7 Best Clear Cases for Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

Smartphones indeed look their best without a back cover or case, and the same is true of the Samsung Galaxy S23 smartphone. However, the Galaxy S23 series phones are susceptible to scratches and scuff marks. A clear case or a cover helps to prevent that and, at the same time, lets you flaunt the OG color of your new smartphone. With that in mind, we have compiled a list of the best Samsung Galaxy S23 clear cases that you can buy.

Top Transparent Cases for Samsung Galaxy S23 Series

These clear cases are lightweight and will only add a little bulk to the overall form factor of your phone. It is a huge plus, especially in the case of the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

So if you want to keep things low-key, here are our recommendations for the best clear cases for the Samsung Galaxy S23 series phone. But first,

1. Phokhio Galaxy S23 Ultra Clear Case

  • Variant: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

The Phokhio clear case for the Galaxy S23 Ultra brings the best of both worlds with polycarbonate and TPU. The polycarbonate edges provide a firm grip with the TPU back. Aside from that, it packs in the usual bells and whistles like corner protection and raised bezels to protect the display and cameras at the back. Further, the thin form factor facilitates easy wireless charging.

The raised bezels are a blessing for big phones like the Galaxy S23 Plus. Not only do they protect the camera lenses from scuff marks, but they also add to the stability of the device. That comes into the picture, especially if you keep the phone on its back.

That said, the Phokhio case has received decent reviews from its user base where people appreciate its build quality. While it doesn’t add much bulk to the phone, the clear back is a fingerprint magnet.

2. Osophter Transparent Case

  • Variant: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

If air-cushioned corners are your foremost priority, you’ll need to look at the Osophter transparent case. It bundles in visible raised edges that protect the corners during minor falls or bumps against walls and door frames. It’s a fully transparent case to let you flaunt the cool colors of your Galaxy S23 Ultra.

Like its counterparts above, the buttons are covered. And a user has pointed out that the buttons are easy to push. If you must know, some clear cases, especially the inexpensive clear cases, have rigid and hard buttons.

It’s a TPU case and has a good grip. But it’s not without its share of limitations. For one, the raised corners may make it a little difficult to get the phone out of your trouser pockets. Secondly, the case may turn yellow over time. However, if these are not dealbreakers for you, then the Osophter transparent case is a good buy, especially considering the price.

3. Wilbur Shockproof Transparent Phone Cases

  • Variant: Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus

Another fully transparent case for the Galaxy S23 Plus is the one by Wilbur. Don’t let the simple looks of the case deter you from buying it. Packing a military-grade drop protection up to 10 ft, this case promises a slim fit on your Galaxy S23. It wraps around the phone and protects it from scratches and scuff marks.

Like its counterparts above, it bundles padded corners to deflect the effects of falls and drops. Apart from that, you will find the usual features like button covers and cutouts for ports and the mic. Note that the cover around the camera module is slightly different than most of its counterparts.

The Wilbur clear case is a little more expensive than its counterparts above. On the upside, this Samsung S23 clear case is backed by a 1-year warranty. That said, if you do not want to splurge, then this is one of the best clear cases for the Galaxy S23 Plus.

4. Ringke Fusion

  • Variant: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Rinke is known for their quality cases, and the clear case for the Galaxy S23 Ultra is no different. The highlight of this case is the lanyard holes at the side. Using these holes, you can loop in a charm or a conventional lanyard to give your phone a character of its own. That said, this Ringke Fusion case is made from a mixture of polycarbonate and TPU. While the soft TPU adds its share of grip, the hard PC back helps to negate the effects of bumps and impacts.

The Ringke Fusion for the Galaxy S23 is well-built and durable. The hardback ensures the case doesn’t warp or change its shape in the long run. More importantly, it will protect your phone from daily wear and tear.

It’s available in three color variants, including a Black Matte variant.

5. Simtect Crystal Clear for Samsung Galaxy S23

  • Variant: Samsung Galaxy S23
simpact clear case S23

Simtect Crystal Clear for Samsung Galaxy S23

Simtect may not be as popular as some of the known brands, yet this company has brought a nifty clear case for the Galaxy S23 this year. For one, it’s crystal clear, and the color of the phone shines through in all its glory. At the same time, it’s slim and has a good in-hand feel. More importantly, it has a snug fit and several users have heaped praises on it for the fit. Cool, right?

The Simtect clear case also does its share of duties in shielding the phone from scratches and everyday wear and tear. Further, it’s certified by military standard drop protection and can survive drops up to 10ft. 

6. TORRAS Diamond Clear Case

  • Variant: Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus
TORRAS Diamond Clear case S23

TORRAS Diamond Clear Case

Torras has made a good name for itself in the smartphone accessories arena for its durable cases, and the one for the new Samsung phone is no exception. This one is a hard PC case and lets you show the soft colors of your Galaxy S23 in all its glory. At the same time, the soft TPU bumper gives off a good in-hand feel.

Though the buttons are covered, they have a good tactile response, and several users have mentioned the same in their reviews. More importantly, this Torras clear case fits the Galaxy S23 Plus like a glove. And yes, it bundles essential features like raised lips along the camera module and the screen.

The Torras clear case for Samsung Galaxy S23 Plus has been climbing up on the popularity charts on Amazon. It’s reasonably priced and brings a sturdy phone case to the table.

7. ESR Boost Kickstand Case

  • Variant: Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra
ESR ring stand for galaxy S23

ESR Boost Kickstand Case

The ESR Ring Stand is not just your average clear case for the Galaxy S23 Ultra. Aside from protecting your case from scratches and dings, this one also bundles a neat metallic kickstand at the back. The best part is that the kickstand doesn’t hamper wireless charging. Yes, you read that right. Here, the kickstand is located around the camera module. All you need to do is pull it out and prop up your phone horizontally.

As opposed to the all-clear look of the Galaxy S23 cases above, the ESR Ring Stand bundles a PC bumper and a TPU back. And as you may have already guessed, this is a 360-degree case and has a screen protector.

It’s a well-built case, and the protection is on point. The only downside is that it’s bulky and feels big on the already beefy Galaxy s23 Ultra. That said, if you want a mix of clear and rugged, it is one of the best clear rugged cases for the Galaxy S23 Ultra.

FAQs About Clear Cases:

What’s the best to clean a phone case?

It’s fairly easy to clean a phone case. You can either use a mild soap solution to clean the case. Alternatively, dab a microfiber cloth with an alcohol-based sanitizer and wipe the case.

Do clear cases turn yellow?

Yes, clear cases tend to turn yellow over time due to silicone or TPU reacting to oil, sweat, and UV light over time.

As Clear as Daylight

These were some of the best clear cases for the Samsung Galaxy S23 that you can buy. Since these cases are thin and lightweight, you can charge your phone wirelessly without taking off the case. Remember to clean the cases once in a while (see best desk cleaning tools), and you will be in the clear.

Last updated on 17 March, 2023

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