6 Best Compact Power Strips With USB Ports

Almost all the portable devices available today feature USB-based charging. Though most of these devices support fast charging, the issue with charging multiple USB-based devices is that they leave little room in the power socket for other house-hold devices. For example, if you charge your smartphone and your smartwatch on your nightstand using two separate adapters, there is no room left for the lampshade or the humidifier. Thankfully, there are quite a few power strips with both USB ports and power sockets to power all your devices effortlessly.

Best Compact Power Strips With USB Ports

Quite naturally, you will be able to charge all your device at the same time. And the small and compact form factor means you will have plenty of space available to keep other things. The best part is that these power strips can be used almost anywhere, be it at your office desk, kitchen counter, or the corner next to your Christmas tree.

So here are our recommendations for the best compact power strips with USB ports. But before that,

1. Anker PowerExtend USB-C 3 Capsule

  • Total outlets: 6 | USB ports: 3 | USB power: 15W (USB-A) + 45W (USB-C)

The Anker PowerExtend is one of the premium power strips available out of the worthy options. Anker combines USB ports with conventional power outlets in this one. Also, the strip bundles a USB-C port with 45W Power Delivery. Yes, you read that right. With this small power strip, you can charge your phones, tablets, and a few compact laptops (of course, not too fast though).

It’s cleverly designed since the power outlets are at the back while the USB ports and LED indicators are at the front. The latter allows you to see the status of the power strip from time to time.

With an oval outlook and modern styling, the PowerExtend means it will blend easily on your nightstand, cabinets, or even your desk. The convention USB-A ports support a power output of 15W, which is enough to charge phones and tablets at a decent speed.

It’s popular on Amazon and has gathered more than 300 reviews. People have praised this USB power strip for its portability, material quality, and 6ft cord length, giving you ample wriggle room.

Quite naturally, the Anker PowerExtend costs a lot more than its counterparts, primarily because of its features and compact shape. However, if you find a decent deal during the holiday seasons or one of the many sales, I’d say not to miss that one.

2. Teckin Smart Power Strip

  • Total outlets: 8 | USB ports: 4 | USB power: N/A

The crux of the Teckin power strip is its smartness. It’s a smart power strip meaning you can control some of its features from your mobile or through Alexa voice commands. It’s also compatible with Google Assistant. Cool, right? This gives you the ability to convert bulbs and other electronics into smart products. Being a smart power strip, it brings a lot of features to the table. For example, you can set the timer of each USB outlet and then control them individually. All you need to know is their name, and that’s about it. The rest will be taken care of by Alexa.

This power strip has a simple setup process, and several users have echoed this as part of their reviews on Amazon. The best part is that it’s small and compact and fits easily into corners or below office desks.

Apart from the four USB ports, there are four AC power outlets. All the outlets have sufficient gaps between them that allows you to plug and unplug devices without much effort. It’s worth noting that the Teckin Smart Power Strip doesn’t have energy monitoring.

The only limitation is that the power cord measures just 3.28ft in length which can be a bit problematic for some.

3. APC Smart Plug Wi-Fi Power Strip

  • Total outlets: 6 | USB ports: 4 | USB power: 2.4A (shared)

If you want a slightly bigger power strip, you can take a peep at the APC Smart Plug. This one comes with a total of six power outlets and a trio of USB ports. It can also be controlled via its companion app or Amazon Alexa. The initial setup isn’t that hard, and once that’s done, you control it directly through the Alexa app or voice commands. Or, you can set timers and schedules to control lights and other such devices.

However, Alexa integration is not one of the smoothest, though controlling through the in-house APC Schneider app is smooth.

The APC Smart Plug Wi-Fi Power Strip is UL certified. If you must know, UL is a certification agency that sets industry-wide standards. At the same time, it comes with surge protection to keep the connected equipment safe from voltage fluctuations. It also packs a couple of LED lights that let you know the status of the power strip.

However, it’s not perfect and comes with its share of limitations. For one, you can’t group the USB ports into a group. You will need to handle and program them individually. Secondly, it’s compatible only with Amazon Alexa and not Google Home.

4. Anker PowerPort Cube

  • Total outlets: 6 | USB ports: 3 | USB power: 18W

If the amount of space occupied by a power strip is a matter of concern for you, you can’t go wrong with the Anker PowerPort. It’s shaped like a cube and looks just a little bigger than a tennis ball, as suggestive of its name. However, let the size not deter you, for it’s powerful. Apart from that, it can bundle a total of 6 power adapters, including USB cables, in a small spot and provide adequate energy.

It has a clever design. All the 3 power plugs are located in three individual faces of the power strip. This design gives you easy access regardless of the shapes and size of the plug. As you may have expected, this compact power strip comes in handy when you want to keep cables and wires heading in the same direction, such as your desktop space, TV area, or your nightstand.

At the same time, the power switch is at the top. Interestingly, it’s equipped with indicator light. The USB ports have an output of around 3.6A, thereby letting you fast-charge compatible phones.

At less than $20, it’s easily affordable. For now, it has amassed a decent number of reviews. As per Fakespot’s estimates, around 80% of the reviews are reliable and can be trusted.

5. Tessan Store Desktop Charging Station

  • Total outlets: 6 | USB ports: 3 | USB power: 12W each port

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Tessan Store Desktop Charging station is its size. This one is super compact and measures just about 3.9 x 3.9 x 1.1 inches. Needless to say, you can carry it easily in your backpack or travel bag when traveling. It’s a non-smart device, and the USB ports can be used only for charging. Each port delivers around 2.4A of power. While you may not get super-fast charging, it should be enough to get the charge flowing to your phone or tablet.

As noted earlier, this power strip is small enough to fit behind desks. If you have strong adhesive strips handy, you can even mount it sideways on your desk. It bundles a 5-foot long cable and the flat three-prong plug makes it easy to plug into crowded power outlets or behind furniture.

It has a power rating of 125V/10A, which should be enough to power through most small appliances like smartphone chargers, LED lights, or wireless charging pads, among others.

Another advantage is the onboard power switch which makes it easy to switch all the connected appliances at once, instead of reaching out behind tables and desks for the AC power switch.

6. One Beat Power Strip

  • Total outlets: 5 | USB ports: 3 | USB power: 12W

If you are looking for a budget power strip for a short duration, the One Beat Power Strip will be a good option. It bundles a total of 5 power outlets, out of which 3 are USB ports. It’s flat and compact and can be placed easily behind sofas and beds. While the USB ports do not have as much high output as some of their counterparts above, it can be safely said that at 2.4A, it will get the job done.

It ships with a 5ft long braided cord. The braided exterior is a plus as it protects the interior from daily wear and tear, and several people have pointed this in their reviews.

So, if you want an affordable power strip that does it all, the One Beat Power Strip is the one for you.

Power Up

These were some of the best compact power strips out there. The compact nature means you can simply wrap up the power cord and toss the power strip in your backpack. And when you are not traveling, you can easily connect your essential devices and then push them under your sofa or desks.

It goes without saying that the integration of smart plugs gives a new twist to the idea of a power strip since it allows you to control them directly from your phone.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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