9 Best Cheap Wireless Earbuds Under $50

Wireless earbuds are all the rage in recent times, thanks to headphone jacks slowly disappearing from smartphones. Unlike a few years back, though, you don’t have to spend a lot on headphones even if you want good audio quality or you wish to take calls on the go. There are several brands offering cheap wireless earbuds for under $50.

best cheap wireless earbuds under $50

With so many options in the market, it can get rather confusing to decide which one to pick. To make your job easier, we’ve compiled a list of the best cheap wireless earbuds for under $50. Whether you want to use them while traveling, working out, or watching movies, we’ve got you covered.

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With that out of the way, here are the best earbuds on a budget.

1. JLab Go Air Pop True Wireless Earbuds

Battery life: 8 hours | Water resistance: IPX4

Starting this list is the JLab Go Air Pop which probably gets its name not only from its sound signature suited for pop music but also the colorful pop that you get on the exterior. One of its USPs is the long battery life which means you get 8+ hours of playtime on a single charge.

A simple Amazon search will reveal plenty of cheaper options for wireless earbuds but the JLab Go Air Pop is the most reliable of the lot. Despite being cheap, it doesn’t miss out on features like EQ, dual-connect, and IPX4 sweat resistance.

The earbuds give you 8 hours of playtime on a single charge while the charging case adds 24 hours bringing the total up to 32 hours. You also get touch controls on the earbuds.

Why you should buy it: If you’re on an extremely tight budget and want a reliable but affordable pair of wireless earbuds, this is your best bet.

2. JBL Vibe 100 TWS

Battery life: 5 hours | Water resistance: Nil

JBL is one of the most popular brands when it comes to audio accessories so a pair of cheap wireless earbuds from the brand would be something a lot of people would be interested in. It also has a unique design with an open top that makes it stand out.

The JBL Vibe 100 TWS earbuds are a nice option if you want a pair of budget wireless earbuds from a popular brand. While the sound signature is good if you love bass as per the reviews, you’re missing out on important features like an IP rating so we wouldn’t recommend using them while working out.

You get 5 hours of battery life on the earbuds with the case taking the total to 15. The open-top design, while unique, means you need to be careful about the earbuds falling off when the case is in your pocket or backpack. Note that some color variants of these earbuds are cheaper than the other so just go through all of them once before deciding which one to buy.

Why you should buy it: JBL is a reputed brand so you can get these earbuds if you want a pair of wireless earphones that will last you a long time without spending too much.

3. Skullcandy Sesh Evo Bluetooth Earbuds

Battery life: 5 hours | Water resistance: IP55

Skullcandy is yet another brand that was hugely popular back in the day for its earbuds. If you’re a bass-head and like to listen to hip-hop, the sound signature on these earbuds will surely impress you.

These are a great pair of TWS earbuds if you visit the gym often or you like going for a run. The IP55 rating onboard ensures the earbuds stay safe even with sweat or the occasional rain. You get 5 hours of battery life with the earbuds and an additional 19 hours with the case.

One USP of the Skullcandy Sesh Evo is the fact that it comes with Tile built-in which means if you lose your earbuds, you can easily look for them using your smartphone and locate them on the map.

Why you should buy it: If you work out regularly and want a pair of cheap wireless earbuds for running, this is a good option. It’s also nice for those who lose their earbuds often.

4. OnePlus Nord Buds

Battery life: 7 hours | Water resistance: IP55

The OnePlus Nord Buds promises deep bass so you’re getting a lot of emphasis on the low-end frequencies. These earbuds also include Dolby Atmos which is surely nice addition considering the price point.

OnePlus has gained quite some popularity in the west with its smartphones and now they’re venturing into accessories. The Nord Buds from OnePlus have a thumpy sound signature which a lot of people will appreciate.

These earbuds are also great for calls since you’re getting 4 mics onboard which make your voice sound clearer while cutting off background noise. You get a combined battery life of up to 30 hours with the case which is surely impressive.

Why you should buy it: If you’re someone who takes a lot of calls on the go, the OnePlus Nord Buds can be a good option for you. It’s also good if you like a lot of bass in your music.

5. realme Buds Air 3 Neo

Battery life: 5 hours | Water resistance: IPX5

While realme isn’t as popular in the US, the brand is huge in India and some other parts of the world. Most accessories made by realme including the Buds Air 3 Neo are great and reliable. You get 10mm dynamic bass drivers which improves the sound quality along with AI noise cancellation.

While you don’t get true Active Noise Cancellation with these earbuds, what you’re getting is ENC or environmental noise cancellation which essentially uses AI to cancel out background noise when you’re on a call.

The USP of these earbuds is the modern design on both the earbuds as well as the charging case. The reviews speak volumes of how good the sound signature on these earbuds is. So, if you’re looking for the best budget wireless earbuds in terms of sound quality, this is the one to get.

Why you should buy it: The sound quality and design are USPs of this product so if you want a pair of earbuds that looks and sounds great, this is the one to pick.

6. Soundcore by Anker Life A1 Wireless Earbuds

Battery life: 9 hours | Water resistance: IPX7

We’re now moving to products that have a lot more features than the standard EQ and water resistance. These earbuds are made by Anker which is quite a popular brand with accessories. You get extra-long battery life, fast charging, and better water resistance.

The Soundcore A1 has 3 custom sound modes that you can choose from depending on the kind of music you listen to. The 8mm drivers produce sound with up to 40% more bass and clearer treble as per the brand’s claims.

Apart from the sound quality, you get an IPX7 rating which is better than most earbuds in this price range. Another point in favor of these earbuds is that the battery life is up to 35 hours with the case which is excellent. And when it’s time to charge it, you get USB-C fast charging and wireless charging too, something that is rare at this price.

Why you should buy it: This is one of the most feature-rich wireless earbuds on a budget so you can surely consider it if you’re looking for an all-rounder that sounds well and lasts a long time.

7. Soundcore by Anker Life P3i ANC Earbuds

Battery life: 9 hours | Water resistance: Nil

Here’s yet another product from Soundcore by Anker, but this time with a slightly different set of features. Unlike the Soundcore A1, the Soundcore P3i has Active Noise Cancellation which is a great addition when traveling or if you just want to cut off background noise.

The Soundcore P3i is one of the most affordable wireless earbuds with ANC. If you’re on a flight or you take the metro often, ANC can help you cut off background noise to a large extent. You get 4 mics onboard to improve audio quality during calls too which is nice to have.

However, you have to make a trade-off at this price if you’re getting ANC and that comes in the form of water resistance. So, we wouldn’t recommend these for working out. Furthermore, the reviews say that these earbuds don’t stay snug in the ear if you move around a lot.

Why you should buy it: If you’re specifically looking for a pair of wireless earbuds under $50 with ANC, these will serve you well.

8. SoundPEATS Air 3

Battery life: 5 hours | Water resistance: IPX5

All the earbuds we mentioned up until now had the in-ear style design which means they’re similar to the AirPods Pro. However, this one from SoundPEATS has an open-ear style design similar to the original AirPods. If you prefer this design, these are great AirPods alternatives for under $50.

The SoundPEATS Air3 wireless earbuds are comfortable to wear for long periods, thanks to the open-ear design. They’re also great for calls so if you take many phone calls regularly, we recommend this design over in-ear-style earbuds.

As for sound quality and features, you get aptX-adaptive with 4 mics and CVC 8.0 noise cancellation. In simple terms, you get a good sound signature along with noise cancellation during calls. There’s also in-ear detection that pauses or plays music automatically.

Why you should buy it: For those who strictly prefer an open-ear design because they’re comfortable, this is your best bet. They’re not great for working out, though, since they might fall off.

9. JBL Tune 125 TWS Headphones

Battery life: 8 hours | Water resistance: Nil

The final option is also from JBL and these have one of the best sound quality among the earbuds mentioned on this list. You get JBL’s proprietary Pure Bass Sound that improves the sound signature. Apart from that, there’s support for Google fast pair to connect with your phone seamlessly.

As mentioned already, JBL has built a legacy around its audio products so these earphones are surely among the reliable ones if your priority is sound quality. However, you will have to sacrifice some features that you will get with earbuds from other brands.

For example, these earbuds miss out on water resistance so you can’t wear them to the gym. There’s no in-ear detection, ANC, or similar features that were present on the Soundcore earbuds. If you want cool features, you know these aren’t the earbuds to consider. However, they’re good for basic use and will be reliable for a long time.

Why you should buy it: These earbuds from JBL are reliable and will give you excellent sound quality albeit the fact that they’re missing quite a few useful features.

FAQs About Wireless Earbuds

1. How long do wireless earbuds last before breaking?

The answer to this question relies on a lot of factors. The major one is how you take care of your earbuds. If you store them properly and don’t drop them or throw them around often, you can expect them to last a few years. However, you may start seeing a decline in battery life after about a year on most wireless earbuds.

2. What is the range of truly wireless earbuds?

Since TWS earbuds connect via Bluetooth, the range will be close to 25-30 feet without any obstruction.

3. Are cheap Bluetooth earbuds worth it?

If you have a tight budget, you don’t have an option but to pick up a cheap pair of wireless earbuds. While they may not last as long as more expensive earbuds, they get the job done most of the time. You can also save up for a better pair of earbuds if you don’t want one urgently.

Enjoy Music on a Budget

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a reliable pair of wireless earbuds. Just pick up any of these best cheap wireless earbuds for under $50 and enjoy your tunes on a budget!

Last updated on 15 December, 2022

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