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One of the cool ways to make your mundane photos interesting is by applying the color splash effect to them. For the unaware, in this effect, your picture is black and white, where only a specific area or object is colored. That makes the object pop up, so this effect is also called color pop. We have handpicked 7 best color splash apps for your Android phone in this post.

Best Color Splash Apps Android Fi

Most of the apps go by the name color splash, but they differ in their features. While some automatically make the image black and white except one color, others make you work hard. Some of the apps mentioned below even provide the recolor feature. So you are getting two benefits in one.

We have mentioned how to use the color splash effect in all these apps. Let’s check the free color pop apps for Android.

1. Paletta - Smart Color Splash

If you are looking for a color splash app that is both manual and automatic, Paletta would be a good choice. When you add a photo in the app, it extracts its colors and shows them in the color palette at the bottom. Once the picture becomes grey, you need to tap on the color in the color palette that you want to show in the picture. You can enable multiple colors this way.

Best Color Splash Apps Android 1
Best Color Splash Apps Android 2

If you want to manually apply or remove the color from any part of the picture, use the brush and eraser options present on the left side. Enable zoom from the left side to increase or decrease the size of the picture using the pinch-in-and-out gesture.

Best Color Splash Apps Android 3


  • Color extraction works well
  • No ads
  • Can compare with the original picture


  • Cannot adjust brush or eraser size

Size: 6MB

2. Color Splash Effect

From the house of Colorful Filter Studio that has produced other interesting photo-editing apps comes the Color Splash Effect app. The app comes with a built-in photo editor too that you can either access at the start by tapping on Beauty option or use it after applying the color splash effect.

Best Color Splash Apps Android 4

It lets you add the color-pop effect in two ways — smart and free color. In both of them, you have to color the required area manually. However, when you use the first option, the app tries to keep the color inside the object’s boundary. That’s why it’s called Smart Color. If you don’t like that behavior, you can color using the Free Color option.

Tip: Use small strokes near the object boundary when using Smart Color for better results.
Best Color Splash Apps Android 5
Best Color Splash Apps Android 6


  • Smart color feature


  • No brush size
  • Cannot compare with the original picture

Size: 15MB

3. Color Touch Effects

With a small size of 4MB, the Color Touch Effects app not only lets you add color splash effect, but it offers other effects too. You can even add a caption to your photos right inside this app.

Best Color Splash Apps Android 8

When it comes to the color splash effect, the app doesn’t provide any automatic configuration. You need to apply the color by tapping on the Original option manually. Use the Mono button to erase the added color. Fortunately, you can adjust the brush size and opacity in this app.

Best Color Splash Apps Android 7


  • Adjustable brush available
  • Can zoom without pressing any button


  • No automatic mode

Size: 4MB

4. Color Splash Effect Photo Editor

This app works in three ways. First, it offers the traditional way of applying the color splash effect, i.e., by brushing on the required area. For that, tap on the hand icon in the bottom panel. Then color the desired area.

Best Color Splash Apps Android 9
Best Color Splash Apps Android 10

Secondly, similar to the Paletta app, it lets you apply the color automatically from the color palette. To use this mode, tap on the color picker icon.

Best Color Splash Apps Android 11

Thirdly, you can apply the effect using shapes. When you add a shape, the area inside it will be colored. You can reverse the effect and make the outside area colored by tapping on the shape in the bottom panel.

Best Color Splash Apps Android 12


  • Multiple modes


  • Cannot adjust brush size

Size: 9MB

5. Partial Color Master

What makes this app interesting is the fact that it extracts colors automatically depending on the selected area. Once you've extracted the colors, you need to tap on the required color to apply it to the image. You can even adjust its intensity.

Best Color Splash Apps Android 13
Best Color Splash Apps Android 14

After doing the automatic color splash, you can then manually apply the effect by brushing the required area. You can even remove the color.

Best Color Splash Apps Android 15


  • Can view the original image
  • Automatic color extraction works well
  • Brush size available


  • Adds watermark
  • Pop-up ads

Size: 15MB

6. Color Splash Effect Photo Edit

If you are looking for a simple app for a color splash with no extra drama, you should try this app. The app doesn’t provide automatic or smart features to make the required area different from the black and white picture. You have to color the picture manually. However, it does provide the necessary features for manual coloring. That is, you can adjust the brush size, erase the effect, and zoom the picture for better clarity.

Best Color Splash Apps Android 16
Best Color Splash Apps Android 17

Interestingly, you can even add a new color to the picture using the Color feature. And if you want, you can use a predefined shape to add color pop effect.

Tip: Use the pinch-in-and-out gesture to change the size of the shape.
Best Color Splash Apps Android 18


  • Easy to use
  • Many shapes


  • No automatic mode

Size: 6MB

7. Color Splash Effect

The reason I like this app is that it provides all the required features on a single screen. You don’t have to go back and forth for anything. You can change the brush size and opacity from the same screen too. For better results, the app offers a magnifying glass to check the border of the object that you are coloring.

Best Color Splash Apps Android 19
Best Color Splash Apps Android 20

Even though the app doesn’t provide any automatic mode, the manual feature works flawlessly. You can also use the Recolor feature for unique results.

Best Color Splash Apps Android 21


  • Recolor feature
  • Lets you undo the changes


  • Occasional ads

Size: 6MB

Bonus App: Google Photos

Last but not least, you should try the color splash effect of Google Photos. You will find it by the name Color Pop. Tap on it to let Google Photos automatically create a color pop effect. You cannot apply this effect manually in this app. However, you can adjust the size of the effect by tapping on Color Pop again and then using the slider.

Note: This feature mostly works for Portrait mode photos.
Best Color Splash Apps Android 22
Best Color Splash Apps Android 23

Make Your Photos Cool

Thanks to such apps, you can play with your images and give them a new look without using complicated tools such as Photoshop. We hope you liked the above list of color splash apps. All the apps are free. In case you want more, you should check the color pop effect in the Snapseed app too.

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