Top 6 Cases and Covers for Huawei Honor 9 Lite

We are just a few days into 2018 and we’ve already seen a spur of new smartphones launched in the Indian market. One of the latest entrants is the budget-friendly Huawei Honor 9 Lite.

Sporting a quad camera setup and 2.5D glass on both the front and back, the Honor 9 Lite is a stunning device. However, if we were to look beyond the beauty of the device, we can’t help but see its delicate nature.

Top 6 Cases And Covers For Honor 9 Lite 1

If you aren’t careful enough, a short fall can crack its glass, spoiling its look.

Scared? Well, worry not, we have got you covered.

The following Honor 9 Lite cases and covers will make sure that your device stays unharmed.

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1. Annure Shockproof Back Case

Top 6 Cases And Covers For Honor 9 Lite 7

The first one on our list is the Annure Shockproof Back Case. Built using high-quality materials, this case sports anti-shock corners and web-patterns on the inside. Moreover, the brushed texture on the rear not only ensures a better grip but also guarantees that it doesn’t get littered with smudges.

The Annure case comes with raised lips for the camera to protect the lenses. Plus, it has tactile buttons to ensure smooth feedback.

2. BestTalk Premium Back Cover

Top 6 Cases And Covers For Honor 9 Lite 4

The BestTalk Premium Back Cover is built to do justice to the Honor 9 Lite’s looks. Unlike the above cover, this one comes with a dual design. While the upper half has a textured look, the lower half is smooth, which lends a chic look to the phone.

Moreover, it’s easy to install and remove. Apart from the looks, the case packs in air cushion technology to safeguard the Honor 9 Lite during falls.

3. TheGiftKart Matte Hard Cover

Top 6 Cases And Covers For Honor 9 Lite 5

If you are looking for a hardcover for your new Honor 9 Lite, trust the TheGiftKart Matte Hard Cover to take care of it. Sporting a matte finish, the cover is thin and doesn’t add much weight to the phone.

What’s more? It comes with precise cuttings for the charging port and sound output. Apart from that, it has tactile buttons to ensure a smooth feedback.

The TheGiftKart Matte Hard Cover comes in three colors — Jet Black, Metallic Blue, and Wine Red.

4. Ziaon Leather Flip Wallet

Top 6 Cases And Covers For Honor 9 Lite 6

Wallet cases do a pro-level job when it comes to giving a 360-degree protection to your phones and the Ziaon Leather Flip Wallet is no different. Not only does it give an all-round protection but also lends a rich look, all thanks to the faux leather.

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Similar to other wallet cases, you can carry your cards along and it also comes with a magnetic clasp. Plus, there are precise cut-outs for buttons and charging port to ensure hassle-free operation.

5. Zedfo Case Transparent Back Cover

Top 6 Cases And Covers For Honor 9 Lite 2

You can check out the Zedfo Case Transparent Back Cover if you’d like to show off the sleek look of your Honor 9 Lite.

It’s thin & light and fits snugly around your phone. Besides that, the precise cutouts ensure that chargers and sounds make their way in and out of the device effortlessly.

6. Graphic Printed Covers from Noise

Top 6 Cases And Covers For Honor 9 Lite 3

A printed phone cover can go a long way in transforming the look of a phone. If you’re looking for printed cases for the Honor 9 Lite, the ones from Noise are your perfect answer.

These covers are made of polycarbonate which makes them flexible and easy to install.

All Tucked-in?

The Honor 9 Lite is one of the newest phones to sport glass on both the front and back. Hence, it’s imperative that you keep it protected with a cool and sturdy case.

So, which one of the above options will you go for? Do drop us a line or two in the comments section below.

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Last updated on 03 February, 2022

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