6 Best Cases and Covers for Tile Mate

The Tile Mate is one of the efficient trackers for wallets, purses, bike, and car keys. This small tracker can be tracked via the companion app on your phone, thus saving you both time and frustration. However, the Mate is prone to scratches and scuff marks, especially if you use it on your keyring or backpack. Plus, if you have clipped it inside your purse, the button is prone to accidental presses. Cases and covers for the Tile Mate are the one-stop solutions for all these issues.

Best Cases and Covers for Tile Mate

These cases wrap around the tracker and keep it away from harm’s way. At the same time, the small metal carabiner makes it easy to clip it to anything you wish to.

More importantly, these cases and covers are inexpensive and last a decent amount of time. But since they stay exposed to the elements, they may not be as durable as phone cases.

If you want to protect the small tracker, here are the best cases and covers for Tile Mate. But before that,

1. Fintie Genuine Leather Case

  • Compatibility: Tile Mate 2022, 2020, 2018, 2016
If you want to give an elegant touch, the Fintie leather case is your best bet. It doesn’t cost much, and the leather casing keeps it safe from scratches and scuff marks. Plus, the thin leather casing means you can press the button without any issues.

Interestingly, this leather case packs a small slit at the bottom for the speaker. While it doesn’t have a metal snap, it comes with a metal ring at the top.

For the price, the Fintie leather case has a good build. And a user has observed that it develops a unique patina over time. The Mate fits inside the case snugly, and the tight fit prevents accidental button presses. In short, no random chirping.

2. Tilixi Store Protective Case

  • Compatibility: Tile Mate 2020 & 2018
The Tilixi case is a tad different from the other cases on this list. It is for dog collars and bundles a simple design. The middle part holds the tracker, and the sides slide into the collar. While it fits most wide collars, this one is not for cat or puppy collars.

The Mate fits most wide collars well. And the open design ensures that the speaker stays exposed. Since it’s a slim collar, you do not have to worry about the tracker slapping against your dog’s throat/chest. Plus, the flat design also adds to the safety of your furry friend since the case is a tad difficult to remove compared to dangling cases.

It’s a well-made holder for the Tile Mate. However, we recommend you measure it against the collar before hitting the Buy button.

3. Fintie Case for Tile Mate

  • Compatibility: Tile Mate 2022, 2020, 2018, 2016
The Fintie printed case takes the humble Mate tracker to the next level, thanks to its cute prints. Plus, it has a metal snug at the front to lock the Mate in place. Like the other Fintie case, this one also bundles a metal carabiner and a keyring to help you hook it to bags, purses, and keyrings.

The 360-degree covering means it will protect the tracker from being knocked around. Plus, it also does its bit if you were to drop your keys.

Apart from that, the double stitches along the edges enhance its look. And that’s not all. It’s a sturdy and durable case, and the odds are high that it will last you a long time.

It’s popular on Amazon, and users love its well-made design. The price is not bad either. If you want the tracker not to stand out like a sore thumb amongst your keys, this Tile Mate case is a good pick for the price.

4. Geiomoo Silicone Case

  • Compatibility: Tile Mate 2022
The Geiomoo Silicone case is a versatile one that can work in various scenarios. It provides a 360-degree cover, albeit the cut for the button in the middle. The closed design makes it great for clipping to hiking bags, makeup boxes, stuffed toys, or even around your dog.

The best part is that the silicone cover is soft, and it’s easy to slip the tracker inside. And the texture of the silicone provides a good grip. Like the one above, it comes with a metal carabiner.

The silicone works well to protect the Tile from scuff marks or accidental press of the button. For the price, you get two cases, and the attractive colors help them stand out.

5. Klipdasse Silicone Case for Tile Mate

  • Compatibility: Tile Mate 2022
The Klipdasse case is one of the expensive products in the lot, but the good thing is that you get 4 cases. Like the one above, it’s a lightweight silicone case that provides all-around protection to the tile. The button is easy to press, thanks to the cutout. And the included carabiner adds to the convenience.

The design is simple. It has a small cutout at the side that lets you slide the tracker inside. All you need to do is align the hole with the one in the case, and that’s about it. The slit at the back also means you hear the beeps without hindrance.

This silicone case is well-made and resists scratches on the outside (and inside). The Klipdasse case is for the 2022 Tile Mate and not for the old variants.

6. Counlisha Silicone Case for Tile Mate

  • Compatibility: Tile Mate 2022

If you are looking for a collar case for your 2022 Tile Mate, you can’t go wrong with the Counlisha case. The highlight of this case is the closed design which ensures that the tracker doesn’t fall out. It has two slits on either side to slide into an existing collar. The good thing is that this design also makes it convenient to slip the Tile Mate into leather bands of bags.

It has a small slit at the back, making it easy to mount and secure, and several users have pointed this out in their reviews. However, the 360-degree cover means the QR code won’t be visible.

That said, it’s a well-made collar case and is apt for large dogs. Plus, for the price, they are sturdy. And yes, you get a set of 4 collar cases to interchange between various collars.

Farewell, Scratches

A quality case not only prevents scratches and od marks but also acts as a holder. Before checking the items off your cart, remember to check the variant of the Tile Mate against the case for the best fit.

Last updated on 01 July, 2022

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