vantrue E1 Mini Dash Cam

The Vantrue E1 is a mini dash cam has a small screen and takes up very less space. Yet, it packs all the good features that you’d be surprised to find in such a tiny profile.

While most dash cams are handful, the mini dash cam from Vantrue is quite pocketable. It packs GPS and can record videos in up to 1944p resolution, and a tiny 1.54-inch LCD display on the rear.

It’s highlight is the voice control feature that can be quite useful when you’re driving. The camera also includes a parking monitor which comes with night vision for low-light recording. It packs a decent 165-degress field of view. Vantrue also bundles a remote for specific trigger actions.

5. Cooau Interior Dash Cam

Cooau’s dash came is a worthy option for those who wish to record footage of view outside the car and inside. That’s quite important for you may want to capture all the fun and frolic you might have with your friends and family on road trips.

The Cooau bundles a 64GB SD card to get you started with using it easily. The dash cam module has two cameras – one facing in front and the other facing behind. There’s a screen in between to view the feed of both cameras.

Apart from this, you get your usual set of features like GPS, 1080p recording, and night vision using IR LEDs – works for outside and inside recordings. The camera also has a G-sensor for monitoring the car when it’s parked.

6. Adzome M550 3-Channel Dash Cam

Adzome gives you three different cameras – one for the front view, one for the view inside the car, and an additional one that goes on the rear of your car to record the footage behind your vehicle.

The Adzome M550 records the usual footage on the front along with a camera on the rear. So  if your car gets hit from behind, you have proof along with their registration plate. The camera has a built-in GPS module and a 3.19-inch screen. The rest of the features on the camera are pretty much standard. Night vision of recording in the dark and a parking mode for surveillance.

The front camera records in 1440p while the other two cameras record in 1080p. Besides, the bundled 64GB SD card will certainly get you started to record videos with all three cameras.

Record All Your Journeys

A good dash cam isn’t hard to find even if you’re on a strict budget. All of these cameras mentioned above have good video quality along with in-built GPS to track your route. Get the one that’s best suited for your needs and capture your journey while you’re on the road.

Last updated on 26 July, 2022

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