5 Best Clip-on Ring Lights for iPhones to Up Your Selfies

It’s no secret that the iPhone clicks beautiful selfies, and the group-selfie mode is useful to capture moments with your close ones. However, the lack of a proper flash for the selfie camera can be limiting, especially in low-light conditions. That’s where clip-on ring lights for iPhones come into play. As suggestive of their name, you can clip these on top of your iPhone. The soft glow from these lights pushes your selfie game by several notches.

Best Clip-on Ring Lights for iPhones

These clip-on ring lights are small and you can carry them in your purse or tote (see best work laptop tote bags for women). Most of these lights come with multiple light modes for you to switch between them as per the need of the hour. And guess what? They are not expensive.

So if you want to improve your selfie game, here are the best clip-on ring lights for iPhone. Let’s check them out. But first,

1. Sansent Mini Ring Light

If you want a small clip-on ring light, you can’t go wrong with the Sansent Mini Ring Light. It is as big as a watch’s dial and fits gently on top of the iPhone’s screen. The sizing is apt for the iPhone Mini or the iPhone 13.

Users love the brightness produced by this light. Also, you can switch between the three color modes – Warm Light, Cool White, and Day Light. You can choose the appropriate mode as per your preference.

It bundles a rechargeable battery on the inside, and on a single charge, it stays lit for a long time before calling it a day. The good news is that it doesn’t take long to recharge. A simple 15-minute charge can give you enough time.

2. LVYOUIF Selfie Light for iPhone and Android

The LVYOUIF Selfie Light packs nifty features with an open design and USB charging. It has 36 LED lights to glow up your face brilliantly for FaceTime calls and selfies. There’s a clip at the bottom for attaching it to the top of your phone.

The open design means the front camera remains unobstructed. And like the one above, you can switch between the three light modes with a simple button.

It’s a lightweight product, and the portability factor means you can slip it into your pocket when you step out. But the battery is less powerful. The best way to tackle this is to charge it before you leave your house.

The LVYOUIF selfie light is affordable. However, it’s not durable.

3. Disney Mickey Mouse Clip-on Selfie Ring Light

Do you like Mickey Mouse? If yes, check out iJoy Store’s Disney clip-on ring light for phones. This light is shaped like Mickey Mouse’s signature ears. The LED lights are arranged all around the corners and you get unhindered access to your iPhone’s camera. Besides, it comes in a Minnie mouse version as well.

It comes with the usual bells and whistles like 3 different might modes and color temperatures. It’s USB rechargeable but don’t expect a phenomenal battery life. You can use a high-power power bank to juice it up when needed.

The light is bright with three distinct settings to adjust brightness levels. Users like it for its quirky shape and the affordable price tag. However, compared to other phone clip-on ring lights, it has a slightly bigger shape.

4. Kimwood Clip-on Ring Light

The highlight of the Kimwood Clip-on ring light is the tiny clip at the bottom which makes it highly versatile. You can use it on your phone, tablet, and laptop. Remember to align the selfie camera between the clip, and you will be in the clear. Thanks to its versatility, you can use it for casual outings and virtual work meetings.

The Kimwood Clip-on ring light is popular on Amazon, and users have spoken highly of its easy-to-use nature and brightness. The lamps are bright and give a soft glow to your face.

Again, battery longevity is the same here. You’ll be sorted if you plan to shoot only a few photos. If you need a selfie flash with long battery life, you should look at something like the Newmowa Rechargeable Clip-on Light.

5. LITTIL Selfie One

The LITTIL Selfie One stays true to its name and brings a tiny selfie clip-on ring to the table. You can use it on both the front camera and the back camera of your iPhone, and that’s probably its best feature. And yes, it fits over the camera lenses of the iPhone Pro Max variants. The lights are bright and you should have no issues clicking bright and well-lit selfies.

The brightness is enough for you to create videos or for capturing selfies in low light. It’s extremely lightweight, and you can carry it in your pocket. Again, the battery life is short. Hence, if you can get a two-pack ring light, then there’s nothing like it.

Light! Camera! Action!

These were some of the best clip-on ring lights for iPhones. Most of these accessories can be used on your iPad and laptop. The only issue is that the compact battery means you won’t get light for a long time. And if that’s a major showstopper, you should have a peek at a wired ring light for your laptop.

At the same time, if you often shoot in low light, you may want to check out a small tripod for your phone to land more stable shots.

Last updated on 15 December, 2022

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