4 Best Color Laser Printers for Homes and Offices

It can be challenging to choose between an inkjet and a laser printer. Inkjet printers are more affordable at the time of purchase. However, they require cartridges that could burn a hole in your wallet as time passes. On the other hand, laser printers are a pricey affair. On the flip side, they offer cost-effective printing in the long run. So, if you’re on the lookout for the best color laser printers, read on.

best color laser printers for home and office

The recommendations that follow are based on features, price, efficiency, multifunctionality, etc. Some printers are even compatible with voice commands. You can pick the one best suited to your usage. Before we get to the printers though, here are some other articles that may interest you.

1. Xerox C235/DNI Multifunction Printer

Prints per minute: 22

xerox laser printer

Xerox is synonymous with the printing industry. And, the company’s C235 is a compact yet multi-functional printer fit for a home office. It has remote printing abilities along with an intuitive display which makes it easy to operate.

With the ability to print, scan, copy, and even fax, the Xerox C235 color laser printer is truly a multifunctional product. And the printer’s built-in wireless connectivity chops just add to the convenience. If you’re caught up in a meeting, you can remotely print using Apple AirPrint or via Xerox’s app.

The printer is relatively lightweight and hence, is easy to shift around. This makes it perfect for home use. That said, the ability to print 22 A4 pages a minute can make it a perfect companion for smaller offices as well.

Thanks to the intuitive intelligence feature of the Xerox printer – it automatically performs tasks such as auto cropping an image or even straightening images by itself. With all the positives, there’s one downside as per users. To wit, some users cite that the toner used by the printer can be slightly heavy on the pockets.

2. HP Color LaserJet Pro M255DW

Prints per minute: 22

HP color laserjet pro

HP’s LaserJet Pro printer isn’t just a cost-effective solution for your printing needs, but it also supports Alexa, thereby furthering its AI smarts. The HP Smart app also allows you to set shortcuts for quick printing. Needless to say, the feature will be quite useful if you perform a particular function repeatedly.

The HP Color LaserJet Pro can seamlessly churn out printouts. All you need to do is mutter a voice command, like -“Hey Alexa, print the balance sheet using my HP Color LaserJet Pro” and voilà! Of course, you can also use the printer’s 2.7-inch color touchscreen panel to print documents. Heck, you can even print wirelessly via your laptop or smartphone.

The LaserJet Pro can print and organize documents quicker too. All you need to do is add shortcuts in the HP Smart App on your smartphone. For example, say you must print 50 copies of a particular document in landscape orientation and with a set border. You can program a shortcut for the aforementioned task within the app.

So the next time you want to print the document with that same preset, all you have to do is hit a single button on the app. Now that’s a feature most offices will appreciate! Since HP offers excellent support, the LaserJet Pro is an excellent multifunction color laser printer for home use as well.

3. Lexmark MC3326i

Prints per minute: 26

Lexmark color printer

The Lexmark laser printer’s USP is that it is environmentally friendly. Not only is the printer CarbonNeutral certified, but it can use up to 100% recycled paper, which is excellent. Additionally, the fast wireless printing potential of the MC3326i makes it a perfect fit for small businesses.

What’s more, the MC3326i is an all-in-one color laser printer that can scan, copy, fax, and of course print. You can control all the functions via the touch screen panel, Wi-Fi, or the mobile app. Coming to the meat of the matter, the printer can overturn 26 pages per minute, thereby making it slightly faster than its peers.

It’s also worth noting that the Lexmark printer’s external chassis is built with stainless steel instead of plastic. Lexmark also offers a subscription service for its toners — something that workplaces might consider.

If anything, we would’ve liked to see support for voice commands with Lexmark’s offering. The same holds particularly true when you factor in more affordable printers like the HP Color LaserJet Pro, that support Alexa.

4. Brother Business Color Laser Printer

Prints per minute: 33

Brother office printer

If you’re part of a big workgroup that wishes to print with minimal interventions, the Brother color laser printer is for you. For one, the device’s print speed is the highest among all printers on this list. Moreover, the Brother wireless printer provides cost-efficient bulk printing, albeit it misses out on some features.

As its moniker suggests, the Brother Business Color Laser Printer is geared toward offices. You can even deploy it in a household with a lot of members. In fact, it’s a good investment if you plan on opening a small printing business. Users claim that the printer can print numerous copies on a single toner cartridge which is a big plus.

That’s not all, as the printer ships with dual paper trays. As such, you can store 250 and 500 sheets of paper on the trays. This way, you’ll rarely have to organize stacks of sheets to be used by the printer, which is a huge plus for office spaces. Moving on, the Brother printer comes with wireless, mobile-based, and ethernet printing options.

While all that’s good and dandy, the printer doesn’t support fax, scan, or copy functions. Needless to say, buyers looking for a more affordable and feature-laden printer should look elsewhere. Having said that, although the printer comes with a handful of features, it’s excellent at what it does. It’s also highly reliable so you can expect it to run smoothly for years.

FAQs for Color Laser Printers for Homes and Offices

1. Are laser printers worth the extra premium?

While laser printers could be a pricey investment, they’re economical in the long run. To elaborate, laser printers use toner powders. In contrast, inkjet printers use pricier ink cartridges. Laser printers can print marginally faster too. Moreover, seeing how the toner is in powder form, you don’t have to worry about the ink getting dried.

2. Can I print images using a laser printer?

Yes, laser printers can be used to print text or images.

3. Do laser printers have Wi-Fi?

Yes. Several laser printers come with Wi-Fi compatibility. All laser printers on this list can wirelessly print through Wi-Fi.

Print Swiftly

If you print a lot of copies regularly, your best bet is to get a color laser printer for your home or office. This way, you can print multiple copies quickly and efficiently. Depending on your usage, you can decide whether you want to get a multifunctional printer that can also copy or a standalone machine to perform a single function.

Last updated on 04 July, 2023

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