6 Best Cat 7 Ethernet Cables That You Can Buy

Even though we have modern Wi-Fi standards coming in, ethernet cables remain the most reliable choice of connectivity. If you have high-speed internet that you want to use with your computer, gaming console, TV, streaming services, and more, a Cat 7 ethernet cable will provide you a reliable and consistent connectivity.

Cat 7 ethernet cables allow for a maximum bandwidth of 10 gigabits. While these cables feature the newer GG45 connector, they are backward compatible with the RJ45 connector featuring gadgets.

So if you are looking for a Cat 7 ethernet cable to use it with your modem, router, game console, or computer, here are our recommendations for the best Cat 7 ethernet cables that you can buy. But first,

1. Amazon Basics Cat 7 Ethernet Patch

  • Length: 1ft to 50ft | Cable Type: Round
If you’re looking for an affordable and pocket-friendly Cat 7 networking cable, the Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat 7 Ethernet cable does the job. It comes in basic white or black packaging. The copper cables inside the are twisted and sheilded for extra protection. That helps the cable not to get affected by any interference of electromagnetic signals from some home appliances and carry the digital signals with least possible interruptions.

As the name suggests, Amazon Basics RJ45 Cat 7 Ethernet cable uses the RJ45 connector to easily let you use it wiht your modem, router, or computer. While Amazon does offer this cable in different sizes, it’s recommended that you use it as a patch cable to connect your game console, computer, media streaming device, or even NAS storage direcly to the router.

The cable’s connectors are pretty standard and doesn’t have any fancy gold-plating. However, considering how affordable it is, the cable does a pretty stellar job to provide you with faster internet speeds.

2. BUSOHE Flat Cat7 Ethernet Cable

  • Length: 1ft to 10ft | Cable Type: Flat
The BUSOHE Flat Cat7 Ethernet Cable has a flat cable design and is also durable. The cable comes with shielded RJ45 connectors with gold-plated contacts. The flat design enables you to run it smoothly under carpets, alongside windows, and other areas with low available space.

The Cat 7 networking cable is also backward compatible with RJ45 connector with CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, and CAT6a support, to let you connect your newer equipment with your older or legacy gadgets. Regarding endurance, the brand claims that the cable can easily support weights of up to 30kg – not that we recommend you lift the weight using the cable or put that much weight on it.

Despite the unconventially flat design, you don’t have to worry about bundling this cable with others running through the ground. It won’t pick up any additional noise to cause delays or jitters in your internet speeds. The best part about BUSOHE cables is that you also get a 30-day money-back guarantee, in case something goes wrong, along with an 18-months of warranty.

3. Jadaol Cat 7 RJ45 Ethernet Cable

  • Length: 25ft to 100ft | Cable Type: Flat
Available in black and white colors, the Jadaol Cat 7 Ethernet Cable is great for routing cleanly thanks to its bendability and durability. It comes with 100% bare copper conductors and uses 50-micron gold plated connectors. Insidethe cable are the four pairs of wires twisted together for better signals and consistent speeds.

One thing to keep in mind is that the cable doesn’t officially support in-wall use despite its flat nature. With that being said, the Jadaol Cat 7 ethernet cable comes with a UV-resistant PVC jacket that makes it suitable for outdoor usage – for your security camera.

The Cat 7 Ethernet cable also comes with ten cable clips included in the package to make the installation easier for you. The RJ45 connectors on the cable makes it easily compatible with your older networking equipments and computers.

4. UGREEN Cat 7 High-Speed Ethernet Cable

  • Length: 3ft to 50ft | Cable Type: Flat
When it comes to cables, UGREEN is one of the most trustworthy brands out there, which makes their Cat 7 ethernet cable easy to recommend. It comes with 24K gold plated connectors coupled with 8P8C connectors for maximum data transmission without any loss. The additional shielding and improved quality in twisting the wire provide better protection from any kind of interferene, especialy when used next to large appliances or equipments.

With over 50,000 reviews to its credit, UGREEN’s cable is one of the most popular products on Amazon in this category, and for a good reason too. Its flat and thin design makes it quite easy to manage when crossing under the carpet, door, or along the wall. The cable is also tangle-free, which aids in cable management. You also get a soft tab at each end, thus making plugging in and out the cable super seamless.

The UGREEN Cat 7 ethernet cable comes with the RJ45 connectors for universal connectivity with computers, laptops, modems, routers, gaming consoles, network adapters, etc.

5. XXONE Outdoor Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

  • Length: 50ft to 400ft | Cable Type: Round
If you need a Cat 7 networking cable for outdoor usage, it doesn’t get any better than XXONE Outdoor Cat 7 Ethernet Cable. The Cat 7 ethernet cable comes with an improved PVC shielding that makes it waterproof and UV proof. With a maximum length of 400ft for a single wire, you can run this cable for long distances without worrying about signal drops.

The XXONE Cat 7 networking cable also comes with an improved PVC that is suitable for outdoor usage and can also be used for direct burial. Also, it protect against any kind of electromagnetic or other interferences. Since the PVC is waterproof and more effective in protecting against external interference, you can install it outdoors too.

As for the connectors, the cable comes with gold-plated RJ45 connectors. However, one thing to note is that the internal wires are all the same colors. This means that re-terminating the ends of the cable can be a hassle since all internal wires appear the same.

6. CableGeeker Cat 7 Ethernet Cable

  • Length: 1ft to 10ft | Cable Type: Flat
If you’re looking to upgrade multiple devices at once in your home and office, the CableGeeker’s Cat 7 Ethernet Cable Pack of 6 should be right up your alley. The color-coded connectors make assigning a cable per device easier without getting confused. The short-length cables also make it an ideal purchase for networking hubs that require Cat 7 patch cables.

The CableGeeker Cat 7 ethernet cable is just 0.29 inches wide and has a wire gauge of 30 AWG, making it quite slim and easy to install. One thing to note is the Pack of 6 here is slightly pricier than its competitors.

However, the big highlight is the Black, Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, and White-colored cables. That makes it easier for you to identify a particular cable for a specific gadget instead of labeling them or tugging them to find the right one. Many reviews on Amazon highlight color-coding as the primary reason for opting for these cables.

Switch to Faster and Reliable Cat 7 Connectivity

The higher frequency and bandwidth support of Cat 7 cables make them ideal for current-gen devices and peripherals and future-proofing your network. While the market already has options for Cat 8 cables, Cat 7 cables prove to be lighter on your pocket and support high-speed internet for a longer length in comparison, which makes them an ideal purchase for upgrading your home or office network.

Your Windows PC might not fully work at the highest speeds despite getting the high-speed Cat 7 ethernet cables for your system. If that’s the case, here are some ways to fix the slow internet speed on your Windows PC.

Last updated on 03 June, 2022

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