5 Best Dash Cams with Parking Mode

A dash cam is not just about recording what goes in front of the lens when driving. They are capable of so much more. For example, dash cams with GPS tracking let you track and trace the location of your car. However, if you want your camera to be your eyes when you are not in your vehicle, then it’s time you looked at dash cams with parking mode.

Best Dash Cams with Parking Mode

These dash cams go into hibernation mode when the power is switched off. However, if a bump or jerk triggers the sensor, the dash cam switches on to records the scene in front of it. This way, you’ll have the evidence in your hands.

So, if you are looking to buy a dash cam with parking mode, here are our recommendations for the best car dashboard camera.

let’s get started. But first,

1. Nextbase 622GW Dash Cam

If you want a rich feature set on your car dash cam, then the Nextbase 622GW dashboard camera proves to be a good pick. It ticks off several boxes and brings home 4K recording, What3Words integration for tracking, and the nifty Amazon Alexa integration. The latter means that you can issue a voice command to the dash camera when you do not want t take your eyes off the road.

At the same time, the Nextbase 622GW saves the video footage automatically when it detects a bump or crash. The built-in G-sensor in the camera and the small 370 mAh battery make it possible.

By default, the camera goes to sleep when its power is cut. And if the G-Sensor is triggered, then it wakes up and starts recording.

Apart from the 4K recording, you can also switch to 1440p and 1080p recording. The recording is clear and color accurate during the day and with the night vision. You will be able to make out license number plates even in the rain easily. The best part is that it has a dedicated polarising filter that removes glare.

It’s not perfect. The Nextbase 622GW is a tad bulky and stands out on your windscreen.

2. Vantrue S1 Front and Rear Dash Cam

  • Resolution: 2160P@24fps, 1080p @ 60fps | FoV: 170-degree, 160-degree
  • Storage: SD Card, up to 256 GB

The Vantrue S1 dash cam beings a combination of front and rear cameras, making it easy to monitor your car’s front and back. The wide-angle of both cameras capture a wide vista on both the front and the rear. Besides that, the 2880 x 2160 resolution ensures that the recordings are clear and detailed.

The Vantrue S1 has a unique shape for a camera. It sticks to the windshield and has a nifty 2-inch display for easy access. Like most car dash cams, it has built-in storage and can record footage up to 256 GB.

As you may have expected, the storage is full, and the old footage gets replaced with new ones.

When it comes to performance, the Vantrue S1 delivers great picture quality. However, if you compare it with the Nextbase 622GW, you’ll find a video with a little noise. On the positive side, it’s sharp enough to make registration plates of cars stand out.

The parking mode integration means you get also get the advantages of built-in GPS in this dash cam. The latter allows you to track your car in the hours of need.

This dash cam with parking mode is quite popular on Amazon, with people loving its picture quality.

3. Anker ROAV Dual Dash Cam

  • Resolution: 1080 (front), 720p (rear) | FoV: 170-degree
  • Storage: SD Card

The Anker ROAV dash cam doesn’t cost much like its counterparts above. However, it brings a nifty set of features to the table. As suggestive of its name, it’s a dual dash cam and brings home two FHD cameras with 150-degree and 110-degree field of view. That said, you get the dual advantage of GPS and parking mode.

Like most cameras with GPS, this one captures the location details and speed and embeds the details in the video.

Though the Anker ROAV comes with parking mode, there’s a slight catch. There’s no built-in camera, and you will need to buy an adapter that plugs into your car’s On-Board Diagnostics II (OBD-II) port. In short, you will need to hard-wire it. However, considering the price, if you are okay with this arrangement, the ROAV camera is a decent pick.

Now coming to the most important pat. The camera delivers a decent performance. The 150-degree FoV is wide enough to let you see a major portion of what’s in front of your car. The video quality is good and captures good details up to 40 feet.

The parking mode delivers well. However, some users have reported that the sensor takes a little time to get triggered.

4. Kingslim D1 Dual Dash Cam

  • Resolution: 1080p (front), 720p (rear) | FoV: 170-degree
  • Storage: SD Card

Another affordable dual dash cam with parking mode that you can try out is the Kingslim D1. Despite the lower pricing, this camera has earned good praises for its clear video footage for night and day. In addition, it records in FHD resolution and bundles features like loop recording and parking mode.

The Kingslim D1 is a versatile camera and gives plenty of controls in your hands. For example, you can choose the size of the recorded files. This gives you minute control over space utilization on the SD card.

Another advantage is that the camera stores the parking mode clips separately, thereby making it convenient for you to review them later.

The video is clear, and several people have praised this feature of the Kingslim D1 dash cam. In addition, license plates and other details are visible clearly.

Unlike the one above, the parking mode is powered by a built-in battery. This means you do not have to hardwire the camera to your car. As usual, the parking mode is triggered when the G-Sensors in the camera detect a bump or a crash.

5. Ssontong Store Dash Camera for Cars

  • Resolution: 1080p | FoV: 170-degree
  • Storage: SD Card, up to 32GB

If you are dipping your toes in the dash cam waters, you can try out the Ssontong dash cam. This one costs less than $50 and delivers impressive video quality for the price. The daylight video footage is sharp and clear for the price. And as long as the road is illuminated, the night vision is also decent.

Another advantage of this dash cam is its battery-powered parking mode. However, note that if the G-Sensor is set too high, the SD card can fill up sooner.

Unlike the ones above, this dash cam doesn’t include a rear camera. The front has a 170-degree field of view and captures a wide vista of the scene in front of you.

In a nutshell, this camera is for beginners, especially if you do not want to spend big bucks on a car dash cam.

Digital Eyes and Ears

These were some of the popular car dash cams with parking mode. If you do not use your car commercially, you can settle for a single dashboard camera with a field of view between 120-degree and 140-degree. This ensures that the camera captures the essentials minus any lens distortion.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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