9 Best Cable Management Ideas and Accessories for Office Desk

Dangling cables make your desk look untidy and difficult to clean. Even if you do not have external monitors, simple things such as the power adapter of your laptop or the charging cable of your smartwatch can contribute to a cluttered desk. Thankfully, there are many cable management accessories for your home office desk that lets you take care of these things.

Best Cable Management Ideas for Office Desk

From taking care of your phone’s charging cable to holding the extra length of your monitor’s (or your laptop’s) power adapter, there are quite a few cable management accessories that let you tame unruly cables.

The best part is that most of these tools do not cost much and are easily available.

So if you are looking for ways to clear the clutter on your desk, here are some nifty cable management ideas and accessories for your home office desk. But first,

1. Yuerseak Store Cable Clips

Yuerseak Store’s cable stations let you take care of long and dangling charging cables and cords. You can attach this simple adhesive-backed accessory easily to the sides of tables or desks. And when needed, you can pull the threaded cable towards you. Depending on your usage, you can take a pick from the 3-slot or 5-slot unit.

The silicon material used in these clips is flexible. Plus, the slots are wide enough to hold most cables without damaging them.

They work as advertised, and several users have praised these cable stations for their durability.

2. Smart & Cool Magnetic Cable Manager Set

Smart & Cool’s cable manager set brings a slight change to the above arrangement. Here the base and the individual cable holders have a magnetic base. And this feature holds your cables with a minimum fuss. You do not have to thread the cable manually in the grove after using them.

What separates it from conventional cable stations is that the independent cable holders can be wrapped around the cable and attached to any metal surfaces like your laptop’s lid.

The reception of this product has been quite good with people liking it for its shape and value for money perspective.

3. Sunficon Cable Clips

Cables and cable ties go hand in hand. If you are tired of using the velcro-based cable ties, it’s time you said hello to magnetic cable organizers. The ones from Sunficon are simple cord organizers with magnets at the end. So, if you have cable lying around your desk, you simply have to loop them up and wrap the Sunficon cord organizers around them.

These organizers come into the picture when you have to tie up cords and cable that you do not use frequently. It could be the cable for your Kindle or the one needed to charge your smartwatch. The best part is that magnets will ensure that the loops stay in place without any manual intervention. And if you have a metallic notice board, you can stick the cable and the organizer to the board. Simple, right?

However, these organizers are meant only for shorter cords. They are not long enough to wrap around thicker or longer cords. Nevertheless, the silicon in them is stretchable and proves to be a better option than velcro-based cable ties or bendable cord wraps.

4. Jiulory Cable Holder

If you have many accessories hooked to your laptop, you will love the Jiulory cable holder. As shown above, this small cable holder has a clamp-like shape. All you need to do is clamp it to the edge of your table and route the cables and cords through the grooves. This way, you can bid farewell to all the cables snaking their way around your office desk.

The S-shaped clamp is designed to work on most desks with thickness up to 2.4-inches. However, you do have to ensure that your desk is not too thin, or else the holder will fall off. Like typical cable stations, you can leave the cable on their slots when done using them.

The Jiulory cable holder can hold three cables at a time and the neon-like colors will surely give your desk a much-needed splash of color.

5. Alex Tech Cable Sleeve

If you have several cables connecting your monitors to the CPU, the Alex Tech cable sleeve might prove to be a blessing for you. Unlike most cable sleeves, it boasts of an easy wrap feature. At the same time, the slot in between allows easy airflow.

The Alex Tech cable holder has a moderate thickness and easily allows you to hold unsightly HDMI cables and power cables together. It’s available in several lengths, and the good part is that you can trim the sleeve as per the length of the display cables.

A cable sleeve wrapped around the cables will give your desk a professional and clean look.

6. Cozoo Under Desk Headset Holder

The Cozoo under desk headset holder is a cable management accessory with a difference. This headphone holder sticks to the underside of your table, thereby letting you optimize your desk space properly. And it doesn’t end there. It also has three USB ports so that you can top up your headsets without the charging cables littering your desk. Cool, right?

Naturally, the design and added functionality have earned praises from its user base. People love it for the ease of access, especially for charging wireless headsets and smartwatches.

This headphone mount has a solid build, and the adhesive is strong enough to hold your headphones. Simultaneously, the USB ports provide 2.4A of power, enough to charge the connected accessories at a decent speed.

Apart from topping your headsets, you can also use the USB ports to top up the battery on your phone. And, you can add a short charging cable to the mix, to get the most out of this setup. No more issues with long dangling phone charging cables.

7. Scandinavian Hub Under Desk Cable Management Tray

A cable management tray is a good investment if you have to keep power strips and power adapters on your desk. These trays have a simple and straightforward design, and you hang them on the underside of your work desk. The one by Scandinavian Hub is strong and sturdy and allows you to keep a slew of items. From compact power strips to thick cables, it can hold them all.

Unlike most cable management tools in this list, you will need to drill holes on your desk to install this cable tray. But the good part is that the open design makes sure that you can add and remove cables conveniently and easily.

As noted earlier, it’s a sturdy accessory. Users love it for its heavy-duty nature. While installation is easy, remember to pre-drill holes on your table before fixing the cable tray.

8. Anker Magnetic Cable Holder

If you are not a fan of loud and bold colors, you should give the Anker cable holder a shot. It comes in neutral shades and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. More importantly, the base is magnetic and gives you the flexibility of fixing and removing the cable holders easily.

You have to wrap the magnetic head around the cables. And when you need them, pluck them up from the magnetic base and use them. Once done, snap them back into place, and that’s about it.

Unlike Smart & Cool’s cable manager set, this one packs a professional (and clean) look. Plus, it has more grooves, and the re-stickable base is the cherry on top.

9. Workrite Magnetic Cable Manager

If you have a standing desk, you will love the Workrite cable manager. This sleeve has a couple of magnets on the sides to stick around your desk. Apart from giving your desk a clean look, this magnetic cable sleeve ensures that the power cables and connection cables do not come in the way when you are lifting or lowering your desk.

At the same time, it has an open tab design that lets you add and remove cables easily. Spec-wise, this sleeve is around 47-inches long and can be trimmed to accommodate your table’s height.

Owing to the distinctive design, the Workrite magnetic cable manager has premium pricing. But if you look from the functional point of view, this product is worth having.

Bye Bye, Clutter

Apart from the above, check out some cool monitor mounts as well. Apart from adding a range of motions, these mounts or arms make way for more space on your desk. And with cables and cords already out of the way, you can utilize the space to do something more meaningful.

Plus, it helps to mark the cable with labels like the Mini Skater labels. This makes it easy to identify the cables and will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Last updated on 02 February, 2022

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