6 Best Car Chargers With Two USB Ports That You Can Use

Car chargers are indeed a boon. These small and nifty gadgets let you charge your phone and other gadgets like wireless earphones and headphones. However, most of the popular chargers just come with a single port, making it inconvenient to use if you have more than one device to charge. Hence, you must get yourself a car charger with two (or more) ports.

Top N Best Car Charger With Two USB Ports

Car chargers have widened their aspects a lot over the last several years. Gone are the standard 5W chargers and are now replaced by high-power chargers that can charge devices quickly.

So, if you are searching for dual-port car chargers, we have compiled a list of the best ones. These are highly-reviewed chargers and work as advertised. All you need to do is pick one as per your phone’s compatibility, and you will be sorted.

But before we go further, have a look at these,

1. Scosche ReVolt

  • Total Power: 12W
  • Ports: 2 x USB-A
  • PD: No

If fast charging is not an issue for you, the Scosche ReVolt is made just for you. It is a standard charger with two USB-A ports and has an output of 2.4A in both. While it may not be the fastest charger out there, you can rest assured that you will get a decent speed. At the same time, the fit is snug, and it slides easily into the charging port of your car.

Though there are no visible LED rings around the charger, the insides light up as soon as you plug it in. The light is subtle and shouldn’t distract you from your driving.

2. Anker Roav SmartCharge

  • Total Power: 24W
  • Ports: 2 x USB-A
  • PD: No

The Anker Roav SmartCharge also doubles up as a Bluetooth transmitter and will let you connect your phone to your car’s stereo system. The device looks and feels modern and has an array of controls at the top that enables you to control the playback. And as you may have guessed, there is a duo of USB-A ports for charging your smartphone.

Bluetooth 4.2 of the charger allows for a consistent connection, and the sound quality is not bad either. Calls appear clear and crisp, and several reviewers have backed this on Amazon.

The ports bundle the proprietary PowerIQ charging tech, which is designed to quickly charge your phone, though not as fast as the fast charging tech like Power Delivery or Quick Charge. The total power delivery is 24W, with 5V / 2.4A supplied to each port.

This product has been received well by many users, primarily for its dual use-case. So far, it has accumulated over seven thousand reviews on Amazon.

3. RAVPower Type-C Car Adapter

  • Total Power: 48W
  • Ports: 1 x USB-A, 1 x USB-C
  • PD: Yes, 30W

The RAVPower Type-C Car Adapter makes for a good buy if you are often on the road and have to power your smartphone and tablets on the go. This has a dedicated Power Delivery (PD) port with a maximum power output of 30W and is good enough to top up compatible phones and tablets in no time. If we talk of real-world examples, it will be able to top-up an iPhone 11 to 50% in about half an hour. Cool, right?

On the other hand, the USB-A port supports Qualcomm Quick Charge 3. For those uninitiated, QC 3.0 is four times faster than the standard 5W charging and can top up devices with battery sizes around 2750mAh up to 80% in just 35 minutes.

In addition to the above, this RAVPower charger also bundles a non-disruptive LED light in the head and comes in use in the dark. For the price, it packs a premium look, thanks to the carbon fiber style.

4. Nekteck USB Type-C Car Charger

  • Total Power: 45W
  • Ports: 1 x USB-A, i x USB-C
  • PD: 45W, 12W

If you do not wish to invest too much on a car charger and yet want to make the most out of the fast charging tech, you can’t go wrong with the Nekteck car charger. Like its counterpart above, it bundles a USB-C port and a USB-A port. The USB-C port supports PD.

The crux of this charger includes a USB IF-Certified Type-C 60W cable, which otherwise costs around $8-$10. It saves your money and helps save time when it comes to charging your phone.

For those unaware, an IF-certification means the charger and the cable meets the required safety requirements.

The Power Delivery port works as advertised. The folks at Wirecutter tested this charger with a large iPad. It was charged to 33% in half an hour and around 65% in an hour. Cool, right?

The USB-A port has a standard output of 5V/2.4A and is apt for devices like wireless Bluetooth earphones and older phones.

Do note that some users have pointed out that the PD port doesn’t work at its optimum if a secondary device is plugged to the secondary port.

5. Choetech Car Charger

  • Total Power: 36W
  • Ports: 2 x USB-C
  • PD: Yes, 18W

The Choetech Car Charger may look simple, but trust me, it packs a lot under its humble appearance. Both the USB-C ports support Power Delivery up to 18W, and as you may know, these are built to quickly charge compatible smartphones.

The only thing you need to make sure is to have a compatible PD cable in your kitty for both phones. While a USB-C to Lightning cable will be apt for you if you are an iPhone user, a PD compatible USB-C to USB-C will even top up devices like the iPad Pro and Nintendo Switch (see must-have Nin­ten­do Switch accessories) in no time.

It has a small build and fits like a glove in the charging compartment of your car. The build is solid and will likely last you a long time. And well, it’s future proof as well.

This 36W Choetech Car Charger is well received by its user base for its charging prowess, value for money proposition, and solid build.

6. Anker PowerIQ 3. 0 Fast Charger Adapter

  • Total Power: 48W
  • Ports: 2 x USB-C
  • PD: No, PowerIQ 3. 0

Anker’s 48W car charger doesn’t pack the conventional Power Delivery charging tech, but instead comes with their proprietary fast-charging standard called PowerIQ 3.0. PowerIQ 3.0 enables fast charging on devices that support Quick Charge, Samsung Adaptive Fast Charging, and Motorola TurboPower.

It’s worth noting that the power distribution is not equal in both the ports and rightly so. One of the ports is marked at 30W and the other at 18W. The later can be used to charge smartphones that support 18W charging, while the former can be used to top-up or sustain bigger devices like iPads and compact USB-C laptops like Chromebooks.

Like most of its counterparts in this list, it has a ring of the soft LED light. It’s small and compact and measures just 3-inches in length.

Power in Style

These days, phone batteries die out sooner, thanks to video streaming apps and social media. Hence, you must charge them on the go, and there’s no better time then while charging them while you are commuting to your office.

Now, check the compatibility of your devices and gadgets with these chargers and hit the buy button.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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