6 Best Cable Winders for Apple MacBook Pro Chargers

Apple accessories are expensive and delicate, and you have to be careful while using them, especially when traveling. Of course, you can pack them in bags or organize them neatly, but it is a hassle to take out the needed accessory every time you need them. So if you often travel for work, cable winders for MacBook Pro chargers are must-haves for you.

Best Cable Winders for MacBook Pro Chargers

These cool accessories attach to your MacBook adapter and double up as a cable organizer. Wind the long length of the cable around the adapter to ensure no dangling or messed up wires. And that saves time to unwind the cable for charging your MacBook.

So if you are tired of organizing your laptop’s charging cables or untangling them, here are the best cable winders for MacBook Pro chargers. But before we get to them, check out the following,

1. ULAK Cable Winder for MacBook Pro

  • Compatible with: 85W, 87W, 96W MacBook Pro adapter

The Ulak cable winder is one of the simplest yet one of the most affordable MacBook Pro accessories out there. It has a neat cover for the adapter and a cable winder at the end. This way, all you need to do is wind the extra length of the cable at the back at the end of your day. Moreover, the simple cover keeps the MacBook’s power adapter safe from scratches and scuff marks.

The cover also comes with slits on the sides to felicitate air flow, especially if the adapter becomes hot. And since Apple charging cables are generally delicate, the company also ships cable protectors to bundle the cable ends. These protectors keep the cable ends from fraying and breaking.

It’s a simple accessory, and the winder can be removed from the case when required. And if you do not want to spend money on an expensive accessory, this is a good buy.

Pro Tip: Check the wattage of your MacBook Pro adapter by turning it upside down.

2. SimplyTech Eggroll Charger Winder

  • Compatible with: 87W, 96W MacBook Pro adapter

Another simple cable winder for MacBook Pro chargers is the one by Simply Tech. Aptly named, Eggroll, this little apparatus wraps around the power adapter. It has two small nooks to tuck both ends of the USB-C cable. Once you tuck one end, you can wind the cable around the Eggroll and tuck the other. Thanks to the flat surface, it helps you achieve a clean look.

Since it wraps around the charger, it makes for an incredible travel accessory. And yes, it also prevents damage and tears to the cable. It’s simple as ABC, and the lightweight form factor is the cherry on top.

Lastly, it’s one of the most affordable cable winders out there. And if you want to keep things simple, it’s the one you should buy.

3. Lt Lead Cable Organizer

  • Compatible with: 45W, 61W, 85W, 60W and 87W/96W MacBook Pro adapters

Lt Lead’s cable organizer for the MacBook Pro lets go of intricate mechanisms like a case for the adapter or a dedicated cable winder. Instead, it has a simple mechanism. The double-strap silicone binder wraps on your MacBook Pro’s power adapter. All you need to do is wind the cable manually and then close the silicone binder. Simple. It’s a durable binder, and several users have appreciated the durability in their reviews. Plus, using it is simple.

Interestingly, you can wind the cable as per your preference. You can have the cable go around the adapter. Or, you can wind it in a loop on one side, and then close the binder. Either way, the charging cable will stay put and won’t budge. It comes in two sizes—M and L. The former fits the smaller power adapters like the 45W MagSafe2 adapter or the 30W MacBook Air adapter. And depending on the make of your MacBook Pro, you can pick the right size for the adapter.

Out of the many reviews it has collected over time, most of them are on the positive side. Users love its flexibility and durable build. And hey, it doesn’t cost much.

4. Helpers Lab Cable Winder for MacBook Pro Chargers

  • Compatible with: 140W MacBook Pro Power Adapter

It would not be wrong to call the Helpers Lab’s cable winders a combination of the Lt Lead and Ulak cable winders. This MacBook Pro cable winder has a neat hard cover for the power adapter and a binder. Interestingly, the binder has holes, which give you the control to release or hold the cable length as per the hour’s need. Again, the binder is flexible, and you should be able to do your job with minimum fuss.

Furthermore, there are two prongs at the top, which you can draw out and wind the cable around. Naturally, this helps you keep things organized. Also, you can pull in the prongs when not using them.

The adapter cover has a square cut in front of it, which allows you to attach the plug of your choice, just in case you are traveling internationally. Plus, the cutout at the back is precise and easily lets you plug in the USB-C cable.

5. Fuse Reel The Side Kick

  • Compatible with: 60W, 61W/67W USB-C, 85W, 87W/96W, and 140W MacBook pro power adapter

Fuse’s The Side Kick is an interesting accessory. You can stick it to the side of your MacBook Pro power adapter, pop it up and wrap your cable around it. When not needed, you can collapse it, just like a PopSocket.

The Side Kick can hold around 1-8 ft of cable without any issues. However, it may vary if you have a third-party cable. The notch at the corners allows you to slide out the top of your USB-C cable. Naturally, this design allows you to wind longer cables easily.

The adhesive is on point, and this MacBook Pro cable winder stays put. Apart from helping you achieve a clean look, the Side Kick also helps keep the charging cable of your MacBook Pro safe from damage. Besides that, it’s incredibly easy to pack.

6. Fuse The Side Winder

  • Compatible with: All

Another Fuse cable winder for MacBook Pro chargers is The Side Winder. This is the one for you if you have the habit of using a long charging cable like the power adapter extension cable from Apple. You will need to insert the power adapter in the middle of the winder and push two ends of the cable through either end. After that, you can pull either one of the cables until you have the right length of cable with you. Done for the day? Turn the handle to wind the cable.

Fuse’s The Side Winder is compatible with a majority of the power adapters and comes with spacers for slightly small adapters like the 67W USB-C adapter. At the same time, it’s durable and sturdy. We recommend using a third-party durable cable if you plan to wind it everyday.

This cable winder for MacBook Pro has found immense love amongst its users and has more than 1,700 user ratings on Amazon. Users like that it’s easy to use and equally simple to put together. It makes managing cables, like a long power extension cable, an easy job.

Bye, Cable Clutter!

These were some of the best cable winders for MacBook Pro chargers. These winders are clever buys, especially since the cables lack the binder to tie the cable. With these cable winders, you won’t have to open your bag to see messy and tangled cables.

Last updated on 24 January, 2023

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