Top 5 Clear Cases for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live Earphones

If you own a pair of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live earphones, you must already know that these earphones and charging cases are too gorgeous to keep them wrapped inside an opaque protective case. One of the best solutions to this is to get a clear or transparent case. It goes without saying that a clear case will let the earphones’ gorgeous colors shine in all its glory while safeguarding it from scratches, bumps, and effects of daily use.

Top Best Clear Cases for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Here are a few of our recommendations for some clear and transparent cases for the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live earphones. The best part about these cases is that they maintain the low-profile look of the Galaxy Buds Live’s case and do not add additional bulk.

Let’s get started.

1. Ringke Hinge Case

Over the last several years, Ringke has quickly climbed up the popularity ladder, thanks to their design and quality. The Hinge Case is another case from the same company and promises to enhance your wireless buds‘ case’s safety. It doesn’t look ugly and lends a rather unusual look to the charging case, thanks to the protruding hinge on the sides.

The best part is that here, you do not have to rely on sticky adhesive strips to keep the case in position. The charging case slips into the cover, and the cover in question wraps around it. Since the top and bottom ends are joined together by a hinge, you won’t have to worry about losing or missing a part.

The cuts are precise, and you shouldn’t have any issues in charging the case or checking the indicator lights at the front. In fact, the area around the hinge has been kept completely clear so that you do not have any issues in opening the case to retrieve the bean-shaped buds.

So far, it has received some impressive user reviews, with many users liking it for its sturdy nature and the quality of the material used.

The case also comes with a loop on the side that allows you to attach a carabiner or a lanyard to it.

Did You Know: The LED indicator on the Buds Live glows green when the battery is full and slowly turns red as it depletes.

2. Ascar Clear Cover

Like the one above, the Ascar case is a one-piece case and attaches to the charging case without any issues. It’s coated with microdots that prevent the case from sticking directly to the case. Aside from that, it has the usual features, such as a non-slippery surface and a snug fit.

And guess what, when you hold up the charging case straight up with the case on, the hinges on the edges look like adorable cat ears, and this definitely is a plus if you are a cat lover.

Do note that clear cases do not provide as much protection as their rugged or silicon counterparts, thankfully, they can absorb the brunts of minor falls and drops.

The Ascar case is available in four colors. So yeah, you can pick from Clear Blue, Clear Gray, or go with the default clear case.

3. Newseego Hard Cover

If a flexible and soft case is not your idea of an ideal case, you might want to check the one by Newseego. It’s a hardshell case, and its crux is its slim and low-profile look. That means it doesn’t add much bulk to the Buds Live case and preserves its looks. The hinges are at the edges, and the charging port is kept clear of any flaps or covers.

Like the case above, this one is also coated with microdots and doesn’t let smudges or watermarks form between the charging case and the cover.

The Newseego case ships with a keychain. But if you ask me, I am a bit apprehensive about swinging a $150+ pair of earphones along with my keys. On the plus side, you can go ahead and hook it with your bag’s keychain so as not to lose them.

Note that here’s a gap near the hinges, which will allow dust and grim to enter the case. Should you buy this case, keep a reminder to wipe the insides from time to time.

4. Ringke Slim-X Case

So what makes the Ringke Slim-X Case special? For starters, this is among the few two-piece cases for the Buds Live. That means there are no protruding hinges, ugly or not. Secondly, you get a snug fit. Another key feature of this case is the non-slip pad at the bottom, and as you have already guessed, it keeps the case anchored to table surfaces.

Moreover, this Slim-X case has stylish cutting at the back and front. The latter does the double duty of lending a stylish edge while at the same time, letting you open the case without any issues.

Apart from the above, it has the usual frills like micro-dots, lanyard hole, and a grippy surface. And yeah, it allows wireless charging.

5. Cutie Cat Clear Hard Case

Are you a cat person? If yes, you will love the Cutie Cat Clear Hard Case (quite a mouthful, no?). These adorable cases have hinges on the edges similar to the Ringke Hinge case, which gives the case the appearance of a cat’s face (in an adorable way). And if that was not enough, you also get adorable cat stickers on top of the case. These cases will lend a cute look to your Galaxy Buds Live.

The case is a hardshell case and is designed to protect the content inside from scratches and bruises. The best part is that it fits snugly and doesn’t add much bulk to the charging case.

In fact, the thin lip on the edges makes it easy to open the case. There’s a loop as well. Perhaps, you can attach an additional cart charm to express your love for cats? The possibilities are endless (**wink wink**).

The only issue you might have is that the cat sticker is printed on the outside and over time, it might get scratched off. Plus, the branding is a tad loud for my taste.

Let Them Shine

These were some of the clear cases you can get for your Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. The good thing about most of these cases is that they can easily slip on and take off. This further gives you the flexibility to apply additional cases. If you are a fan of silicon cases, check out the Woocon Boba Pearl Milk Tea case.

Plus, you can wirelessly charge the case seamlessly with the case on. All you need to remember is to wipe the insides of the case from time to time, and the chances are that the protective casing will last you a long time.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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