6 Best Car Mounts for OnePlus 6/6T That You Can Buy

Car mounts are an essential accessory for every car owner. Be it a long road trip or your daily commute to the office; it’s always recommended to mount your OnePlus 6 and 6T. And when it comes down to choosing the right device, you’d want a sturdy car mount that doesn’t fall off at the slightest pretext, so that you can keep your eyes on the road and your hands on the wheel, minus distractions.

6 Best Car Mounts For One Plus 66 T That You Can Buy 2

In this post, we have assembled a list of car mounts for OnePlus 6 and 6T owners. The list has both windshield mounts as well as dashboard mounts.


: Please check the

law of your land

before investing on a windscreen mount, as some states in the US restrict the usage of suction cup windshield mounts.

1. iOttie Easy One Touch 4 (Dashboard & Windshield)

The iOttie Easy One Touch bears the tag of Amazon’s choice with more than 60% positive reviews. The best feature about this gadget is that you can mount it on your car’s dashboard as well as on the windscreen — whichever option suits you better. There are two small feet at the bottom and two locking arms to provide a better grip and to keep the phone from sliding. Plus, the design is quite flexible, and you can extend the telescopic arm as per your convenience.

The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 mount is one of the best options for you if you frequently travel on rough terrains and would want something sturdy to hold your phone. Plus, it’s easy to mount. All you need to do is push the phone into it, and the side arms would tug it in automatically.

2. Spigen Kuel OneTap Car Mount (Dashboard & Windshield)

Spigen is a well-known name when it comes to phone accessories, and thankfully the Spigen Kuel OneTap Car Mount doesn’t disappoint. It bears a similar touch-to-lock mechanism where you just need to push the phone a little bit for the arms to wrap around it. Plus, the mount has a flexible arm for you to stick it either on your car’s windshield or dashboard.

There’s a locking mechanism to keep the suction cup in place, which you can gently peel off when not in use. As per most of the reviewers on Amazon, the suction cup will hold on to the dashboard as long as it’s not textured. As Amazon user, Ryan Snyder writes,

Spigen Kuel One Tap Car Mount


: Please note that this car mount doesn’t work on textured dashboards (including the ones with leather finish).

3. iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Mount (CD Slot)

Does your car’s stereo system come with a rarely-used CD slot? If yes, why not use it to hold your phone. Confused? Read on to know more.

The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 car mount slides easily to the CD slot and locks easily into place. The cradle comes with a ball which rotates a full 360° which means that you can angle the phone towards you (or towards the passenger seat). If at all the holder feels a bit unsteady, you can use the additional brackets that come in the box to lock the mount into place.

This mount is a great option for someone who isn’t comfortable with windscreen mounts and has a car with a limited dashboard space.

Pro Tip:

You can hook your phone to a OnePlus Dash car charger to reap the full benefits of the OnePlus Dash Charge (or Warp Charge).

4. Bestrix Car Mount (Air Vent)

A somewhat lesser-known product is the Bestrix Smartphone holder. It is a simple holder which you can attach to your car’s air vents. It boasts of two silicon mounting points and a 360°flexible neck. Unlike the car mounts above, there’s no button to lock your OnePlus 6T in place. Instead, you’d have to pull the clamps and fix the phone manually.

On the bright side, the orange color will add a dash of vibrant color to your car’s dashboard. Most of the Amazon reviewers found the Bestrix Smartphone holder easy to install and use. As Amazon user, Nassir Fazal writes,

Bestrix Universal Smartphone

5. Spigen Kuel Stealth Car Mount

The Spigen Kuel Stealth Car Mount has you covered if you’re looking for a car mount with a unique design. Unlike the car mounts above, this one doesn’t have the typical suction-cup-and-handle designs.

The Spigen Kuel (S40) Stealth car mount features a stylish design and will add a chic look to your car’s interior. Made of TPU material, this mount has a reusable gel pad which sticks to the dashboard. It sports deep wedges to holds the phone in place. In fact, there are two sets of wedges to give you two different viewing angles.

The only catch with this stylish design is that you can use your phone only in the landscape mode. Also, since the OnePlus 6 has its power button and the volume rockers on the middle, you might want to mount the phone a tad towards the sides.

6. WizGear Magnetic Mount (Air Vent)

Car mounts with arms and feet do a certain level of damage to your phone’s body. In such a situation, one of the best options is to invest in a magnetic car mount. Instead of arms, this type of car mounts come with a magnetic metal plate which you need to place in the phone’s case. Once you’ve installed the mount, all you need to do is hold your phone near the mount, and let the law of nature take its course.

The WizGear magnetic mount has a strong magnetic hold that keeps the phone in place. However, do keep in mind that the phone’s surface has to be flat for the magnet to stick. So, if you have one of those trendy curved phone cases, then you may want to consider that point.

Please note that the WizGear magnetic car mount is designed for air vents which protrude a little, and not for the recessed air vents.


Drive Safe

The problem with most car mounts is that they fall off when the mercury hits high/low. And in such situations, you wouldn’t want your expensive phone to fall off. Ideally, car mounts which attach to the air vents are the best bet if you live in extreme temperature zones. However, do take the shape of the vents into account before the purchase. If not, you are free to explore unique designs, as long as they don’t block your view while driving.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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