7 Best Chrome Extensions to View and Switch Between Tabs

When you have more than 20 tabs open in Chrome, it becomes difficult to manage and navigate between them. One cannot even view the favicon properly, forget about the title of the tab. That’s where tab manager extensions come to our rescue. They provide a bird’s eye view of all the open tabs and let you switch between them easily. Let’s check the 7 best extensions for Chrome to view and switch between tabs.

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These extensions will also offer an instant tab search to find the right tab in a second without clicking on each tab. Some extensions also let you reorder your tabs and group them according to the website.

Let’s see what each extension has to offer. Here’s our curated list of 7 extensions to manage tabs easily in Chrome.

1. Tabli

Tabli is a simple tab manager that shows you the list of all the currently open tabs in a vertical order. For better clarity, the extension only shows the tab title and not its URL. You can switch to any tab by clicking on it. To reorder tabs, use the drag and drop method in the extension window. The extension also lets you save your tabs for later use.

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The extension offers a fast search to find the required tab when you need it. Interestingly, you can activate a pop-up window that you can move around and view or switch between tabs from anywhere. Click on the tiny Pop-out window icon at the top-left corner of the extension to activate and hide it.

Pro Tip: Check out a similar extension known as Tab Switcher, which lets you sort tabs according to URL.

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2. Tabman Tabs Manager

The thing that makes this extension special is its ability to scroll between open tabs using the mouse or the trackpad. You need to open the extension first in pop-up mode and then you can scroll between open tabs. Apart from that, you can search tabs, rearrange tabs, and easily close them from the extension itself.

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3. Quick Tabs

If you are looking for a single extension to manage your tabs and search through your bookmarks and web history, you will like Quick Tabs. For starters, it lists all the open tabs with the ability to switch and close them. However, you cannot reorder the tabs using this extension. But you can see the number of open tabs directly from the extensions bar using the number badge, which can be disabled in settings in case you don’t like it. The extension also shows a list of recently closed tabs.

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When it comes to search, that’s the defining factor of Quick Tabs extension. When you look for a tab, the extension searches for your bookmarks as well. Interestingly, you can search for bookmarks only by starting your search with /b or adding two spaces at the start of your search query. To search for browsing history, start the search by /h or three spaces. Moreover, the extension offers several customization options.

Pro Tip: Check out Super Focus Tabs extension that offers similar searching features through browsing history and bookmarks.

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4. Open Tabs

Like Quick Tabs, the Open Tabs extension also shows the number of open tabs in the extensions bar. If that bothers you, disable the badge in the extension settings. Unlike other extensions, this one will open up in a separate tab and not as a dock or pop-up window. You will be shown the title along with the URL of the tab. So if you want something like that, you should try this extension.

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You will find several categories of tabs – All tabs, Pinned Tabs, and Hidden tabs. While you cannot reorder tabs, you can pin, duplicate, and hide them from the extension itself. You can perform an action on multiple tabs simultaneously as well. And, of course, the extension offers search as well.

5. Manage My Tabs – Tab Manager

This extension also opens up in a new tab. What makes this special is that it organizes your tabs by website name. For instance, if I have 5 tabs open from guidingtech.com, they will show up under one group. That makes it easy to view and switch between open tabs. You can navigate to any tab and close it individually.

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Apart from tab search, you can customize the tab manager’s layout and choose the number of tabs and columns from the settings. You can also sort the tabs inside groups.

6. TabMate

Another simple tab manager extension is TabMate. Besides letting you view and switch between open tabs, you can reorder tabs using this extension. However, the thing that separates it from others is its ability to create Stashes. Those are a group of tabs that you can save for later use. You can create a stash from the right-click or the context menu as well. So if you are looking for a session manager and tab manager in one, you should try this extension.

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7. TooManyTabs for Chrome

If you want a colorful extension with a slightly different design to view your tabs, TooManyTabs might be the right choice. You will get both horizontal and vertical view of your tabs in this extension. Click on any tab to open it. You can customize the theme of the extension using the available colors at the bottom.

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The extension offers tab search and the ability to sort tabs according to name, web address, and creation time. You can even suspend tabs using this extension. The suspension of tabs also works from the context menu.

Divide and Rule

We hope you liked our list of extensions to view all of your tabs in Chrome. We want to give a special mention to Divider tabs extension. It basically divides your tabs and creates a new tab containing the list of open tabs to the right of the new tab. You can view and switch between open tabs from such divider tabs. The extension might feel a bit complicated for some who are looking for something simple. Hence, a special mention at the end. Which are your favorite Chrome extensions that we missed out? Share them in the comments section below.

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Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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