6 Best Creative Lights for Halloween Decorations

Halloween is incomplete without crazy light decorations, tons of candies, and spooky garden decorations. If you have plans to conjure up spooky vibes, nothing lends as much grandeur to the garden (and beyond) as lights in different shades and hues. Here are the best creative lights for Halloween decorations if you are yet to shop some.

Best Creative Lights for Halloween Decorations

From tiny Jack o’ Lanterns to floodlights, we have covered all the important gadgets on this list. We have also paired them with another cool Halloween accessory to complete the look.

So, without further ado, let’s check out some of the creative lights for Halloween decorations.

Let’s get started. but before that,

1. Hello Jack-o’-lantern – TKYGU Pumpkin Decorative String Lights

What’s Halloween without the classic jack o’ Lantern lights, right? The TKYGU pumpkin decorative lights are a string of 30 LED lights that lends an adorable touch to everything spooky. The best part? They are wireless and do not need a continuous power source.

Instead, these lights run on AA batteries and can easily see you through the night.

The lights are bright, and the tiny pumpkins are super adorable. They are waterproof to some extent, except for the battery case. The best part is that if you plan to use them for a few more days, you can get a rechargeable charger to charge the batteries.

Pair it with: A classic Jack O Lantern pumpkin light to light up the stairs and windows. These battery-powered devices give off a nice glow, especially in the dark.

2. Light the Bat Signal – Halloween Neon Sign

Does your house have long glass windows? If yes, you may want to dress them up in vibrant neon signs. The Mudder Store’s neon lights feature among the creative lights for Halloween because they are available in various designs and colors. We especially liked the combo of the moon and bat in hot pink.

These are not overtly large lights and measure around 7 x 10-inches. Of course, the dimensions will vary as per the design.

Interestingly, these neon Halloween lights support two alternative light sources. You can connect them to a USB power source like a power bank or a low-power adapter. Or, you can connect batteries for a wireless look.

These lightweight lights are bright and do not cost an arm and a leg.

Pair it with: A Spider Window Net Light to add variety to your setup. They are affordable, and the purple pink will complement the pink of the neon lights.

3. Light Up the Porch – Govee Smart LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are a defacto addition to festivities, whether it’s Halloween, Christmas, or New Year. They help give the necessary glow to porches & patios, and the ones by Govee are no different. These are long 16.4ft, and bring Alexa and Google Assistant support to the table. And there’s more to the story.

These LED strip lights sync to the music. So if you have plans to set up a speaker in your front yard (yes, those ominous tracks), these slights will play along just fine.

The Govee LED lights support around 16 million colors, and the companion app makes it a cakewalk to change the color or pick the right shade of color. The same is true of the brightness. The best part is that you can also set a timer for the light. And the Alexa & Google Assistant voice commands make it a beauty to control the lights or schedule a routine.

Finally, you can leave them out to re-use them during Christmas. These Govee lights are popular on Amazon and have received over 50,000 user ratings, with users loving them for their versatility and brightness.

Pair it with: White Ghost Signs to act as a silhouette against the light of the LED strips lights. They are the perfect accessory for both day and night.

4. Hello, Ominous Presence – Vanchi Floating Candles

You can hang candles on your porch and driveway to creatively amp up your Halloween decorations. The Vanchi Floating Candles are LED-driven tapered candles that will add their share of creepy vibes to your Halloween evening. They are suspended through the transparent fishing line, and you can adjust the length as per your liking. yep, full Harry Potter vibes.

The candles are lightweight and run on AAA batteries. Once installed, you can light them on/off via a remote. Yep, no ladders are needed to light them up.

The candles can last up to 6 hours on a single charge. However, climbing up and changing the batteries can be a hassle. That said, these non-flickering candles will be a cool addition to your Halloween lights.

Pair it with: A stack of flickering battery-operated candles that gives off bright yellow lights.

5. Let the Walls Come to Life – Ustellar RGB LED Flood Lights

Don’t limit your Halloween fun to just your porch and driveway. Let your walls come alive in vibrant hues with floodlights. The Ustellar floodlights kets you play with a million colors. That shade of Halloween Orange that you have been eyeing? Yes, you can have that too. These 25W lights are bright and can light up walls, statues, and garden objects with ease.

The kickstand at the back makes them easy to prop up. And the remote ensures that you can change the lights or cycle through different color effects. The remotes are IR remotes, so you’ll have to stand in front of the lights to do any modifications.

Pair it with: A Halloween lights LED projector like the one from Auxiwa Store. You can use them indoors and outdoors.

6. String Up the Lights – Govee Smart Outdoor String Lights

No Halloween light decoration is complete without a simple string of lights. The versatility of these lights means you can just let them hang. Or, you can wrap them around trees, dummy skeletons, hedges, or lay them over Jack o’ Lanterns. In such cases, the Govee smart outdoor lights are your perfect companion. These smart string lights support Wi-Fi and bring in Alexa & Google Assistant compatibility for voice commands.

You can also choose the color for the individual lights. These are outdoor lights and are rated IP65. So yeah, you can leave them out.

Like the Govee LED strips above, these lights bundle the music sync feature. Plus, additional features like Schedule on/off and Sleep make them highly versatile.

It’s a long string light and measures around 96ft, and you can combine two lengths. More importantly, they have an insane build quality and are super bright.

Pair it with: Solar-powered ghost stake lights. These are small but can be used to light up pathways.

Let the Spookiness Prevail

Indeed, creative lights for Halloween lets you add your flair. However, the most important is to plug all these lights into power strips and power adapters that are safe to use and ones that can handle voltage surges or fluctuations. And yes, keep fire-fighting equipment always handy if you add traditional fire-based lanterns to the mix.

Last updated on 13 October, 2022

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